How Dhruv Mamtora’s startup: BNPD Eco Labs is paving the way for a pollution-free future

Let's take a look at Dhruv Mamtora's startup:- BNPD Eco Labs, which has come up with an innovative idea to dispose off plastic waste and free the world from its curse.


What does BNPD Eco Labs do?

The invention of plastic was a blessing which soon turned out to be a menace. We are all aware of the threat it poses to our planet, yet the production of plastic waste is increasing day by day. The disposal of plastic waste is challenging since it is a material that is made to last thousands of years. All the techniques that are currently used come with some drawbacks, and it is harmful to human health or the environment. 

BNPD Eco Labs work to remove this negative impact of plastic by developing a strategy that works in an eco-friendly way. They provide a system that can manage plastic waste effectively and thus degrade the plastic. It will be formulated to work 24*7 and 365 Days. BNPD Eco Labs also hopes to develop a means to provide the raw material at a low cost. 

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The founder and his inspiration

BNPD Eco Labs Founder - Dhruv Mamtora
BNPD Eco Labs Founder – Dhruv Mamtora

BNPD Eco Labs was founded by Dhruv Mamtora who is currently pursuing B.Sc Life Science from the Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar. He started working on this Startup in August 2019. Dhruv is from Ahmedabad and was incubated at GTU Innovation Council, Ahmedabad in February 2020. He is also a member of the STEM Club in his University and works in the Gender Equity Cell. 

Dhruv believes that the disposal of plastic waste is a global issue and not just that of our country. The factories that make use of plastic release a large number of chemicals into the environment leading to all kinds of pollution. As a result, the people around that area face a lot of health issues. So plastic waste, if not properly handled, has an impact on both the environment and human lives.

“I started working on how I can solve this problem, and then I got this idea to use bacteria and worms as the solution to this problem”,

says Dhruv.


The obstacles on the way

BNPD Eco Labs

When Dhruv Mamtora first started working on this idea, he was discouraged by many. He received comments on how this whole concept was not feasible. He says that it was the support of his family, faculty, and friends that motivated him to work on it, and they even helped out whenever he felt stuck. Several components in his working model were based on technology which was not his background. This challenge further pushed him to learn new things.


Growth and future visions of BNPD Eco Labs

BNPD Eco Labs

BNPD Eco Labs is currently in its prototype developing stage. GTU Innovation Council (GIC) is helping out with financial assistance and other necessities. According to Dhruv, the first milestone of BNPD Eco Labs was completing the initial step of finding the bacteria as well as developing the layout of the system and the different sensors used in it.

The company aims to reach the government and major industries to persuade them to install the system and thus reduce the plastic waste through degradation. It will help this innovative idea for the benefit of society, and no pirana site shall take form in India. Dhruv Mamtora is also working on other projects based on his background, which would help solve the problems faced by the population on a daily basis.

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