Google Nest Mini – Price, features, specs and more

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The market of voice-based assistants has been growing ever since Google Home and Home Mini were released in 2017. The US-based tech giant has helped millions of people across the globe with its hands-free technology solution. However, recent competition from Amazon’s Alexa has pressurized Google to give its users a new surprise with a new device with more advanced technology.

On Monday, Google announced its second-generation voice-based assistant- Nest Mini. It launched in two colors- Chalk and Charcoal, and Google said that the fabric covering on Nest Mini is made by recycling plastic bottles. In India, Nest Mini is priced at INR 4,499. In May 2019, Google Home and Nest teams collaborated to develop this product and launched it under the brand Google Nest.


The Big Difference

Previously Launched - Google Home
Previously Launched – Google Home

In the past two years, people have used Google Home products to listen to billions of hours of music, and for Nest Mini, Google has focused more on providing good bass to the speakers. The company claimed that the bass in speakers is twice as strong as Google Home Mini.

Newly launched - Google Nest Mini
Newly launched – Google Nest Mini

Nest Mini works with gesture control as the device lights up when the hands of the user are closer to it, indicating where to tap and adjust the volume. The device can also change the assistant’s volume depending on the noise of the surrounding environment. The tech giant has also added a dedicated machine learning chip of one TeraOPS (Trillions of operations per second) of processing power.

Currently, Nest Mini is learning common commands from users in the US, and it is processing them at a much faster rate. India can also expect the launch of this feature soon.

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