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Deepika Sharma is all set to eliminate the manual HR work with her Mohali-based Startup

Deepika Sharma, hailing from the serene land of Jammu & Kashmir, plans to launch RYE- Review Your Employee, a complete HR solution for companies.

Deepika Sharma, hailing from the serene land of Jammu & Kashmir, plans to launch RYE- Review Your Employee, an HR tool for companies to complete tasks like documentation, tracking down important events, ex-employee feedback verification, data management of employee, etc.

The Lovely Professional University graduate has been working in the IT industry for the past seven years and has been in the business for around five years. On seeing the amount of energy put into the process of manual documentation with zero or no motivation, she realized the urgency to solve the problem.

Deepika remarked:

“What made me concerned me was employee hiring and making their documentation after that and then they leave a job without any notification, I think this is the worst-case with almost all the startups and no one talks about this and didn’t love this and still put so much energy to make things work for their business and their current employees futures.”

RYE, a Mohali based firm, claims to be a one-stop-platform to interlink and resolve Human Resource and Employer’s database issues relating to the hiring profile of the candidate, maintaining records and signatures, policy updates, employees’ appraisal reminders, birthdays, employer & employee feedback, last date of employment and so on. It compiles all the data in one space, solving the demand for manual work required by the firm to perform similar tasks separately. RYE provides hassle-free and paperless documentation for employee records.

The firm, still in its growth phase, is in the process of building the potential client base. It aims to serve as an HR tool for corporations globally. Deepika, currently working as a Digital Marketing Head at Leading Edge Info Solution Private Limited, has been tied-up on developing the RYE platform for the past two years and plans to launch the product in November 2020.