Best DTH in India: Review of top DTH service [2020 Updated]

The services that can be viewed as the communication facility for television are known as the DTH or "Direct to Home." Over the years, this market has grown to achieve a lot of popularity in India.


Since the advent of TV, the world of visual communications changed forever. lAnd with entertainment playing an important part, uninterrupted facilities were required to perform this business. At this time, the concept of satellite television, i.e., Best DTH in India, was introduced. This provided a range of choices, including live feeds, thousands of channels, and services on request.

The facilities that can be known as the communication facility for television are the DTH or “Direct to Home.” This best DTH service brings us our favorite channels. All that is required is a dish antenna and a set-top box, and depending on your tastes, you can view several channels. The demand has expanded tremendously in India over the years since the introduction of DTH Services.

DTH or Direct-to-Home services are a way to receive satellite television through direct-broadcast satellites. And India has the largest DTH services industry with the highest user base on the market, with more than 67 million registered subscribers. Dish TV launched the first DTH channel in India in 2003. Doordarshan was closely followed up in 2004. India currently has many choices to select the best DTH service. We decided to list the Best DTH in India: Review of Best DTH service.  So, let’s get to it without any further ado.


Best DTH in India: Review of top DTH service [2020 Updated]

We have curated a list of India’s 10 Best DTH service providers, so it is easier for you to pick the most suitable connection for your needs, be it for primary or other connections.

1. Dish TV

Dish TV is one of India’s Best DTH services. Zee Entertainment Companies is a division of Zee. It occurred at a time when the cable providers dominated the service provider business. Instead of seeking to gain a more significant market share, it decided to start slow. The organization concentrated on situations in which the cable becomes a concern or where a connection could not be provided.

This worked, and its subscribers increased. Initially, more and more channels were being provided. More than 300 channels to select from are currently open. You can tailor the viewing experience with many kits and combos. A parent lock may be used to discourage the offensive content of your children. The set-top box is filled with records. Today, the company and its branches have a whopping 17.7 million subscribers.


2. TATA Sky

Tata Sky is also a big player in the DTH market. Tata Companies own the Century 21st Fox and Walt Disney Corporation. Although a few years have passed since Dish TV, it has easily attracted subscribers with a wide variety of versatile packages and combos. The Tata Sky marketing campaign was one of the most popular and highly appealing ones. This offers a wide range of channels in various languages, like Dish TV. 

Local channels can also be accessed. Tata Sky currently provides approximately 600 channels, of which 99 HD channels are available. It is among the Best DTH in India that sells 4 K set-top boxes and the first company to provide Video-on-Demand facilities to its customers to view films and exhibits anytime they need them.


3. Airtel Digital TV

The next on the list is Airtel Digital TV, a Bharti Airtel DTH channel. As one of India ‘s largest cellular service providers, Bharti Airtel decided to enter the DTH market in 2008 to prove itself as the Best DTH in India.

With its wide range of high definition and quality, Airtel Digital TV’s coverage is excellent and offers all the new technology. Airtel Digital TV provides storage services, much like many set-top boxes of its kind. The business was well received on the market, and their number of subscribers grew significantly over the threshold of 10 million.


4. Videocon D2H

Another leading DTH service provider is Videocon D2H. This came into use in 2009. Because of the inexpensive products and combinations, this gradually gained a respectable market share. D2H is currently a Dish TV affiliate and has the highest market share alongside its parent company. The fusion took place in 2016 between Videocon D2H and Dish TV. D2H alone accounts for 19% of all DTH infrastructure subscribers.

Also, in the Indian industry, it is predominant and aims at providing Best DTH Services. The business is known for its varied material and its reliable quality of sound. The choice is secure because of the diversity of bundles and combinations for this service provider.


5. DD Direct Plus

The online Satellite TV service is offered by DD Direct Plus or DD Online Dish. The offerings launched in 2004 are free compared to many Best DTH in India providers. Doordarshan operates the operation. It has crossed an unprecedented number of 30 million households in India.

 Also, if the channel spectrum is limited and specific channels are just ‘DD’ services, it is entirely open. This does not limit options like sports, movies, serials, and films that can still be viewed. You have several personal channels, such as Zing, B4U videos, BU Music, 9XM, etc. Also, the local channels with these contents are packed with if you’re into classical music and enjoy Indian art & culture.


6. Sun Direct

Another DTH service provider in India is Sun Direct. It is successful on regional television. They started service in 2007 and received enough subscribers to continue in the league.

They also relay good quality regular and high-definition channels. The network is operated by the well established Sun Network and has several local networks. At first, they became the Best DTH Service Provider with the distribution of free boxes and an incredibly low monthly basic scheme. They have acquired clients and have over 6 million subscribers today.


7. Jio DTH

The launch by Reliance JIO for Dish TV network channels is another service provider for the DTH market. The Reliance Group is currently building JIO DTH Services with JIO Fiber Broadband. In nearby villages and cities on the underground only lines and cables have been set up to this date. 

JIO DTH Welcome Offer was made in the major cities with the package. Later, JIO DTH will be introduced in the villages too. The rates for JIO DTH would in India be roughly 180INR to 200INR. Other competitive brands such as the DishTV, TATA, Airtel, and others are cutting their basic plans. JIO DTH is among one of the Best DTH in India and is trying to deliver the cheapest costs in the world for all other DTH services.


8. Zing Digital

Zing Digital is another Best DTH in India. It is included in the Dish TV subsidiary, which launched in January 2015 to provide access at nominal cost to regional language television channels. Zing Digital operates currently in the states of Kerela, West Bengal, and Odisha.

Dish TV in India faced intense competition from other providers of DTH, such as Tata Sky and Airtel Digital, so they have launched high nominal services, including free-to-air air channels like the Rs99 channel bundle. Dish TV has introduced Rs 99 channel pack as a result of these improvements in their marketing strategy.



Okay, it’s here! Our favorite list of Best DTH in India. This list can be very diverse and can change now and then with new players joining the industry and old players improving every day. We have covered the top eight Best DTH service suppliers in India; we still want to tell us your pick.

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Aakriti Suri is a MBA student who has been effectively handling a Real estate and Construction house from the past 3 years. She has always had an eye for the emerging startups and dreams to have her own someday.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri is a MBA student who has been effectively handling a Real estate and Construction house from the past 3 years. She has always had an eye for the emerging startups and dreams to have her own someday.

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