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Why BiggBang Coworking is the Ideal Solution for Startups in Mohali

Here is a complete guide explaining why BiggBang Coworking space is the ideal solution for startups in Mohali and why most entrepreneurs are now shifting their operations from private space to BiggBang's new modern working culture in Mohali.

BiggBang Coworking

Since the Pandemic, startups in Mohali have been cautious with business expenditure. The increase in real estate was merely another add-on to the anxiety level and other operational challenges in business management.

But, as every problem has a solution. For startups in Mohali,

BiggBang Coworking is the ideal solution.

4 Valid Reasons Why BiggBang Coworking is the Ideal Solution for Startups in Mohali

Here are four valid reasons why BiggBang Coworking space is the ideal solution for startups in Mohali and entrepreneurs' first priority regarding business management and operational venue.

Reason 1: It is affordable

BiggBang coworking space in Mohali is a valuable alternative to traditional office space solutions. It allows entrepreneurs who pay high expenses for a private office space to save money and invest in other areas of business development with its shared office space solution.

Private office space for rent in Mohali with a plot spacing of 0.04 kanal costs INR 2.5-5 lakhs, and an average office space for rent in Mohali with a spacing of 600 square starts from INR60k+.

These extraordinary rates come with additional charges for sanitary, electricity, furniture, and other operational functions. This ultimately escalates the budget, hindering startup growth and causing stress among startup owners in Mohali.

BiggBang Coworking space in Mohali offers a flexible 5k per seat package that includes everything you need for your office space, saving you from several hefty primary and secondary expenses and allowing you to focus on your core startup operation without concern.

Reason 2: Top-notch amenities

BiggBang coworking spaces in Mohali provide access to all the resources and amenities required for operating a startup, saving you heavily on private office space resource requirements such as infrastructure, furniture architecture, and other technical requirements.

It gives you access to dedicated meeting rooms that come with your package with a time slot you can book ahead of time, which is appropriate for various circumstances such as startup pitch presentations, confidential discussions, board meetings, etc.

It has top-notch amenities designed specifically for startups, including:

  • Flexible seating solutions with private desk services and dedicated meeting rooms.
  • Productivity and creativity enhanced walls that foster an efficient environment to help startups reflect vibrant and positive work in their business operation.
  • Powerful office furniture that provides home comfort in a professional office setting.
  • Cafeteria with dedicated heating solutions, refrigerator, and amenities to keep your meal fresh and hygienic.
  • Dedicated parking solutions that are as mindful of safety and security as your documents and business processes in the building.

Everything is included in your monthly or annual subscription, and you no longer have to be concerned about business management and maintenance charges. BiggBang coworking space takes care of everything for you, which makes it the top choice of startups in Mohali.

Reason 3: Central location with a large pool of talent

This key feature of BiggBang Coworking space makes it simple for you, your clients, and your staff to commute to the location because it is centrally located, close to the airport road and other commercial services, and easily transportable.

You no longer have to sacrifice your startup location to save money because you can now have a central location with all of the top-notch amenities included in a lot more affordable way that also expresses a professional representation of you and your startup in Mohali.

Since the location is convenient, you will have no trouble attracting a vast network of talent. It is an add-on to your startup investment in which you may hire more members while saving significantly on infrastructure costs, all in a desirable industrial location.

Reason 4: It is flexible

Many startups in Mohali struggle to locate a flexible work environment to help their workforce advance alongside their development because they are bound to many expenditures that come with renting private spaces for startup operations.

But some wandered the market and were introduced to the modern working culture with BiggBang coworking space.

This coworking space in Mohali provides the flexibility that every startup requires, especially in the early stages of development. It offers membership and packages ranging from dedicated office space solutions to flexible and affordable per-member seating.

You can book the settings according to your preferences, whether you are a growing startup with two or seven members or a large enterprise with 20+ members. You are not required to pay rent based on square feet or other real estate parameters, just unnecessary costs.

This versatility is ideal for SMEs and freelancers who do not require a full-time office space but require access to a professional work environment and address to show up and set up their work, connect and co-work with clients and other professionals, and repeat the same till they want.

BiggBang coworking space in Mohali is designed for catering startups, freelancers, independent workers, and large enterprises looking for smart work solutions. It is a vital component in the early stages of a company, which are unpredictable in terms of financing, business expansion, and so on.

Coworking spaces are also ideal solutions for startups in Mohali with this unpredictability and contract working model folks because you can book your seat as required, modify the number of desks even on short notice, and discontinue the subscription whenever you want.

We hope these 4 primary reasons explain to you thoroughly why many startups in Mohali are relocating their operations from heavily rented traditional office space to affordable BiggBang coworking space.

All you have to do is;

Show Up, Set Up, Co-work, and Repeat