Govt considers using Pegasus Spyware Debacle to strengthen claims for WhatsApp Traceability

Indian government's concerns with WhatsApp rises after the Pegasus spyware attacks users' security.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp might have fallen into more profound distress as the Indian government is planning to employ the Pegasus Spyware Debacle to uphold its assertion for WhatsApp traceability.

The authorities’ concern with the messaging service has risen with the news of it being practiced to spy on individuals. Earlier, the sole disturbance was WhatsApp’s extensive use for disseminating false news, pieces of misinformation, and other dubious content, but it is now added with the question of people’s security.

Will the lawsuit shatter WhatsApp’s global position?

At present, the Supreme Court is conducting a lawsuit directing traceability of the origin of messages being circulated on the app. In response, the company has allegedly denied the government’s demand. It has cited that the end-to-end encryption of the texts makes it impracticable to breach in. The case also accords with the rules that hold social media platforms more responsible for the content shared. India currently holds the largest market for WhatsApp. An unfavorable judgment for the service can harm its position globally. Furthermore, an official told the Economic Times that the authorities do not want to break the encryption but just aim to know the source of offensive data.

WhatsApp claims to be a Pegasus victim

Despite the odds, WhatsApp has itself claimed to be a victim of the Pegasus spyware attack. The firm sued the NSO Group in the United States Federal Court for violating the company’s policies and staking the privacy of users. However, it is speculated to be a distraction to repel any regulations that several authorities are attempting to implement.