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From rags to riches: How Prem Ganapathy turned ₹1000 to ₹30 crores

At the age of 17, a young man named Prem Ganapathy came to Mumbai from a little town in Tamil Nadu. His hardships gave him a fortune of 50 crores.

In the year 1990, at the age of 17, a young man named Prem Ganapathy came to Mumbai from a little town in Tamil Nadu, with an associate who had extended to him an employment opportunity worth Rs.1200. Upon coming to Bandra the colleague ransacked him off the main Rs.200 he had left him all alone. With no cash to return back, he had the only assurance that he could become wildly successful in the city of dreams: Mumbai. He did not comprehend Hindi. A bystander who was a Tamilian felt pity of his condition, took him to the close-by sanctuary and made an intrigue to the guests to contribute cash to repurchase a ticket to send him to Chennai. But the kid was certain that Mumbai will make his life.

From rags

Before long he found a new line of work of utensil washer at Mahim Bakery with pay of Rs.150 every month. For the following two years he completed a few random temporary jobs and set aside as much as money as possible.

With Rs.1000 as capital, he got some utensils, ingredients, and stove and went into business selling dosas and idlis close to the Vashi station in a leased truck worth Rs 150 per month. Before long, this independent venture began getting him Rs. 20000 every month in benefits and he moved into his very own nourishment joint from his pushcart.

Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza

The municipality moved his pushcart slow down again and again while Prem Ganapathy had put again. In 1997, he rented a little space in a similar territory and named it Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza. He paid a month to month rental of Rs 5,000 and furthermore enlisted his two siblings to hold delivers the business. Their way of thinking was basic.

In contrast to other roadside restaurants, their principle spotlight was on quality and tidiness. So he found a spot and set up a south Indian stall, this is the place his karma started. He set up a slow down beside a shopping center, where numerous individuals came to eat Dosa’s and were impressed by the taste. This firm Dosa’s ruled over some other neighborhood sustenances of Mumbai,the cost was better than average and reasonable too. Many of his regular guests were undergrads and he made great kinship with them. He took in utilizing web from them and began searching for plans on web. He began trying different things with dosas and in the primary year itself, presented 26 new dosas like Schezwan Dosa, Paneer Chili Dosa, and Spring Roll Dosa.

To riches

By 2002, his eatery had 105 assortments of dosa and earned a ton of fame. However, he generally longed for having an outlet in a shopping center. He moved toward numerous shopping centers however his offer was turned down as they were held for an enormous brand like McDonald’s and so forth.

Be that as it may, he got a chance to open his outlet in the Center One Mall at Vashi. He got the open door on the grounds that the administrative staff at the shopping center were visiting guests to his café. His outlet in the shopping center was a major achievement and individuals began requesting business franchisee. He consented to the idea of a condition that every one of the fixings will be given by them. The man who was remaining outside Bandra station without a solitary penny with him in 1990, had set up a brand and domain of 30 crores in 2012. By 2012, Dosa Plaza had 45 branches in 11 states around the nation other than 7 abroad outlets in Oman, Dubai and New Zealand. Dosa Plaza is the sole sprinter in the class of south Indian foods that have picked up prominence across the nation for its inventive methodology and wide assortments of plans. From an unassuming beginning, Dosa Plaza developed into an extravagant example of overcoming adversity that it has progressed toward becoming today. It has cruised various waves and seen various tides before accomplishing its flow position – India’s quickest developing natural pecking order of south Indian food.

From being a poverty-stricken man remaining outside Bandra station, Prem Ganapathy is presently a business investor who claims a domain of Rs. 30 crores. His story demonstrates that nothing is unthinkable in this world on the off chance that we are eager to buckle down and have confidence in our capacities regardless of any field.