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Paytm launched a dedicated app and website as an online market place. Read the article below to know everything about the gro
Paytm launched a dedicated app and website as an online market place. Read the article below to know everything about the growth of Paytm Mall.


  1. Introduction
  2. Assured Quality with Paytm Mall
  3. Know More About Paytm Mall App
  4. Paytm Mall Offers
  5. Archives of Paytm Mall
  6. Features of Paytm Mall
  7. Paytm Mall Observes Surge in Electronics and Mobile Phones
  8. The Trend is Expected to Go Higher in Upcoming Weeks
  9. Paytm Mall Partners with 10,000+ Small Sellers
  10. How is the Move Helping Paytm Mall?
  11. The Current Scenario


Paytm Mall has over 1.4 million sellers on its online platform in varieties like fashion, consumer durable, furnishings, electronics, and more. The Paytm Mall aims to provide the Mall and Bazaar concepts combined to its Indian customers. They do so by focusing more on structured categories and stores which are brand-authorized. It includes other FMCF categories, electronics, and top fashion brands as well.

Paytm apart from Paytm Mall also has Paytm Bazaar that mainly focuses on fashion, home furnishing, and various other goods but from small sellers.

Assured Quality with Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall, while assuring its product quality, also claims that its sellers have to pass their strict quality guidelines and qualification criteria before they are allowed on the platform. For further guarantee, every product listed on the Paytm Mall platform goes through warehouses and shipping channels, which are certified by Paytm Mall itself.

Know More About Paytm Mall App

Paytm Mall App looks like another version of the Paytm app, but there is no access to the wallet. Even though the launch of the new Paytm Mall app, Paytm is not looking to create separate apps for payments and e-commerce. The original Paytm app will continue to offer services like buying, booking, and renting. Paytm Mall app also provides the same services.

Customers can choose to shop from the Paytm Mall app or Paytm app to use the wallet. Even on the standalone app of Paytm Mall, it eventually asks its users to log in to the Paytm wallet. However, it also offers options to make a payment from net banking, debit, or credit card.

There is another app besides Paytm mall, an upgraded version ‘Paytm Seller app.’ The platform will allow anyone with a smartphone to set up an online store on Paytm Mall. The is available in various regional languages of India.

Paytm Mall Offers

Paytm Mall and Paytm Bazaar thrive to provide top-quality products at the best price for their consumers in India. Below are the products offered by Paytm Mall and Paytm Bazaar;

  • Electronic Appliances
  • Clothes
  • Grocery
  • Home products
  • Kitchen products
  • Backpacks
  • Books
  • Stationary
  • Daily Food Staples
  • Ready to Cook Food
  • Nutrition Food
  • Beauty Products
  • Make-ups
  • Personal care products
  • Health care products
  • Baby care products
  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Sports bikes
  • Riding gear
  • Automotive care
  • Accessories

Apart from the products mentioned above, there are many more products consumers can find on Paytm Mall according to their needs and desire. Users could directly search for the products they wish to purchase or browse through all the products via categories.

Paytm Mall recommends that its users should go through all the available deals and various limited periods offers before making any purchase on the platform. There are also several cashback offers and season sales for varieties of products and services offered by Paytm Mall so its users could benefit from them according to terms and conditions of Paytm Mall.

Archives of Paytm Mall

Paytm launched its Paytm Mall app in February 2017 to allow its customers to shop online. It is a B2C model that is inspired by TMall, China’s largest retail platform for B2C. The company has over 1.4 lakh sellers, 17 fulfillment centers across the country, and partnership with over 40 countries.

In May 2018, Paytm Mall raised 400 million USD from SAIF Partners and Alibaba Group. The company reported a loss of 1,800 crore rupees approximately in May 2018 and 774 crore rupees revenue for the year. The market share of Paytm mall fell to 3% in 2018 from 5.6% in the year 2017.

Features of Paytm Mall

Below are some the features of Paytm Mall:

  • Paytm Mall offers extra cashback, discounts, and offers.
  • It aims to make consumers feel like they are shopping from local bazaars.
  • The company is an expansion of its e-commerce segments.
  • Paytm Mall is an exclusive app for purchasing and booking.
  • Paytm Mall offers various categories to its customer, including fashion, sports, electronics, and more.
  • Paytm Mall has over 2 million sellers across the country.
  • The company has strict guidelines, qualifications, and criteria for its partnered sellers.
  • Paytm Mall has a huge range of products and discounts.
  • It offers 100% cashback on the 1st order on Paytm Mall mobile app with few terms and conditions.

Paytm Mall Observes Surge in Electronics and Mobile Phones

The Government of India allowed the sales of non-essential products in the orange and green zone through e-commerce platforms from May 4, 2020. Since then, there is a surge in demand for electronics and mobile phones on Paytm Mall.

Paytm Mall is observing a surge in demand for various electronic goods like headphones, speakers, phones, laptops, and other accessories. The reason behind the request could be India working and studying from home, according to the Paytm Mall officials. Hence, there is a high demand for headphones, laptops, phones, mobile accessories, laptop accessories, keyboards, data cables, memory sticks, hard drives, etc.

The Trend is Expected to Go Higher in Upcoming Weeks

Paytm Mall is also witnessing record searches fro mobiles, masks, trimmers, and other related products in red zones. The company expects that there will be a strong sales after the relaxation in red zones. They also believe that these products’ trend is likely to remain stable for at least the upcoming few weeks.

According to the statement released by Srinivas Mothey, Senior Vice President of Paytm Mall, people are purchasing goods that could cater to their needs according to the new lifestyle caused by an extended home quarantine.

According to the Paytm Mall, various other surprising trends are emerging as well in the previous weeks. There is an increased demand for different popular board games like ludo, chess, monopoly, scrabble, life, and more.

Paytm Mall Partners with 10,000+ Small Sellers

Paytm Ecommerce Private Limited owned Paytm Mall stated that it has partnered with over 10k Kirana stores and small vendors and businesses for hyper-local deliveries on April 27, 2020.

Paytm Mall was investing previously to scale up its hyperlocal services from the past few weeks. Currently, the platform offers to deliver essentials in over 100 cities of India. In upcoming weeks, Paytm Mall is aiming to raise the cities they are offering their services. This way, the platform would also be able to help stores and small businesses witnessing a sharp drop in their operations amid lockdown.

Paytm Mall is making connections with various offline stores and logistics partners. They could keep their business running while also delivering the essential directly at the doorsteps of their customers. Now, the owners of the partnered stores are getting 50% additional orders each day.

How is the Move Helping Paytm Mall?

According to the Srinivas Mothey, Senior VP of Paytm Mall, the company advocates a 100% marketplace model of operation instead of inventory led one like other major market players. The objective of Paytm Mall is to connect various offline stores across the countries to interested consumers through their e-commerce platform.

They are continually making a connection with smaller vendors to understand the challenges of inventory and delivery of goods. Paytm Mall is working hard to ensure that their partnered merchants are not losing business amid lockdown. Due to the small partnership businesses, Paytm Mall is confident that they could rapidly and hyper-locally provide services to their consumers.

The Current Scenario

All significant logistics companies like GATI (1), Ecom Express (2), Delhivery, Bluedart (3), FedEx (4), and many others are in collaboration with Paytm Mall. More orders of the Paytm Mall are now eligible for same-day delivery due to their partnership with various logistics executives.

The Paytm Mall is observing an incline in the sales of grocery essentials in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. According to the company, over 200 such towns are using Paytm Mall to place the orders, including Indore, Ahmedabad, NCR, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Pune, Chennai, Ludhiana, Bathinda, and MOre. Paytm is seeing a rise in orders in various places across India amid lockdown.

The company is now helping its merchant partners as well with stocking up on inventory and order fulfillment. The company aims to achieve the same via waiving off of service level agreement (SLA) and revised Hygiene SOPs for them, their workplace, and their workforce. To help their partners with stocking up their inventory, Paytm Mall is collaborating with various FMCG goods suppliers and brands.