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Girl Power Talk: A Startup that Empowers Young Women to Grow and Achieve Their Full Potential

Here is everything to know about Girl Power Talk, an organization committed to developing Indian girls into tomorrow’s global
Here is everything to know about Girl Power Talk, an organization committed to developing Indian girls into tomorrow’s global leaders.

Girl Power Talk: The Founders

Rachita Sharma – CEO and Co-founder

Girl Power Talk CEO and Co-Founder - Rachita Sharma
Girl Power Talk CEO and Co-Founder – Rachita Sharma

Rachita Sharma is the CEO and Co-founder of Girl Power Talk. The 24-year-old is from Mathura and completed her BSc in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Delhi and MBA (Marketing and Finance) from Thapar University. Her responsibilities in the Mohali based startup include corporate communications, client engagement, and new business development. She leads the evaluation of all new potential Girl Power Talk team members and expansion into new markets. Rachita is committed to leveraging digital technology to improve efficiency and profitability. She guides strategic collaboration with agency partners in North America & Europe.

Rachita seeks to create a merit-based culture that rewards integrity, persistence, and achievement. She serves as a Chairperson for the All Ladies League (ALL), a comprehensive network for women with over 70,000 affiliate members in 150 countries. In 2020, she was awarded the ‘Most Promising Woman in IT‘ Award by Aatm Nirbhar Women’s Association Trust. As a technology entrepreneur, financial literacy advocate and voice for those who don’t have one on social issues adversely impacting women in India, Rachita finds inspiration in Mother Teresa’s wisdom: “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

Sameer Somal: Co-founder

Girl Power Talk CEO and Co-Founder - Sameer Somal
Girl Power Talk CEO and Co-Founder – Sameer Somal

Sameer Somal is a Co-founder of Girl Power Talk and CEO of Blue Ocean Global Technology based in New York. He is a frequent keynote speaker at global conferences on digital transformation, online reputation management, search engine optimization, relationship capital, and ethics. The 36-year-old former investment banker earned a BS in Finance & Accounting from Georgetown University. Sameer is a CFA Charterholder, CFP Professional, and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. His experience includes leadership roles with Morgan Stanley, Meryl Lynch, Bank of Nova Scotia, Blue Ocean Global Wealth.

Sameer helps clients, including Fortune 500 companies and governments, build, monitor, and repair their digital presence. He is a published writer and digital reputation subject matter expert witness. In partnership with the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, Sameer authors continuing legal education (CLE) programs. He is a member of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) 2030 Task Force and a Board Member of the CFA Institute Seminar for Global Investors, College Possible, and Girl Power Talk. Sameer is an enthusiastic member of the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF).

Girl Power Talk – In Detail

Team Girl Power Talk
Team Girl Power Talk

The startup Girl Power Talk strives to inspire the most capable young leaders with persistence, empathy, and confidence. They empower young women (and men) with merit-based opportunities to grow and achieve their full potential. They aim to develop girls in India to become global leaders. The team of Girl Power Talk is relentlessly committed to education, gender equality, and integrating the strengths of specially-abled communities.

Girl Power Talk celebrates the diversity and the creative potential of the brightest young minds. They provide a nurturing culture of learning and mentorship. Their culture instills young people with exceptional soft-skills, technical knowledge, and purpose in life. Further, Girl Power Talk is an emerging media platform that voices the opinions and narratives of young women across the country. #GirlPowerTalk

As a technology company, they steward how companies and individuals represent their true identity on the internet. The team of Girl Power Talk creates and promotes top digital assets that accelerate the growth of brand equity. Their agile team consults on digital transformation and provides comprehensive reputation management services. When a high profile individual or an organization faces a crisis, legal, or PR issues on the internet, Girl Power Talk specializes in mitigating the impact of the defamatory content and creating a positive narrative.

The Girl Power Talk community recognizes the importance of gender equality and actively attracts those with extraordinary potential. They recognize that India is a country with a disproportionately large adolescent and youth population, often referred to as the demographic dividend. Naturally, there are benefits and drawbacks to this reality, including inherent challenges for young adults seeking meaningful employment and respect.

According to the Girl Power Talk, only a minuscule proportion of college graduates receive offers from employers that are willing to invest in their personal development. The reality of the demographics is that the vast majority of companies view young Indians as replaceable and expendable. However, at Girl Power Talk, the organization hires, nurtures, and helps young people to build confidence and interpersonal skills. They facilitate an environment that celebrates creative ideas from young minds. Their innovative culture encourages debate amongst all team members regardless of age to determine which ideas are the best to implement. The real mission of Girl Power Talk is to change lives, one person at a time.

They put the energy where it matters the most – creating a strong vision and true alignment amongst their growing global family. They achieve it by having genuine care about someone and consciously investing the time to develop a latticework of real friendships.

Naturally, they build this special bond on a foundation of mutual trust. They don’t just hire people that fit a particular job role at Girl Power Talk, but rather identify those with the most potential and strongest character. Young leaders who share the company values are selected following a rigorous pre-screening and multiple round interview process. Their culture is highly entrepreneurial. New hires are afforded opportunities to work across departments and cross-pollinate skill sets.

Girl Power Talk: Motivating Young Girls To Follow Their Dreams

Team Girl Power Talk at a school event
Team Girl Power Talk at a school event

The Girl Power Talk holds various workshops in remote villages for primary and secondary school students. Their goal is to motivate young girls to pursue studying and follow their dreams for a better life. Girl Power Talk strongly believes that this mindset and guidance received at a young age will underpin how girls pursue their ambitions. Moreover, they also hire the brightest young women from colleges across India. They start by providing them remote opportunities to contribute and interact with their global team. Such interactions help the Girl Power Talk team to identify a potential candidate as a long-term fit for joining the organization full-time.

Girl Power Talk is committed to featuring other impactful organizations that are making the world a better place. Their growing team of ambitious young leaders proactively reaches out to women business owners to learn about the challenges they have faced and overcome. When it comes to social media, their Instagram and other social media pages highlight stories of strong women through their #WomenWeAdmire series.

The team at Girl Power Talk aims to build a global community that engages more people to celebrate the success of women. They want like-minded people that support their relentless commitment to developing girls into tomorrow’s leaders.

As a woman committed to paying forward opportunities, Rachita Sharma offers an abundance mentality when sharing the lessons learned. She often advises youth that smart people learn from their own failures, but wise ones learn from other’s mistakes. Rachita dedicates her life to changing the trajectory and opportunity set for the brightest young minds in India. She believes this clairvoyant mindset will drive societal progress for decades to come.

Inspiration Behind Girl Power Talk

The Co-founder of Girl Power Talk, Rachita Sharma, has always been passionate about serving as a voice for those who don’t have one. Her life’s mission is to be an agent of change by providing young women with more opportunities and a better path to achieving their full potential.

Girl Power Talk’s concept of teamwork includes:

  • Building an organization that has a reliable framework for doing welfare in the world.
  • Catalyzing a culture committed to the improvement of all young adults accepted.
  • Offering women a stage to celebrate their successes and amplify their voices
  • Leading education that inspires innovation and eradicates stereotypes.
  • Growing an innovative technology company into a case study for digital transformation.

Rachita started her professional journey at the age of 20, collaborating with Sameer Somal to build Blue Ocean Global Technology. His roots are Indian, but he was born in the United States. Sameer’s passion was to create an organization that helps realize the full potential of India’s Youth. He calls that Building A Happy Young India. ‘

girl power talk

According to the founders of Girl Power Talk, technology pervades all spheres of our lives, and we are increasingly dependent upon it. Their goal is to help clients make optimal technology decisions. They empower people with the knowledge to thrive in the face of the digital revolution. Their commitment to education includes thought leadership and speaking engagements at conferences.

Moreover, Rachita is determined to celebrate gender diversity and create an organization that uplifts women with real opportunities. She thought “Why does purpose with doing good have to be separate from building a real company”? Besides, she believes that we can accomplish more in terms of a positive social impact if we are profitable. The company’s success exemplifies the benefits of investing in malleable young leaders.

While many companies give back and try to reverse engineer women in leadership once they achieve success, Girl Power Talk begins with the end in mind. Young women in positions of influence and affluence will forever be a hallmark and core feature of the organization. The fact that this hasn’t been done seamlessly to date in history inspired the founders, Rachita and Sameer, to be the first to do so. Together, they formed Girl Power Talk to align with Blue Ocean Global Technology‘s commitment to gender diversity across global communities.

The Vision

girl power talk vision

As per the founders, each country, including India, most people work in an organization as per a particular job role and function. That is their single focus, and it habitually grows pretty ordinary. As the founders interacted more with their friends and acquaintances in different industries, they identified a need for a unique working culture that transcends the traditional definition of ‘work’.

Girl Power Talk finds themselves in an incredibly honorable position to patiently build a professional community where everyone works hard to invest in their minds. Their work is personal, and they make a point of genuinely caring about one another. Together as a family seeking to positively change the world for future generations, they focus on bringing out the best in one another.

Girl Power Talk has a global vision for expanding upon the foundation created in India. The team of Girl Power Talk sees potential internationally, while also recognizing their commitment to never growing for growth’s sake. They continually evaluate new full time, part-time, remote, or independent candidates to add to their already dynamic community.

Most importantly, everyone at Girl Power Talk is working together and doing what they love. They are excited about building an exemplary culture, where young innovative leaders grow and adapt their vision of Girl Power Talk to their local country.

Girl Power Talk Mexico is the next chapter. For the past few years, Girl Power Talk has been working with several purposeful entrepreneurs from Mexico, including Pablo A. Ruz Salmones. Pablo and his business partner, Esteban Lluis Aceff, celebrate the strengths of women and the importance of gender diversity. The founders never take the immense personal and professional joy received daily for granted. There are several other countries with healthy and vibrant youth populations that are of interest.

Girl Power Talk is now developing a unique fellowship program for young leaders in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines. Selected candidates will travel to India and experience their special culture. Successful fellows may then return home with other tenured Indian team members to expand Girl Power Talk locally in their home county.

According to Girl Power Talk, a magnificent building requires an ineffaceable foundation. They treat each new team member like a long-lost sister or brother. When you invest in one person with your heart, you change the course of their life forever.