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How Bulbul brought up the idea of live video shopping app in India

Bulbul Founders - Sachin Bhatia, Atit Jain and Sichen (Sianna) Liu
Bulbul Founders – Sachin Bhatia, Atit Jain and Sichen (Sianna) Liu

Over the years, online shopping has become an everyday affair for all of us. From home appliances to top fashion clothing, the first place we look for it is the Internet. It is so easy to search for what you need and get it delivered to your home. All things under the sun are accessible at the tip of your fingers. If you can imagine it it’s probably present on the internet too. Even kids might be able to order anything they want from shopping sites. Quick shipping and efficient logistics make sure that you get it at your doorstep in no time.

Moreover, you can find many options that will save your pocket every time. The only trouble with online shopping is that you do not get to see the quality of what you are buying through just pictures. A shopping app with real-time videos can solve this problem to an extent, can’t it?

Bulbul (1) is the first shopping site in India to provide live videos of the products by real customers. It was founded by Sachin Bhatia and Sichen (Sianna) Liu in November 2018. Within two years, Bulbul has won hearts through their improved level of transparency, as no other apps can provide. They have revolutionized the entire experience of online shopping. The Bulbul shop is filled with videos of items like healthcare, accessories, home essentials, clothing, food items, etc. They also conduct live shows daily with extraordinary offers along with it. Viewers are free to ask a question during such sessions to know more about the items.

You can use the Bulbul app without creating an account. However, if you want to take part in live sessions and ask questions, you will have to sign up using the phone number. You can use this account to order any product you like. A short video presented by a host will guide you on how to use the app. The Bulbul shop has many live demonstrations and short videos that show the features of a product and how it works. If you fall in love with something, you can immediately get your hands on it by ordering through the app.

The vision behind Bulbul

Team Bulbul
Team Bulbul

The team of Bulbul strives to be unique in the world of online shopping. Their goal is to evolve how people perceive shopping. By making this experience more real, they hope to guarantee authenticity and transparency to the customers. Moreover, the users are given the opportunity to make their shopping experience entertaining, immersing, and jovial. The founders of Bulbul are committed to their nation, which can be seen in their specific focus on India. The app and website are available in English and Hindi, and most of the videos are made in Hindi.

Bulbul’s yearning to be unique is what makes them stand out from the rest. They employ quick thinkers who can come up with creative ideas. All the members of the Bulbul family are given healthy meals and snacks in offices at a prime locale in Gurgaon. Bulbul also ensures health benefits for the employees and their families.

The features of Bulbul videos

Bulbul shop

The most significant advantage of the Bulbul is the original videos on the website that can win the attention of any customer. You can watch people reveal the features and talk about the qualities of any product, just like in a physical store. This makes Bulbul the single stop for finding products as well as buying them. These videos are created by charismatic people who have an influential aura about them. By telling you more about the products, they are able to build trust and guarantee. The videos are of high quality so that you can clearly see the features of the products.

bulbul shop

The team behind Bulbul realized that the users can get bored with watching videos that feature just the products. So they have included many other videos like tutorials, tips, etc. For example, if you are looking for a plain black skirt, you will also find videos on how to style that skirt. Many video creators put forward makeup tutorials that are focused on certain products. Therefore, these videos are not merely an advertisement but also informative and entertaining. Although Bulbul is new in the market, they have set an example by providing more than 40 percent positions in the company to women. Besides this, Bulbul has hired around 100 female video creators from all over the country to produce content for them. Not only do they play a major role in the development of the company but they also collect a significant income for themselves.

What is in the Bulbul shop?

bulbul shop

As you open the Bulbul app, you can see a plethora of videos on the main page. Bulbul mainly focuses on lifestyle commodities like bags, ornaments, clothing, cosmetics, home decor, kitchen essentials, etc. They have more than one lakh products ready for sale through the Bulbul app and website. All these products are shown through videos that descriptive demonstrates it without any confusion. These short videos are arranged according to the category of the product so that you can easily find what you are looking for. The app is straightforward to use because of its user-friendly interface.

However, there are very few numbers of user reviews available for the products. You only get to know the item through what they show on the Bulbul platform and not through real experiences. The homepage of Bulbul website has various tabs at the top, such as For You, Games, LIVE shows, Health and Fitness, Kitchen, Beauty, Women, etc. The main page shows all kinds of offers that will surely make you take a look. Buying something through the Bulbul app is very effortless. You just need to click on the Buy button close to the product. They will show you different variations of color, size, etc. and the estimated delivery time.

Bulbul funding and Investments

Sachin Bhatia
Bulbul Co-Founder – Sachin Bhatia

The prominent investors in Bulbul are Surge, Rajul Garg, Mohan Lakhamraju, 10XF, Leo Capital India, Sequoia Capital India, etc. The seed round of funding for Bulbul was conducted in March 2019 by 10XF, which raised 14 crore rupees. Later in Pril of the same year, another seed round was led by Surge, and it raised 1.5 million dollars. As of now, the company has a gross market value of 15 crore rupees and has completed over 400,000 transactions. More than 280,000 customers from all over India have made use of the services of Bulbul.