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How Findmyfare became the biggest online travel agency in Sri Lanka

The co-founders of Findmyfare

What is Findmyfare?

It’s always a wonderful feeling to see new places and gather incredible memories from the corners of the globe. Besides, taking some time off from the everyday busy life to go on a vacation can be very refreshing. It fills you with enthusiasm and keeps you cheerful and excited about life. However, we often do not have the same excitement when it comes to making bookings for the journey. From flight tickets to hotel registration, it can be very tiresome and confusing to find something suitable for you. You may also fall into unwanted traps and lose money when doing it online. Findmyfare is here for the rescue!

Findmyfare (1) is an online travel agency from Sri Lanka which has made its mark since 2012. The company was founded by Thushan Shanmugarajah and Abishek Sithampalam, with a vision to encourage travellers from all around the world. They make their services possible with the help of collaborations with top international airlines, hotel chains and even financial institutions.

Filling a one of a kind void in the travel and tourism business, Findmyfare gives a platform that is useful for both the customers and travel agents. They can examine the Findmyfare website for the biggest offers available, relate the costs and make bookings all at the tip of their fingers. Moreover, the flight and hotel partners can also display their offers and services on the Findmyfare platform. Therefore, it gives them a beneficial opportunity to lure in customers and increase sales. Over the years, Findmyfare has grown to be one of the leading companies in the travel and tourism sector.

Initiatives by Findmyfare

In the early years, Findmyfare focused on bringing the best offers on flights and hotels to the customers. After they became successful in that business, they moved on to forming all-encompassing packages. The statistics showed that almost half of all people who travelled abroad from Sri Lanka used Findmyfare. They often went on the platform to find the latest deals, compare the offers or even just to collect data about travelling.

The faithful group of customers inspired the team of Findmyfare to provide more services and opportunities. Within a couple of years of launching, they initiated a collection of holiday plans on Findmyfare. These packages helped the clients with a compact alliance on their travel and residence expenses. Such plans also allowed the customers to save money both on travel expenses and hotel payments through a single portal.

The company also took a shot at another item called ‘Flight + Hotel’ for their regular clients. Through this scheme, the users can tailor-make their vacation bundle, by blending the best flight choices with the most promising resort options. The clients of Findmyfare have the option to plan their own special travel plan according to their wishes. They can find the most thrilling deals and make their appointments, all inside merely minutes. The company believes that this sort of services expansion will assure their future clients about the advantages of using Findmyfare.

The customer-centric approach

Ever since they launched the website in 2012, the founders of Findmyfare strive to convey the absolute best support to their clients. Even though they charge a convenience fee, it is worth the incredible benefits that they provide. They are able to guarantee that the clients will have a pleasant experience. Throughout the years, Findmyfare used this policy in their business. They also frequently monitor how clients and their necessities are evolving. The customer services are made available through whatever medium that an average client favors.

Findmyfare also keeps track of what prevents the users from making an online booking to make necessary improvements. For example, many users place booking well ahead of time to avoid any last minute confusion. However, they may regret their decision due to the changes in flight expenses over time. To allow the clients to make their appointments without any hesitation, they launched the ‘Price Guarantee Service’. Through this strategy, the clients could pay a negligible charge of Rs. 500 for every ticket and avail a fixed cost on charges.

Advancing on to e-commerce


In May 2015, the founders of Findmyfare entered the world of e-commerce business with their web-based business site known as Retail Genius. This fresh initiative was Sri Lanka’s first and biggest premium online commercial centre. The people of Sri Lanka could search for all their preferred extravagance retail marks in one spot. This website also played a pivotal job in supporting the development of the web-based business industry in Sri Lanka. The company connected many premium merchants with online customers who were looking for incredible items at a reasonable price.

This website from Findmyfare featured the works of upcoming fashion designers and merchants. It provided them with a valuable platform to showcase and retail their work. The company had also entered into strategic partnerships with leading luxury retailers in Sri Lanka. It includes all businesses of premium clothing, electronics, jewellery etc. As an online presence is essential for all businesses to grow, they were happy to collaborate with As a result, many traditional brick and mortar retail stores in Sri Lanka were able to generate additional revenue by selling their products online.

The vision of Findmyfare

Findmyfare aims to make travelling an easy affair for those who make it a passion. With its services, the company has helped hundreds of thousands of customers to be relaxed and carefree during their vacation. Findmyfare plays the role of a one-stop travel shop with everything you need for your next adventure. It offers its clients the absolute best services that suit their needs. The company has consistently centred around providing convenience and authenticity in their procedures.

Findmyfare is incredibly open to constructive criticism and makes it a point to solve any issue reported by the customers. Their customer-centric approach plays a significant role in their success. Within three years of starting services, Findmyfare has seen considerable growth. While around 500 clients visited the website every month in 2012, around 10,000 monthly customers were using the services of Findmyfare in 2015. The company accomplished critical income development even in the first couple of years.

From the year 2016, Findmyfare increased their emphasis on extending their scope all through the island of Sri Lanka. They have always tried to utilise the scope put forth by the regional travel businesses. Their aim is to set up branches in all major cities of Sri Lanka. Through the expansion, Findmyfare intends for an overall development of the tourist sector in the country. It will also help them to fortify client care services and make it available 24/7. Throughout the years, Findmyfare has improved the benefits they provide. They give their clients additional advantages like visa arrangements free of cost.