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How to get Netflix for free – 3 simple ways

The increase in membership fees has made it hard for people to subscribe for Netflix, but there are specific ways in which yo
The increase in membership fees has made it hard for people to subscribe for Netflix, but there are specific ways in which you can watch Netflix for free.

Several platforms are available in the online streaming industry, which provides excellent content to the users. Still, no one has been able to match the kind of popularity and growth that Netflix has enjoyed in the US and other countries.

Netflix has more than 100 million subscribers in the last year, and its presence is growing in other countries as well. The platform provides excellent quality entertainment, but quality comes at a price, and Netflix follows this rule religiously.

The platform offers streaming services in different packs and at different prices. These are:

  1. Mobile Pack- Single screen at Rs 199/month
  2. Basic Pack- Single screen at Rs 499/month
  3. Standard Pack- Two screens at Rs 649/month
  4. Premium Pack- Four screens at Rs 799/month

Due to the increasing membership fees and rough times economically make it hard for people to subscribe, but there are specific ways in which you can watch Netflix for free.

1. Sharing Netflix accounts with friends and family

Depending on the plan, a user can share their Netflix account with a friend or family members to let them enjoy the content that is offered on the platform. Standard methods give you access to watch two things at once, but the premium packs allow four screens to be used to view the content you want, and it can be shared with other people too.

2. Free Netflix account

Netflix allows a user to create five separate profiles, and every profile can have their watch list and recommendations. This helps in making individual profiles for everyone, and every person can watch the show of their personal choice. To set up a separate Netflix profile, do this:

  • Open
  • Select user icon in upper right corner to set up a profile
  • Select on “Manage Profiles”
  • Click “Add Profile”
  • Enter a name for the new profile and select “Continue.”
  • Select “Done”

3. Another way of getting free Netflix is Free Netflix Trials

If you are patient and can live for long stretches without Netflix, then you can get multiple free trials for the account. This isn’t a guaranteed method, and there’s no way you can hurry the process, but if it offers free Netflix, then it’s worth trying.

While signing up for a free trial on Netflix and then canceling it before your trial ends, Netflix reaches out to you to try and secure your business. Netflix will take few months to send this email, and if you receive this email from Netflix, you have to select the “Start your free trial” link they provide, and you can renew your free trial membership.

Netflix free trials

To sign up for Netflix free trial, you need a credit card, debit card, or Netflix gift code to log in. Here’s how to sign up for a Netflix free trial:

  1. Open Netflix.xom
  2. Click “Join free for a month”
  3. Select “see the plans.”
  4. Select the plan you want and then select “Continue.”
  5. Enter the email address and password (the email should be one that you’ve never used for Netflix before)
  6. Select the payment method
  7. Enter the name and billing information; select “Start membership.”

There are many other ways like mobile service providers have offers regarding Netflix, and platforms like Amazon offer gift cards for Netflix memberships. Some people illegally provide Netflix connections using proxy methods, but they are temporary fixes to your problem.