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In this article, we've mentioned the top sites that will serve as the ultimate answer to your question of finding startup job
In this article, we’ve mentioned the top sites that will serve as the ultimate answer to your question of finding startup jobs in India.

India is one of the leading startup hubs in the world, with over 50,000 startups nurturing its grounds. Reports (1) show an overall jump in the number of startups by up to 7 times in sectors like IT, artificial intelligence, IoT, finance, healthcare, biotechnology, education, agriculture, and logistics, and more.

The Startup India initiative launched back in 2015 has played a crucial role in creating startup jobs in the past five years. An estimated 187,004 direct jobs have been created since 2016, taking the cumulative direct & indirect job count to 560,000 (2).

Startup Jobs in India

Below we’ve mentioned some of the best places to get startup jobs in India:

1. AngelList India

startup jobs in India angelco

The US-based website, AngelList (3), was launched back in 2010 and serves as an exceptional platform for startups, angel investors, and individuals looking for jobs in startups.

AngelList India, the Indian operational unit of the site, assists individuals in experiencing the startup ecosystem by applying to any of the desired 130,000 startups on the site.

Steps to apply at AngelList India:

  • Create and complete your AngelList India profile
  • Search the desired startup jobs
  • Apply with one click

Visit AngelList India’s site here.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn (4) has served as a professional networking platform for almost two decades and is one of its kind when it comes to providing job listings for job seekers in India.

You can search for startup jobs on LinkedIn by searching startup under its job search tab. Specify your preferred location from the job and apply directly via the site.

You can filter your startup jobs preferences by:

  • Date Posted
  • Company
  • Experience Level
  • LinkedIn Features like Easy Apply, In Your Network, etc.

Visit the LinkedIn site here.

3. Shine

startup jobs in India shine

Shine, an HT Media Ltd (5) subsidiary, is one of the most widely known job search portal specially designed to connect job seekers and recruiters by matching candidate’s profiles to the relevant job openings.

The leading online job search portal allows its users to search startup jobs from multiple industries with its search tab where a user can filter out their startup job preferences via location, experience, industry, salary, etc.

Visit Shine’s site here.

4. Naukri

Naukri (6), one of the oldest job portals founded in 1997, is one of the leading job search portals in India and the Middle East that has been serving as a reliable job searching platform for individuals.

To apply for startup jobs at Naukri:

  • Create Your Naukri Profile
  • Upload your CV or Resume
  • Type Startup in the Search Jobs box
  • Select your job preferences from the drop-down menu
  • Click search
  • Apply in the desired startup company for a job

Visit Naukri by clicking here.

5. DreamStarts

startup jobs in India dreamstarts

The 2011 launched platform DreamStarts have been acting as the perfect startup jobs search portal that allows elite professionals, Marketing Gurus, freelance designers/developers, and talented students to work with the top startups in India.

DreamStarts helps individuals in shaping up their dreams with its easy to access startup job search portal, which allows you to find startup jobs, create trackable resumes, and enrich your applications.

Visit DreamStarts by clicking here.

We hope you can find your dream startup job from these platforms given above, which assists in kickstarting your career. Working in startups can always be beneficial, especially for freshers, as it provides an opportunity to develop your professional skills within the highly functional startup unit.