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General Knowledge Questions – GK Questions and Answers



  1. Introduction to General Knowledge Questions
  2. Importance of General Knowledge Questions
  3. Topics and Categories
  4. How to access General Knowledge Questions questions
  5. Importance of General Knowledge in the professional field
  6. Conclusion

Introduction to General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge questions are strongly connected with general intelligence and constitute building personal opinions and points of view on various things in our life.

It is well known throughout the world that just academic knowledge is not enough to attain success. Being a bookworm has its limitations and disadvantages. Being a bookworm will cause you a lack of ‘Street Knowledge.’ This includes general knowledge questions and other such information. Building your general knowledge will come in handy throughout your life. Now, let’s discuss the importance and benefits of general knowledge questions.

Importance of General Knowledge Questions

As mentioned above, being a bookworm and just focusing on a few things won’t get you anywhere. It is appreciable is you know a whole lot of general knowledge questions ranging from different genres. Now, a few of the primary importance of general knowledge questions highlighted below.

  • One of the most well-known advantages is that most of the competitive, national, and entrance exams contain a few general knowledge questions. Hence, having vast knowledge of general knowledge can prove it’s important here.
  • General Knowledge questions also help you by keeping you updated on the latest happenings around the world. Just by reading a standard academic book won’t get you this advantage. General knowledge gives you the latest updates on things taking place around the globe.
  • Having a vast idea about general knowledge questions helps you radiate confidence. This is because you can discuss any topic with anyone.
  • Having an idea about general knowledge questions inevitably gets you a step closer to your goals and dreams. This is because every field of the profession needs a bit of understanding of general knowledge.
  • You can be the conveyor of information to others. That is, having a piece of vast knowledge on a range of topics gives you the chance to start up a conversation with a stranger. Hence, in a way, General knowledge questions have the ability and potential to increase your communication skills too.
  • General Knowledge questions are always fun and educational. This includes interesting facts, information about historical monuments, geography, and many more.

Now, even you can learn more about general knowledge and try to answer a general knowledge question. We have the general knowledge question list varying from a range of topics.

Topics and categories

Here, a detailed list of general knowledge questions given. The questions categorized by state-wise and chapter-wise. This makes it easier for the user to search for a specific topic and answer the questions.

The website provides you a detailed and revised general knowledge question list. You can choose the topic. The content on this website is regularly updated, and the latest information is appended.

A few of the main topics here are:

  • State-wise general knowledge question
  • The fundamental question on general knowledge.
  • History and monuments.
  • Geography
  • Inventions that revolutionized the world.
  • Computer awareness
  • Famous books and authors
  • Marketing awareness
  • Knowledge of basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry, etc.
  • Indian history
  • Indian Parliament
  • Monuments in India
  • Indian economy and its impact on the people
  • Insurance awareness
  • Financial awareness (How to handle your finances)
  • Indian politics

These are just the main general knowledge question list. You can find questions on many more topics.

How to access general knowledge questions?

Accessing and opening a general knowledge question list is pretty simple. We have made it very simple for the users to access the questions. We have segregated the files of the general knowledge question list through its genres and names- for example, the questions based on state-wise general knowledge questions found inside the GK State-wise folder.

Another point is that many of the users previously searched for daily GK questions. Hence, to make it simple and easy for the users, we have listed all the essential general knowledge topics on the website. All you have to do is reach out to the site and click on the general knowledge question list. This makes it effectively simple for the users as they need not search for any topic now. All the trending topics are updated and placed on top of the website. These topics are revised and updated—the questions about the trending topics updated according to the situation.

Another advantage here is that the user can check if his answer is correct—answers to every question provided at the bottom of the page. The users can look into the solutions to check their score and refer to it. You can even memorize it by reciting constantly.

Furthermore, we know and empathize with the problems users are facing. Many of the users try searching for a topic, having high hopes of answering questions related to the issue, but he/she would not even find the issue on the website. To solve this problem, we have devised a trending section which takes in the user’s search input, and the respective topics automatically placed on the website’s home section. A few of the trending topics are:

Banking Awareness, Indian Culture, Zoology, Botany, Famous Days & Dates, Sports, Art & Culture, Government Schemes, Awards & Honours, Science & Technology, Indian Geography, World Geography, Current Affairs.

Importance of general knowledge in the professional field

Nowadays, many IT companies, business companies, tech giants, and other startups are making it mandatory to provide a few general knowledge questions. The companies even conduct a general knowledge question and answer session too. This is done to test the knowledge of applicants. This is one of the essential rounds in a job interview and can even impact the interview results. Hence, it is right to say that general knowledge question and answer sessions are critical, and one must be thoroughly fluent in the topics.


By reading this article, you would have certainly realized the importance of general knowledge. Hence, to improve your general knowledge skills and widen your range of topics and categories, it is essential to start answering the questions. Therefore, you can begin by accessing the general knowledge question list provided on the website.