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How GoDaddy strategies seem to make it the king of Domain web hosting

Godaddy operates a domain marketplace where the digital services they provide that suits their concept can be found by its cu

There are billions of websites across the common domain called the Internet. The Internet that had its inception in 1994 by Tim Berners Lee inventing the World wide web had put the world into a frenzy for the future. Ever since the growth of the world wide web, there has been recorded growth of a new website every 30 seconds! Weirdly, how the Internet’s evolution is unfolding resembles the Big Bang theory of how the universe began. The Web began as a small singularity, which expanded to the billions of web pages we see today as a result. Although only a fraction of that time was needed for the Internet to evolve, the similarities are striking. This is not even the whole picture, considering that many static websites dilute the overall statistic. By leaps and bounds, the Web keeps growing. Once this article has been published, around 1500 new websites will have seen the light of day. The Internet continued to grow over the next few years, of course, but it was not until late 2012 that it skyrocketed.

For a website to exist, there has to be a material that originates it and is called a web hoster. For many people, web hosting is simply a service on which they can run their websites. The industry is massive, and many more services are available than just shared hosting. The Web hosting industry continues to grow as more and more companies realize the significance of high server reliability and providers’ constant support. Web hosting services like GoDaddy have made the big buck with their intuitive and amazing web hosting and server display style. GoDaddy has been winning people’s hearts for their dynamic services and how they function, making them the king of domain platforms.

The era of technology has brought with it a long list of success stories linked to the business. There are many instances where a tiny start-up has managed to grow into a billion-dollar business. Although most people think of businesses like Facebook and Amazon, is one of recent history’s greatest achievements. What started as a start-up had blown up into an easily recognizable brand and owned a significant portion of its market. Bob Parsons established GoDaddy in 1997 as Jomax Technologies, who had recently sold his other business, Parsons Technology Inc., to Intuit. At the time, the only place from which people could register domain names was essentially a business called Network Solutions. However, that changed in 2001, and quickly grew. became the world’s largest Internet ICANN-accredited registrar in 2005. It also offers website hosting and a whole range of business-related technology solutions, in addition to being one of the most popular domain registrars in the world (1).

Growth and expansion in India

Recently, GoDaddy launched its Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi services. The US-based 1.6 billion-dollar firms, which started operations in India in 2012, claims to have grown massively over the past four years. The business targets SMBs – small and medium-sized enterprises and helps them to put their business online. The firm was based only in the US until 2012 (2). Then, it decided to go global and launched its Company in India. That tells you how significant India thinks GoDaddy is. They came directly to India, unlike most tech companies migrating from the US to Europe, to Asia, to Singapore, and then to India. India is still the biggest presence of GoDaddy outside the US, and that worked to their advantage.

With 2017 revenue reaching 2.23 billion dollars, the Company has increased its sales, a 20.8 percent increase year-over-year. GoDaddy brought in 139 million dollars in profits, finishing in the black after a loss in 2016. However, GoDaddy has grown its customer base and the average income it generates from each user of its services, which rose from 114 dollars in 2014 to 139 dollars in 2017. The Company said its GoCentral website builder sees continued strong adoption, increasing conversion from free to paid, and increasing net promoter scores to generate positive customer feedback.

GoDaddy helps these businesses identify a domain name and register it. GoDaddy also manages and builds their websites, manages their online presence to appear on search engine results, and is active on social media and other marketing sites such as Yelp, considering that these companies’ operators are not necessarily tech-savvy. The business also provides add-on services such as email linked to the customer’s domain, online marketing, invoicing, and bookkeeping (3). GoDaddy has expanded its reach and, with its IPO, attracted investor attention. It operates in a dynamic market, and GoDaddy’s stock could provide a great payback if it successfully meets its goals and achieves its plans. However, this is by no means a given, and GoDaddy has various risks to navigate, including competing against large, established companies.

Financial growth and statistics

On the other hand, GoDaddy makes money from its products, concentrating on three main segments: web hosting, domain names, and business applications. They have, however, also re-introduced their late focus on their revamped digital marketing suite. The Company saw revenues of 2.99 billion dollars in 2019, a more modest year-on-year increase of 12 percent compared to 19 percent the year before. This was partly caused by a lower increase in the number of managed customers. Compared to 1.3 million the year before, that figure has only seen an increase of 8 lakh in 2019. In a breakdown, 1.35 billion dollars in domain revenues, 1.13 billion dollars in hosting and presence, and 510 million for business applications. As we can see, the lion’s share is still undertaken by its more traditional activities (4).

Domain name registration, renewals, and management, as the Company’s financial backbone, generate significant revenue for GoDaddy. Apart from these core services, under this headline, numerous associated services also contribute to its revenue. These include such services as domain privacy, backorders, ICANN fee surcharges, parked domain advertising revenue, and other domain-related products. However inconvenient, it categorizes them into three areas; shared, virtual, and dedicated private servers. Shared hosting plans are a pillar of many Web hosting businesses, and there are numerous potential customers. Hosting is required for anyone who even thinks of a web presence, and these plans offer the most economical entry point to the world of websites on the Internet.

While the fourth quarter is still I effect, the third-quarter results have been out. The Company and 766 million dollars in revenue in 2019, and comparing it to the Q3 earnings, the COVID-19 pandemic might have boosted their revenue up to 844 million dollars. They made 350 million dollars in ARR that came from subscriptions and through content creation channels. With the acquisition of SkyVerge, the Company has helped entrepreneurs build social channels to communicate their products to the world. The global footprint also grew by 12 percent to 284 million dollars. With the growth in over 100 plus countries and a billion-dollar run rate, its expansion in over 50 plus markets has been a strong record to hold (5).

Bringing a new spark to the Company

GoDaddy is following a pattern that has been going on for years now. Logos and branding had been revamped by Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, and almost every major Internet company (6). They all did this almost the same way, with the sans-serif type, which has drawn criticism from those who feel no sense of personality in their new identities. GoDaddy is following a pattern that has been going on for years now. Its logos and branding have been modernized by Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, and almost every major Internet company. A new, more button-downed GoDaddy shed the surplus of its old brand after being acquired by a trio of private-equity companies in 2011 and then going public. It launched more sophisticated services and increasingly expanded internationally.

By changing its logo, the Company had acquired a different look and a different taste. The wacky and goofy design of logomark that they had introduced had been washed away with the tradition that many companies were following. GoDaddy also felt that their brand image would wither away if they continued how they kept it up and the other growing Web hosting brands. Not only has the Company grown its brand image through the revamp but also through the intriguing advertisements that they promoted through various mega-events like the Super Bowl games. Their advertisements have sometimes been considered more infamous and attractive at performing with consumer reviews(7).

Today, companies are capitalizing quite heavily on the effects of a good website. Customers are predicted to be attracted to a business whose website is informative, innovative, colorful, and has the right pull. It is necessary to attract a website, and a good website can become the means of globally launching your services and products. The business provides its clients with comprehensive website building services. The highlight of the services offered is the user interface. It is highly intuitive, and users are not misguided or confused. GoDaddy offers more than 300 exquisite and professional themes that you could base your website layout on if you are clueless about your website’s look. GoDaddy has helped millions of growing businesses and empowered them by enabling client ventures to grow and run successfully. The Company continues to have a huge loyal customer base of more than 13 million customers worldwide and is still growing, known for playing Superbowl ads.