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Big Bang Boom Solutions or BBBS has raised around $1Million from the Mumbai Angles Network.
Big Bang Boom Solutions or BBBS has raised around $1Million from the Mumbai Angles Network.

Founded by Praveen Dwarkanath and Dr. Shivaraman Ramaswamy in 2018, Big Bang Boom Solutions or BSSS (1) has been developing an integrated intellectual property for defense purposes and has been continuously suiting different needs. Some of their significant works include T-series Unmanned Tank development, Next Generation Hybrid personal Combat Armor, etc. with an Anti- Drone Defense System and also has some other significant prominent works which have been praised all around.

The company has won continuously two iDEX grants and SPARK grants of Rs. Three crores in two categories through the department of Innovation. They have claimed to create unique and powerful defense items that can come to real use and have even been occupied by the Indian Armed Forces. Started back in 2006, the company has become to emerge an influential and helping startups for India. With 140+ portfolios and has already invested over Rs. 150 crores since then. Spread over nine states, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Jaipur, BBBS has gained immense success working.

Recently, the firm has gained a fund of $1 million from the famous Mumbai Angels Network (2) as a Series A funding. This Chennai based startup even invested an undisclosed sum of money on Series A funding for Ahmedabad based startup called Optimized Electrotech Pvt Ltd and also for an Odisha based startup Tzar Aerospace which had their specialized field in Aerospace and Defense.

Big Bang Boom Solutions has been serving different needs in the field of Defense and has achieved funds of $1 million from Mumbai Angels Network and has reformed a sector of work.