How CleverMesh is Disrupting the Industry with Their Smart Industrial Solutions

With innovation and simplicity at its core, CleverMesh, a young company based out of Indore, has been delivering a multitude of smart industrial solutions such as wire-mesh based cabling systems and industrial IoT applications. They believe in advancing the simplest solutions in the most creative way possible while significantly bringing down the cost. Let's read on to know more about their journey.

The Founders

The two co-founders embarked on CleverMesh’s journey as early as they were studying engineering together in Indore. Soon after completing their graduation, the duo went their separate ways. While ​Sandeep Singh Jadon​ acquired more than 12 years of experience, working with prestigious global organizations in varied sectors like telecom and electrical engineering, ​Siddhartha Kala​ pursued a master’s degree from the United States and gathered more than nine years of experience. 

Another key member of CleverMesh is  Lokesh Choyal. He is an electrical engineer with over eight years of experience in electrical and industrial automation. 

Almost a decade after their graduation and acquiring relevant experience in their respective fields, the team founded CleverMesh in 2018

The founders are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Their diverse ground experiences allowed them to put forward highly advanced, elegant, sophisticated, yet simple solutions.


The Driving Force 

The team believes in simplicity. 

The trio commenced the journey by looking for simple solutions to complex problems across various industries. 

The founders aim to conquer several problems these industries face with advanced and sophisticated solutions that are also very easy to implement. Consequently, giving rise to CleverMesh.

Their ‘clever’ and innovative products focus on manufacturing and energy sectors, helping people simplify and automate their industrial processes. CleverMesh also addresses infrastructural issues and offers implementations at a competitive cost. 


CleverMesh: Decoding Further

 Starting out with just two key products in its pipeline, CleverMesh has added several more leading-edge products to its portfolio. 


The first one is a smart cabling management solution based on steel wire-mesh grid design. This product directly addresses the major infrastructural issues faced while managing large cabling and wiring in industries, data centers, and commercial buildings. 


The wire-mesh based design of this product makes it highly robust, flexible, modular, and light-weight. The wire-mesh cable trays weigh much less than the traditional solutions and are very easy to install and manage. 

And on top of that, the stainless-steel structure is highly rust-resistant, dust-proof, and easily customizable. All these features at a significantly competitive price. 


The second product the team has developed is an industrial IoT and AI-based data analytics app. It enables users to monitor and analyze their industrial data. 


IoT mesh network of sensors collects data remotely from manufacturing plants, which can be monitored in real-time on a highly sophisticated dashboard. With integrated machine learning and predictive analytics, users can get detailed insights into their plants’ processes, predict alarms/faults before they occur, optimize operations, predict energy consumption costs, find out bottlenecks and pain points, and much more. 


Besides, the team also developed and tested another product named CleverGaurd. It is a ready to install and machine-guarding product with advanced access control and safety features. Their wire mesh comes with modular functionality and an innovative installation mechanism, enabling users to save time and cost. 

CleverMesh’s technologies, ranging from wire-mesh systems, industrial automation to IoT, are one step ahead of the conventional products and bound to make people’s lives easier. 


Remonstrating Hardships 

While getting unconventional product ideas off the ground, CleverMesh found itself in two major hurdles. 

Their first challenge was to get the right tools, machinery, and hardware. It was a daunting task for the team to convert their ideas into working prototypes at each stage. 

The team spent countless hours modifying the existing industry-standard tools, hardware, and machinery to fit their product goals. With numerous experiments, hits, and misses during the 

whole prototyping and help from accommodating individuals and manufacturers in the industry, CleverMesh managed to get its products to start rolling. 

Another major challenge for CleverMesh is to convince the prospective end-users and show them the real value of these resourceful new-age solutions. 

Even though some of their customers had a hard time parting ways with their existing traditional ways of doing things, they came around. And they have become CleverMesh’s repeat buyers after seeing the long-term gains. 


Future Goals

After a successful venture with the existing product line, CleverMesh has started investing in unorganized and unexplored areas in the Electrical Engineering field.

According to their market survey, currently, the Indian market is deficient in products when it comes to under desk cable management. 

There is no brand available at present that offers quality products and innovative solutions in the space. Hence, CleverMesh is now coming up with several solutions for the cable management system and under desk management. 

The company is also set to broaden its horizons for smart city and grid business operations after successfully commissioning its CleverSCADA solution for smart grid and compact substation monitoring solutions. 


The team strongly abide by the idea of Leonardo Da Vinci, 

‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.’

Simplifying problems and creating beautiful and efficient outcomes has always been the motto of CleverMesh. The team strives to use their experience and creativity to offer simple and unique products to help people and industries. 

CleverMesh is currently looking to increase its presence across the country by creating a wide network to accomplish its vision. 

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Rucha Joshi
Rucha Joshi
Rucha Joshi is fueled by her passion for creative writing. She is eager to turn information into action. With her hunger for knowledge, she considers herself a forever student. She's currently working as a content writer and is always interested in a challenge.

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