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Alibaba India – All you need to know about the world’s largest e-retailer

India is the second most important market for Alibaba, while China is the biggest user. The company has collaborated with ban
India is the second most important market for Alibaba, while China is the biggest user. The company has collaborated with banks across the country.

The Chinese multinational conglomerate company, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, is a platform that works in e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. Alibaba Group is known for its biggest platform and the largest e-commerce platform, The site provides business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer sales services all over the world. According to Fortune, Alibaba is one of the most admired companies as it operates several businesses across the globe in various sectors.

The platform has several feathers in its cap, as it is among the top 10 most valuable companies in the world. In January 2018, Alibaba became the second Asian company that broke the $500 billion valuation mark as it competes with Tencent. The same year Alibaba reached 9th position in the list of the companies with the highest brand value. Alibaba has expanded its business portfolio as well as moved to new countries. Alibaba has been operating in India for a while now, and the e-retailer has 4.5 million registered users from India.

Does Alibaba work in India?

India has been moving fast in the direction of adoption of e-commerce and e-retail as more and more businesses have decided to take their business on new heights by going online and global. India is the second most important market for, while China is the biggest user of The Chinese e-commerce group has collaborated with ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Crisil Rating, Tally, and many other companies to expand their business. has provided a vast network for the Indian business market to go global by listing their products on the platform as well as allow these retailers to gain access to thousands of different items to be delivered to them using the platform. The platform has provided a wholesale haven for the consumers market in India.

What are the products that are available on Alibaba India? is known for its wide variety of products that are available on the network, and the platform has opened the doors for the Indian market to make products available in the country. The website has products from all the fields ranging from ethnic clothing to skincare products to jewelry to herbs and spices. The site also offers products like herbal medicines, extracts, loose gemstones, food additives, etc.

The platform also allows users to order frozen meats and other products that are not available in their region. The quantity of the products depends on the retailer who is selling the product, and every seller specifies a minimum order limit.

Is Alibaba only for wholesalers?

Alibaba is the largest platform for wholesalers that is available online. Alibaba is the platform that is solely made for wholesalers to help them fill up their stocks with the necessary goods. There have been complaints of people being duped as the arrived products look nothing like the image available on the website.

This is an issue since it gets tough to handle such a vast marketplace, and when the orders to be shipped are in tons, it’s not possible to check every order to ensure the quality. Alibaba also offers a market place for general consumers where they can get branded products and have the facility to order the product in single quantities.

Is Alibaba banned in India?

Alibaba is not banned in India and it is helping the country to increase the trade as well as allowing people to gain access to better goods from other retailers that can be sold in India. However, during its entrance to the Indian market, the government took strict actions against the company and warned them to conduct proper trading.

During a case, the customs found 15kg parcels that were being imported as gifts, and the value was declared at Rs 3,000. The charges per kg for the international courier are Rs 1,200, but the seller indicated that amount for 15kg parcel. The customs seized the goods and called out these deliveries as scams since the address on the products delivered was the same.

Alibaba Customer Support India

Alibaba has set up its customer support office in four cities in India that are Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Chennai. There is also a supplier hotline and customer service number that is available on the website. People can reach out to the customer support executives through this number, and the number is operated from 9 am to 6:30 pm, every Monday to Friday.