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Cred App Founder - Kunal Shah
Cred App Founder – Kunal Shah


  1. About Cred App
  2. Rewards on Cred App
  3. How to Register at Cred App
  4. The Pros of Using Cred App
  5. How to Make Payment via Cred App?
  6. Cred App – Is it Safe?
  7. The Business Model
  8. Cred App – Suitability

About Cred App

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Cred app is an application in which you could add your different credit cards and make the payment for them through the platform. The amount you make via the Cred app gets credited in your bank account within few hours. Only people with good credit card score and credit card payment history could benefit from the Cred app.

It means that you can’t become a member of the Cred app if you have a bad credit score or recently acquired a credit card. The Cred app also has various features for protection via an AI system. The AI system keeps track of our credit card expenses due to date reminders, spending patterns, and other statistics.

Rewards on Cred App

Below are the two types of rewards available on Cred app:

  • Cred App Coins
  • Cred App Gems

You get Cred app coins equal to your credit card bill amount you pay via the Cred app. These coins accumulate so you could keep collecting them on your Cred app to get more benefits at the end. The Cred app gems are the different forms of currency to unlock other offers than the coins. Presently, a person could earn up to 10 gems for a referral.

You could get benefits of various coupons and offers available on the Cred app present in different categories. You could choose the offers that are most relevant to you and available in your city.

Below are examples of some of the offers available on the Cred App:

  • iXigo bookings for flight: 1000 INR off for 5k Cred app coins
  • Flo Mattress: 5000 INR off for 20K Cred app coins
  • Swiggy – Use 5k Cred app coins to get free delivery for three months
  • UrbanClap: Use 25k Cred app coins to get flat 50% off on man grooming
  • Flea Bazaar cafe: Flat 20% through 5k Cred app coins on the final bill
  • Cashback: 1k INR cashback for 30 Cred app gems
  • Flipkart: Get 500 INR gift card for 20 Cred app gems

How to Register at Cred App

Only those with good credit card scores could get benefits from the Cred app. Below are the steps for registering at Cred app:

  • Download the Cred App from Google Play Store (1) or Apple Store (2).
  • Register on the Cred app through your registered mobile number
  • If your credit score matches Cred app eligibility criteria, you will receive the OTP to proceed further
  • If the Cred app rejects your membership, then improve your credit score before trying again.
  • Add the details of your credit cards.

The Pros of Using Cred App

Below are the benefits of using Cred app to make your credit card payments:

1. You get cashback after the bill payment:

Users of the Cred app may get cash back on each transaction. Users get a notification for winning any scratch card they won whenever they make a payment over 1k INR. Lucky few sometimes even get the same amount as cashback, which the Cred App directly credited into their credit card.

2. Cred app offers various discounts:

Cred app offers various discounts and other schemes to its users, which is one of the significant benefits of using the app. Cred app has collaborated with multiple other brands that offer you different cash or percentage discounts when you spend a particular substance. However, keep in mind that you still pay those brands to avail of these offers. Hence, make sure you use these offers only when you were going to spend your money on those brands anyways.

3. You will get multiple gifts and offers for using Cred app:

These gifts are free for users if they choose to burn their Cred app gems or Cred app coins. Best is to keep collecting these Cred app gems and coins and wait for the right offer or award useful to you.

4. You get spending analysis:

Another benefit of the Cred app is that you get more insight into your spending pattern along with your credit card payment history on a single platform. It is the most useful for people with multiple credit card who wants to understand more about their spending.

5. It also provides credit score tracking:

The Cred app will show you your credit score over a specified period. It also helps and motivates people to improve their credit score with timely credit card payment. Currently, Cred app s associated with Experian and CRIF and pulls your credit score from both the places.

How to Make Payment via Cred App?

Making a payment via the Cred app is very simple and requires only three steps.

  • Click on Pay Now
  • Enter the Payment Amount
  • Click on Proceed

You could make a payment through the below methods:

  • Debit card
  • Net banking
  • NEFT
  • IMPS
  • UPI

You get rewards like Cred app coins and Cred app Kill Bill Scratch Card after your payment.

Cred App – Is it Safe?

Kunal Shah
Kunal Shah

Nowadays, safety is a concern for all the users since we will be putting our credit card and other related details. Kunal Shah is the founder of the Cred app who is also the founder of other startups like Freecharge. Hence, from his records, we could say that the platform is trustworthy.

Further, the Cred app never asks for any critical information like your CVV or the expiry date of your credit card. So, we could say that the Cred app is a safe platform to pay your credit card bills and get rewards in return.

The Business Model

We indeed get lots of free offers and benefits through the Cred app. However, we must remember that nothing is available free of cost to anyone in this word. Cred app also has a business model through which it makes money while offering us open awards and benefits.

Our readers must be aware of the various business models apps like Cred app uses to generate revenues. These companies to multiple collaborations and tie-ups to different brands and companies. They then take the responsibility of generating leads for such associations. In short, for apps like the Cred app, you are nothing but a point to help grow the other company’s sales. There is nothing wrong with such business models; however, as an investor, you must know before you get into it.

Cred app or any similar platforms tempts you to spend money to get excellent discounts and deals. However, if you spend your money on something which you never planned initially, then it is an extra spend for you at the end of the day. Hence, make sure you went for rewards when you were anyways going for a deal; getting the coupons are additional rewards.

While using the Cred app, you need to be aware of your spending and getting rewards through Cred app coins. Don’t spend on unwanted stuff only because you wanted to redeem your Cred app coins.

Cred App – Suitability

The below-mentioned people are most likely to get benefits from Cred App:

  • People who get high credit card bills
  • Since most of the rewards include options like live concerts and dining out, it is most suitable for people living in metro/tier 1/tier 2 cities
  • There is no reward on Cred App for late payments; it is only for those individuals who pay their credit card bills before its due

Let us know your views or queries about the Cred App.