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Chahat Aggarwal: Being a woman of Finesse and Rectitude

Chahat Aggarwal's story is much more fascinating with stupendous achievements, a story that could shiver down those lazy bead

Chahat Aggarwal is the talk of woman power in today’s modern era. She is the Founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz, an indigenous amalgamation of Business and Brand Strategy. She supports organizations in building and enhancing their business growth through leading expert and research-backed strategies, which unlock their ultimate potential. According to her,

“Perseverance is the path for accomplishing joy and success.”

Her positivity and “liberal attitude” encourage her to achieve the most complex projects and endeavors.

Chahat Aggarwal - CEO, Impact Study Biz
Chahat Aggarwal – CEO, Impact Study Biz

Chahat is someone whose vast array of experiences in various fields fuels her quest for the best. Her vast array of proficiencies includes writer, film director, trainer, designer, management consultant, branding expert, marketer, and strategist. Her experience, combined with understanding a firm foundation on fair play and equitable opportunities, paves the way for a work culture that is a blend of uniqueness and determination to achieve more.

Her completion of the “Strategic Negotiation Certification” from Yale University allowed her to become part of India’s most prominent hospitality startup, named ‘OYO.’ Within a time-span of 2 years; she performed a crucial role in maximizing the brand’s revenue from $250 mil to $10 bill. By profoundly understanding and balancing the need of consumers and service, she sets a realistic approach that governs the desired results. She can successfully tweak and optimize brands in terms of creating and generating revenue. She believes and helps brands turn their business into money-making assets. She bases her strategic plans on in-depth research to ensure the most impressive impact-driven results for every brand, no matter the industry, product, or service. She recently completed a 10,000 Women Entrepreneur program from Goldman Sachs; as she says,

“it’s all about learning and becoming a better individual.”

Being someone who has established a position for herself, despite the challenges, Chahat is a prime example of the success that follows when determination and inspiration fuel passion. And to women, who aspire to generate their own stories of success, she implores them to break out of the confines of norms and always move forward with a reflective ‘why‘ that can simultaneously answer and question every query and make way for more opportunities.

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Chahat Aggarwal is an Author, speaker, and global Brand Strategist. As founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz, she is a rising woman entrepreneur that helps businesses build brand and growth strategies to become vital financial assets. Along with that, she is also a Strategic Partner for Rebell Studio, Poland, and Chief Strategy Officer of an A. I company Citrusberry, India. After high school, Chahat moved to Sydney, Australia, to pursue her higher education in Art and design, where she continued to excel as the highest scoring student each year and won the “Student of the Year Award.” It was an experience that opened up fresh perspectives and an exposure that brought her closer to her journey as a successful businesswoman. Her time there taught her more than what was in the pages of books and to look at the world from fresh angles.

She won a beauty pageant in 2012, a crown winner of Miss June 2012. Post her Australia journey, she returned to India and attended IGNOU – Maya Academy of advanced cinematics for three years in Mumbai to study film making. Thanks to her hard work, she won awards that underscored her potential for creativity and knack for innovation. Experiences like these, combined with her passion, paved the way for Impact Study Biz, the pedestal that upheld her position as a leader and woman full of inspiration.

Team Impact Study Biz
Team Impact Study Biz

Impact Study Biz is an ingenious amalgamation of Business and Brand Consulting that provides companies’ infrastructure to thrive in the global market—founded in 2018 with the mission to unlock the veracious potential for growing startups. She encourages strategies that ensure the overall development and growth of a startup in the long-run. It is a masterful blend of practical thinking and techniques teamed with innovation and prudent perspectives. Impact Study provides strategic consulting within a budget for startups and SMEs. It works with companies and helps them achieve their business, marketing, and growth objectives.

The company’s sole mission is to create an impact so sustainable by helping brands approach their thresholds. Impact Study offers sustainable, absolute, and straightforward solutions:

  • New Product Creation
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Rebranding/Repositioning
  • Growth Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Business-Brand Strategy
  • Financial Metrics
  • In depth-market research
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Chahat Aggarwal has been an outstanding woman entrepreneur and a dream machine, encouraging the youth’s rapid minds to stimulate youthful aspiration into real objects. Her aspirations seek to foresee changes in the global economy for 2020. “With comprehensive research on financial data, markets, trades, consumer behavior, we could have a systematic study of the economic ecosystem and analyze the needs necessary to heal and motivate startups. Our analysis turned out to be accurate and to develop their market consciously,” she remarked.

Being someone who has established a position for herself, Chahat is a superb team player despite the challenges. Her leadership is something that is based on teamwork and a fusion of skills and talents. Chahat firmly believes in taking up challenges and to work with a sense of deep faith in one’s potential to impact and change. Women of power inspire women’s passion; Chahat’s inspiration for growth came across the stories of Oprah Winfrey, Indra Nooyi, and Sara Blakely. Being a centrally minded individual, her activities from early morning Tai-chi to a meditation session boost her self-esteem and stimulate her to achieve her goals. Her attitude led her to build Impact Biz through brainstorming that lasted a day! Citing personal inspirations from her father, her initial values were never to be censorious towards human evolution’s intricacies but to aspire and inspire together for success.