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How to easily get part time jobs in India – Explained

If you want to earn money without sacrificing your duties; part time jobs are for you. In this article, let us discuss part t
If you want to earn money without sacrificing your duties; part time jobs are for you. In this article, let us discuss part time jobs in detail.


  1. Introduction
  2. How are part time jobs different from internships?
  3. Some part time jobs
  4. How to get part time jobs?


Earning money on the side is always a plus for everyone. With life expenses increasing day by day, increasing the income of the household is the only feasible solution. The vegetable prices are touching a new high; traveling has become expensive, electricity bills, water bills, everything pile up, and takes a big scoop out of our salary. For student’s daily necessities during college life is paid by their parents but what about the extra expenses of holidays with friends? Part time jobs are the answer to these problems. Part time jobs have become trendy in metro cities to make luxury affordable. If you are a busy person, may it be studying, household work, taking care of your kids, etc. And you want to earn money without sacrificing your duties; part time jobs are for you. In this article, let us discuss part time jobs in detail.

How are part time jobs different from internships?

Internships differ from other forms or employment by a fundamental difference; they are always done with the objective of learning. In every internship, the intern has to know the aim of the internship, while part time jobs can be focused on making money solely. If the student contributes to the organization with their academic knowledge to learn, they apply for an internship. In a course, an evaluation is done; it can be verbal or written. The review is sometimes submitted to the educational institute of the person. If the person is working for the sake of money and learning is not the focus, then it is a part time job. Here is an example to explain the difference between an internship and a part time job. A data science student who works for a company that deals with big data will learn things in his domain of study, so this is an internship. If the same student joins a fast food restaurant, then this does not solve the learning objective and is considered a part time job.

Some part time jobs

Online part time jobs or part time jobs from home are the best way to earn some side money. Some part time jobs have flexible hours, while some have fixed hours. You should choose wisely before committing to any part time job.

1. Content writing

If you have a creative mind and a passion for writing, content writing is one of the best part time jobs for you. In this digital age, quality content is required in every field. Businesses, blogs, newspapers, social media accounts are all based on content. If you are good with words, have clarity in your opinions and sentences, you will succeed as a content writer. The longer you work as a content writer, the more versatile your writing will become. Writing is a skill that can be added to your resume, and content writing is the best way to do it. Content writers are paid according to the type of content they create. The start might be low, but there will be a gradual increase in your income.

2. Paid to click

Some organizations pay you to watch and click on ads. If you want to earn without any hustle. Paid to click is the right choice for you. You just need to click on the advertisements on the websites provided to you. Every ad gets you some money, by spending 2-3 hours online you can earn easy money. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and time. If you are free most of the time, you can opt for this part time job. You just have to register with these sites with a Gmail account.

3. Part time blogger

If you want to have a flexible schedule, you should try blogging. Blogging can be done about any topic of your interest. If you have unique and quality content to share with others, blogging will be a success for you. The prerequisites for the job are a blogging platform, some ideas, in-depth knowledge of your work, and some practice. Some famous bloggers started without any experience but learned in the process. There are several blogging domains, and the most popular one is medium. It is free of cost, and you can upload your articles according to your convenience. Your earnings will depend on the popularity of your blog.

4. Online data entry

Big data is the new issue our world is facing. Utilizing that data is a difficult task and needs the expertise of data scientists. You can benefit from doing online data entry. If you have good typing speed with 3-4 hours to spare every day, you can work for online data entry. It is an excellent work from home and online part time job.

5. Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are an online part time job. One can earn money by doing odd jobs online from home. Micro jobs are simple tasks that will help you in making money. The micro-jobs can be searching for an image online, googling a topic, click on a link. If you have a high-speed internet connection and two-three hours daily to spare, then you can earn decent money. Register with a legitimate odd jobs website; they might train you for some time for free. This is to ensure that you understand your duties as a micro jobber. A micro job is for you if you want to earn easy money, although the income is not that high.

6. Part time photography

If you have the photographer’s perspective and love taking photos, part time photography will earn you good money. You can sell your travel pictures, your random clicks. Good photographs are sold at high prices, and many magazines and websites are ready to pay a hefty amount for a good picture. You can earn money while following your passion. You can pay your traveling expenses by selling your photos. Your earnings will depend on the type of photographs you have to sell.

7. Social Media Manager

Celebrities, businesses, models, and a lot of people are busy in their day to day life that they do not have time to spend on maintaining their social media image. These people hire social media managers to manage the social media account. Businesses employ social media managers to post about their business, offers, branches regularly. The accounts are used as an advertising platform. For celebrities have a tight schedule, which leaves them little time for themselves, as their work requires the right social media image, they hire social media managers to handle their accounts. A social media manager needs to know the latest trends, useful vocabulary, and writing skills for content.

8. App Developer

You can become a freelance developer if you have a decent knowledge of coding. A lot of IT and computer engineers while pursuing their Master’s degree work freelance to earn some extra money. Some people take a break from their jobs and work freelance to relax a little. App development can make you good money, depending on the complexity and quality of the app you developed. As everything has an android app these days, this part time job has multiple opportunities. It is an excellent work from home part time job.

9. PC building

Gaming is a new passion for Millenials. We have custom PCs built for gaming purposes. Not everyone has the time, equipment, and knowledge to build a PC. If you know gaming PCs, you can earn good money. The PC building job demand is increasing in metro cities where gaming has become a hobby of bachelors. It is surfacing as a high in demand part time job in Delhi.

10. Dog Walker/ Pet babysitting

In metro cities where sometimes the pets are left alone in the house because the family has to go for some event or a family vacation where pets are not allowed, pet babysitting has emerged as a part time job. All you need is animal love and knowledge about pets. The employers usually provide the sitter with all the details about their pets, eating habits, sleeping habits, and other habits. You have to take care of the pet while the family is away. If you love animals, this job will be fun for you. You can earn easy money while having fun. If you do not have time to become a sitter you can work as a dog walker, you’ll have to walk the dogs for people who are not able to do it due to various reasons. This has become a new type of part time job in Bangalore, where most people own pets but are too busy to walk them.

How to get part time jobs?

We can apply for part time jobs by various job searching platforms. Below are some of the most popular job searching platforms:

1. Internshala

Internshala has become the most popular online job/internship/part-time job finder. Sarvesh Agarwal founded it in 2010. The website started as a WordPress blog, which focused on internships and skill gaps in the industry. The 3.5 million students and 80000 companies. To join the intern shall you need to register with your e-mail account and phone number. You can upload your resume, and you apply to different internships. The employers will contact you via chat service provided by Internshala.

Check the platform here.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an American employment service is founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman. Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016 and has been its owner since then. It has developed from a mere job searching platform to a networking website. All you need is to create your profile and connect with people. LinkedIn has become one of the most popular jobs searching platforms.

Check the platform here.


It is a job searching platform active since 1997 in India and the Middle East. It is a database of resumes and job requirements. The advertisements for job requirements are posted on the website, and applicants can apply from their account. launched its mobile phone app in 2012, which decreased online traffic by 23%. All you need to do is upload your resume after registering with You need an e-mail account and a phone number.

Check the platform here.

4. is a global employment platform that started in 1999, headquartered in the USA. In 2010 Monster acquired its rivals HotJobs and decreased the competition in the field. You need to register with the website and upload your resume. You can apply to the available job openings. The User interface of the site is friendly and easy to understand.

Check the platform here.

5. Instagram

The photo-sharing social media application is a new addiction for Millenials. But what was expected to be a platform for artists has become a platform of emerging businesses. Instagram posts about job openings come on our feeds sometimes. Some of us also share these types of information for others. The vast network created by Instagram is efficient for information sharing. You can directly contact the interested party by messaging them on the app. All you need is an active Instagram account and some excellent network of information sharing to get a part time job by using Instagram.

Check the platform here.

6. Facebook

Same as Instagram, Facebook is a great platform to get a part time job. Facebook users regularly post about their employee requirements. The interested person can directly contact the employer with their resume. Facebook makes searching and applying for jobs easy. The pet sitter and dog walking part time jobs are mostly advertised on Facebook.

Check the platform here.