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Can Work From Home really be the new normal?

Work from home was never considered an option by companies, but this lockdown has changed the whole scenario. As it is said,

How it all started

People were never aware of work from home until this pandemic began. There used to be a proper routine about how people performed their duties, but things never go as they planned, and the same happened during this lockdown. Companies had uncompleted projects which were scheduled, and the staff was under a lot of pressure. To find a solution to this issue, work from home was started. In the beginning, workers were happy to work from home as they were spending some quality time with their family, but nobody planned that it would go for such a long period. Covid-19 proved to be a “blessing in disguise” for people, and they started loving this new culture and lifestyle. However, No one was aware of the repercussions that this culture was going to bring. Amid this pandemic, many big companies lay off their staff, and the rest were working on deducted salaries, which proved to be a headache for many.

People faced many issues during the initial stage, such as internet issues and communication issues, because every work can’t be done on the internet or electronic devices—this leads many people to lose their job and look for another position.

How is it going?

As discussed, many big-scale companies are still adopting this as an alternative because of social distancing. Companies follow the instructions given by the government, which is why the staff isn’t yet invited back to the office premises. However, companies with fewer people have started working from their respective offices.

Many companies are happy to promote this as an alternative because the amount of work is the same, but the amount they are paying is less, helping them enhance the revenue.

On a positive note, the staff is getting enough time with their families, which is a good thing because the busy schedule usually doesn’t let them do so.

How far can it go?

Looking at the current situation, it is evident that people have started adapting to the problem, and they are ready to go outside and perform their respective duties. Moreover, it is high time for people to show their dignity towards their work. We have seen front line workers such as doctors and police doing their duties during this pandemic, and we can do the same now. Apart from this, Covid-19 has shattered most people’s savings, and now people have to start saving again.

Work-life balance and sleep schedules are also affected, and this can cause a lot of problems in people’s living styles worldwide. The working environment is a crucial aspect for better productivity, and the same productivity cannot be achieved while working from home. So, Work from home cannot be new normal because lifestyle and culture are getting genuinely affected by this activity. Here are some positive and negative point that can help you rethink about both the scenarios:-


  • Flexibility – Work from home provides an individual with a lot of flexibility, and this flexibility does not relate to time. It refers to the environment and lighting that you want to choose to perform your duty and work. Flexibility will help you improve your mental situation while completing the given assignment.
  • More time with closed ones- Work from helps you spend a bit more time with the family and improve family relations. Moreover, the worker can also connect emotionally with the family members. Things can get a bit easy when you have someone from the same age group to co-operate.
  • Less stress- It is believed that working from causes less pressure than working from the office, and such a condition can be significant for an individual in maintaining mental health. Traveling stress can also be reduced while working from home than working from the workplace.
  • Cozy Clothes – While being at home, an individual can wear any clothes that make him feel comfortable. Comfortable clothes will automatically enhance employees’ concentration, and better outcomes will be delivered to the company. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about how you look, which will protect your confidentiality.


  • Distractions- Concentration can be a bit more difficult when you are at home because somehow, you will feel distracted by activities around you. Also, fewer restrictions will make your productivity fall, which can cause difficulty during the re-joining time. Television and other attractive stuff can also lead to distraction among youth.
  • Isolated- Many professional people working from home have complained that they feel isolated at home, reducing their interest in their respective work. On the other side, the workplace helps you interact will numerous people and different personalities simultaneously. An individual can lose touch from each other during work from home.
  • Schedule- People who have been working for a long time will find it challenging to re-schedule their daily routine as things have changed drastically. Separating home from work will affect the quality of the work. Sleep schedules will also be affected by such things.
  • Boredom- Working from home was impressive at the initial stage, but now it can cause lethargy as people will not do many activities rather than work. Different workouts help you maintain interest in the workplace, and excitement will be new every day. However, this will be missing while working from home.
  • Less interaction- While meeting in-person interaction is expected to be faster than compared to work from home. Sometimes you might ask a question, but slow internet would not let you find the answer sooner. Less interaction can break the workflow, and it can also cause misunderstanding between the employees.
  • Less informative- Work from home will be less informative than working from the workplace because you will never get instant updates. It can cause wrong decisions, and it might also force you to do the same activity again and again.

To conclude, we can see that work can cause significant issues in a company, lead to less productivity and more misunderstandings. On the other hand, the workplace will provide a lot more working environment, and it will help individuals increase interaction and reduce boredom. The daily routine is also an essential aspect of life, and it shouldn’t be affected at any cost. So, work from home was a great alternative at the initial stage, but it can’t be considered a long-term option because productivity will always keep falling with time.