Everything you need to know about Amazon transportation services

ADVERTISEMENT Inc. is an American Multinational Technology company that is based in Seattle and focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming. It has recently entered the field of transportation services for the delivery of the orders by introducing the Amazon Transportation Services. Amazon has been operating in India for a while now, and it is considered as one of the best e-commerce platform fulfilling the needs of users daily.

Amazon functions like every other e-commerce website where the order is placed from the website or phone app, and the order is delivered to the mentioned address with the help of the delivery partners. However, Amazon is bringing some significant changes in the field of logistics as they wish to move into the new space delivery assignments. They have introduced the new trucking division for the platform named Amazon Transportation Services.


Amazon Transportation Services and the changes

Amazon Transportation Service is a unit of that has its vans and trucks with the company logos, and these are used to deliver the products from one Amazon location to another. The process of delivering the product from Amazon’s location to the parcel carrier is carried out by hired trucking companies.

Amazon has shifted to using its vans for the delivery of parcels in several international locations. In India, the company is collaborating with other delivery services, and the Amazon Transporation Service is slowly gaining popularity. The cargo fleet by Amazon is used to deliver the Amazon parcels, and this would reduce the UPS and FedEx’s business from Amazon. This shift in the transportation field is carried out by the e-commerce giant to reduce the shipping expense and give access to transportation and give Amazon more control.

Amazon India has teamed up with various delivery service providers that help the company in delivering packages to the users. The courier services used by Amazon India are listed below along with their contact information:

Some orders are shipped by Amazon, where the Amazon Transportation Service is responsible for shipping the products, and the delivery agent’s information is provided on the day of delivery.

Note: The calls with the delivery agents are recorded for quality and training purposes.


Amazon Transportation Services tracking by tracking number

Whenever the order is placed on Amazon, an order number and a tracking id/number for the order is provided using which the user can track their order. The tracking number allows the user to get updates on where the order is and get an idea about the estimated time of arrival of the parcel.

The tracking facility is easy, and the tracking can be done using the Amazon website tracker or through the phone app by check the order history and tracking the order.

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