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How Arti Sudhir Nair’s award winning startup, Archiipedia is bringing professionals to limelight

Archiipedia is an online listing and advertising platform for architects, interior designers, professionals, vendors, and cli
Archiipedia is an online listing and advertising platform for architects, interior designers, professionals, vendors, and clients of construction industry.

There is cut-throat competition in all the fields, and most of the time, the real talent gets lost in a world where the majority of people prefer the cost of work over the quality of work. One field which gets affected because of this is the field of architecture, and how many architects and interior designers face problems in the field. Many people with engineer degrees are entering the areas of designing and provide services at much lower rates, which affect the business of those people who have worked hard to earn their degrees.

The knowledge about architects and interior designers were limited to magazines and word of mouth and one problem that was faced by most of the people. One big problem that every person faced is recording and updating their work as bothering a previous client for reference while pursuing a new lead would irritate a previous customer. A common platform to share the knowledge and provide healthy competition was missing from the profession, and with sufficient domain expertise in interior design, architecture, and materials market, Arti Sudhir Nair decided to build a platform and launched Archiipedia.

The journey to Archiipedia

Arti Sudhir Nair
Arti Sudhir Nair

Growing up in Pune and studying in St. Josephs’s High School, Arti Sudhir Nair completed his architecture from MMCA, Pune University. After her marriage, she decided to move to Mumbai but soon came back to Bangalore, where she has been living for the past 18 years with her family. Arti told TimesNext that she loves to spend time with her family, watching movies, reading, and understanding astrology in her free time.


Archiipedia is an award-winning online listing and advertising platform for architects, interior designers, professionals, vendors, and clients of building construction industry. The platform is used to promoted listed professionals and vendors and handles their digital marketing with the help of SEO, social media marketing, email campaigns, which helps in generating real leads. The platform allows businesses to display and update pictures of their work, products, provide reviews and recommendations, Clients of building construction industry will find Archiipedia as a valuable resource for them to help them make better decisions about things they want to use, and who to hire for the work.

The challenges in the beginning

Being a lady, the biggest challenge she faced was time management as she tried her best to balance her work life and her home. As an architect and interior designer, Networking and social life were an effort, given the constraints with time and energy. Archiipedia was launched as a platform that is much needed by the professionals to create a network and interact with the vendors of the building construction industry.

Business collaborations and the first milestone for Archiipedia

Sudhir Nair, Arti’s husband, has experience of more than 25 years in IT and management space, and she considers him as her mentor and advisor. He is a tower of strength for her whenever she is going through low times and motivates her to work harder.

The first milestone for the platform was when it received the national award “India Excellence Award” for “Best Online Platform for Architects, Interior Designers, and Building Construction Industry.”

The current growth and vision for the company

Still working in the initial stage, the company is bootstrapped, and the market response has been excellent, hoping to have an eventful and progressive 2020. Her vision for the company is that Archiipedia should provide web-presence for every small business owner in India. Archiipedia should be the most loved, trusted platform from India, and Arti wishes to make it available for more people.