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How Akash J is helping build a safer India by building a self defense device through his startup – Life-Bolt Innovation

Akash, who is working in building a self-defense device through his startup - Life-Bolt Innovation. Let us uncover his startu
Akash, who is working in building a self-defense device through his startup – Life-Bolt Innovation. Let us uncover his startup journey.

In the fast-moving world, people are moving forward, and they are always caught up with some or other event. The crime rates in the country have increased, which puts the safety of the people at risk. We hear so many cases about chain snatching, pickpocketing, and several other crimes almost every day. The reports are filed with the police, but not much action is taken against them.

Developments for the safety of people of the country are taking place but in a country with a population of 1.3 billion people and growing. It is hard to keep track and ensure the safety of every citizen. However, some people are working on personal levels to try and help people in making the world a better and safer place for people. One such person who is contributing to this area is Akash, who is working in building a self-defense device through his startup – Life-Bolt Innovation.

The journey for a safer world

Akash J

The security of an individual is the basic need in society. Still, the increased criminal activities in the country have made it a difficult task to ensure the safety of every individual. Akash is a young innovator who was born in Tumkur, Karnataka, and later moved to Banglore for his education. He pursued B.Tech Electronics and Communication from School Of Engineering and Technology –Jain University.

He started Life-Bolt Innovation with a team of engineers who used their creative mind and decided to build a product that would help people to defend themselves no matter what their age is. The idea for this device came when one of his friends was going back to his place and was attacked. The attackers tried to snatch his mobile phone, and after intense research on security gadgets, he realized that all the wearable gadgets require a mobile phone app.

Akash, along with his team, has started working on a device for all age groups that would work without any mobile application or any other connectivity. The gadget will give the victim enough time to escape from that scenario as the device will generate an electrical pulse when the device is triggered, and this would provide an electric jolt to the attacker and cause a cramp in their body.

Challenges and collaborations by Life-Bolt

In conversation with TimesNext, Akash tells us that they are not working in partnership with anyone as of now. Being an Electronics and Communication engineer, Akash had very little knowledge of building a circuit that would generate the needed voltage boost. After spending six months on the development stage, they were able to produce the required voltage that would be legally acceptable.

Another challenge they face is of funding the startup when it is working in the field of hardware. Collecting the cash for such work is a tough task in India, and the investors are interested in early returns on the product, and this makes the development process slow.

The first milestone and current growth of the company

The first milestone for the company was when they applied for the patent of the complete design, and it got published in the journal in January. Akash is working on the project with full dedication, and the project is moving from the alpha phase of prototypes to the beta stage.

The vision for Life-Bolt Innovations

As a founder and CEO of the company, Akash wants to make the product available to every single person in the country. The company is also moving in the world of Electric Vehicles (EV) and help in ensuring the maximum optimization of power to make the EV capable of long-range drives and ensure the affordability and adaptability by all the people. They are working in the field of battery optimization and hardware design, helping in delivering the same or more power than required to run EV.