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How Chandani Grover, a 15-year-old from Bhopal is transforming society’s attitude towards strays with her social startup

Chandani believes lack of empathy is the root cause of the underlying issues relating to animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse. Her social venture, Kindness.

Chandani Grover, a 15-year-old from Bhopal, is on a mission to transform society’s attitude towards street animals with her venture Kindness: The Universal Language of Love. She has been raising awareness for the well being of strays and helping animals through deworming, vaccination, sterilization, and feeding them on the streets.

Chandani, currently a 10th grader, started with her venture the day she witnessed a vehicle run over a stray puppy that made her heart sink. She feels that lack of empathy is the root cause of the underlying issues relating to animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse. Chandani’s social startup, Kindness, has been functioning for over a year now and comprises of a team of 10.

The young millennial has conducted various drives in support of dog health, including feeding drives, vaccination drives, deworming drives, rescues, sterilization drives, adoption drives, water-bowl drives, and community involvement drives in her city Bhopal. Her venture also rescues and treats strays with diseases and injuries. The startup has launched two campaigns- Empathy, that aims at creating empathy via talks and social media content, and One House One Stray, where the organization is trying to convince individuals, societies, and offices to take responsibility for one stray each.

The Bhopal-based social venture has gained a great following, even internationally!

Chandani, a born animal lover, faced a lot of challenges on her journey. She suffers from bronchial asthma, a condition that made it extremely difficult for her to keep pets. Deeply impacted by the death of the puppy run over by the vehicle, Chandani affirmed on starting an initiative to sensitize issues relating to strays and educate them on animal well-being. But firstly, she had to persuade her parents towards opening the social venture. Chandani’s platform has grown over the years and gained a considerable following, even internationally.

Grover said, “The entire idea is to collaborate with people, organizations to make our work and efforts grow. We have many collaborations outside Bhopal, too, and pass over cases of different areas to the person there. In Bhopal, we have worked along with Kartavya, a social organization working towards animals, to rescue and rehome strays.”

For Chandani, saving lives and providing lovely animals with a home has been both challenging and fulfilling. Seeing people change with their initiatives gave her a sense of accomplishment and abundant happiness.

Kindness is currently feeding 70-80 strays daily and has found a home for 28! Their center is providing shelter to nearly 55 homeless/ abandoned dogs and animals and has even accumulated funding for their work. She visions to get each stray a home aims at initiating a systemized sterilization plan. The firm is on a lookout for collaboration with the government and companies for the same.