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Big boy toyz is a retail brand that sells pre-owned cars to its customers. BigBoyToyz is a one-stop destination for shopping luxury and exotic wheels.

BigBoyToyz: A retailer that makes you want a pre-owned car


It is a well known saying that ‘As the men grow older, their toys become more expensive.‘ Big boy toyz is a division of the Magus group and is a leading player in the pre-owned car section in India. Big boys toys started their operations in the year 2009. It is a one-stop-shop for buying pre-owned luxury cars. Pre-owned cars are nothing but second-hand cars sold with specifications by BigBoyToyz.

You can get a pre-owned luxury and exotic car designed according to your requirements. Big boy toyz offers the pre-owned luxury car segment to you at a rate which is way cheaper than a new car would cost to you. Also, you need not worry about the condition of the car as Big boys toys perform the quality checks and inform you about the car condition before the purchase. BigBoyzToyz, when explained in one line, is a showroom for used luxury cars.

The man behind BigBoyToyz: Jatin Ahuja

In the year 2003and good quality pre-owned cars, just at an early age of 17 years, Jatin Ahuja started focusing on bringing luxury and exotic vehicles that were not available in India from all over the world. Then, in the year 2009, Big boys toys brand was launched. Jatin Ahuja founded Big boyz toys so that Indians have access to exotic and luxury secondhand cars.

Lovers of luxury cars from all over the country look for Big boyz toys for buying a genuine and good quality pre-owned car. The automobile sector of India is growing at a mere rate of 14% and is expected to go down shortly. But big boys toys have managed to yield a growth rate of 40% using Jatin Ahuja’s vision and mission. Jatin Ahuja aims at expanding BigBoyToyz by opening more outlets across the country.

Why buy from BigBoyToyz?

If you are a luxury or sports car lover and can afford cars worth one crore and more, then you should buy from big boys toyz. The following are some reasons why you should buy from BigBoyToyz over a new showroom car:

  • The first owner has to suffer the highest depreciation. You would be the second owner, so don’t be surprised if you get a 30-40% discount for a car that is in excellent condition.
  • The reputation of big boys toys is outstanding in the market. They make sure that you get a car in the best condition by conducting quality checks. Big boy toyz is also planning to open an in house service showroom for the convenience of its customers.
  • BigBoyToyz also indulges in buybacks every few years so you can sell your luxury cars when you get bored of them.
  • Big boys toys ensure quality checks through their 151 checkpoint method. Under the 151 checkpoint method, a checklist is made to ensure the quality of the cars being sold. The cars that clear these 151 checkpoints are said to be ‘BBT certified cars.’
  • No hidden charges from the customers as big boys toys operate on the ‘Fixed Price Policy.’

The product line of BigBoyzToyz:

Big boys toys launched in the year 2009 is a part of pan India. Big boys toys currently have three stores in India and are headquartered in Gurgaon. The brand BigBoyToyz has a customer base of 7600 people currently, including famous stars like Yuvraj Singh, Neha Dhupia, and Honey Singh. Big boy toyz deals with 30 car brands now. Some of the famous brands are:

  • Aston Martin
  • Bentley
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Mercedes
  • Porsche
  • Rolls Royce
  • Mercedes, and many more.

Big boy toys recently launched their fragrance and scent range in the year 2019. The fragrance range is called BigBoyToyz – Gold Edition.

In August 2019, big boys toys launched their clothing line at GenNext fashion show. In this fashion show, Big boys toys showcased bags and shirts for both men and women.

Latest updates in the BigBoyToyz world

  1. The pre-owned luxury car owner, Big boy toyz, announced their expansion plans for the year 2020-21. Big boys toys are aiming at opening more stores across the country in the next financial year. They announced their expansion plans in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Big boy toys have chosen Ahmedabad as their new store location. The store is under construction and is supposed to be completed in the financial year 2020-21.
  2. Pre-owned luxury car retailer, Big boys toys enter into the bike segment. The company has already started the sale of luxury cars and superbikes. Over the past three months, BigBoyToyz has sold over 60 units of superbikes from brands like Triumph, Indian motorcycle, and Triumph. Big boy toyz are planning further to expand their operations in their new superbike segment.