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In this article, we've elaborated upon how to pronounce entrepreneur by breaking it up into four syllables and how you can le
In this article, we’ve elaborated upon how to pronounce entrepreneur by breaking it up into four syllables and how you can learn to pronounce it correctly.

English is a complicated language, and no one denies that. It requires years of practice to master the language, and yet many of us fail at pronouncing some of the most common but complicated words. The one unusual fact about the English language is that it is not necessary that two words that spell the same are pronounced similarly and vice versa.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to pronounce entrepreneur and how you can master the art of pronunciation with a bunch of bonus tips given exclusively by experts. Kindly note that the basic style of pronouncing the word entrepreneur has been elaborated upon in this article, which can, however, vary accordingly to your regional dialects, tone, etc.

How to pronounce entrepreneur?

‘Entrepreneur’ is a word that has been derived from the French word entreprendre meaning ‘to undertake’. To simplify the process of how to pronounce entrepreneur, we’ll be subdividing the word into four parts and will then be focussing on each syllable separately.

Entrepreneur – en-tre-pre-neur

While pronouncing each part of the word, try stressing upon the last syllable of the word.

–> awn

How to pronounce entrepreneur

‘en’ is pronounced as awn, which can easily be understood by taking out the l from the lawn or d from the dawn

–> truh

How to pronounce entrepreneur

‘tre’ is pronounced as truh. Pronouncing ‘tre’ can be a bit complicated for some but try to understand it like this. ‘Tre’ is a consonant cluster. While pronouncing ‘tre’ as ‘truh‘ flare your lips and ensure that the teeth are close to each other. Your tongue will pull back from the top of your mouth, producing the ‘r’ sound in the word.

–> pruh

How to pronounce entrepreneur

‘pre’ is pronounced as pruh. While many get confuses and often end up pronounces it as pre fro the prepare, this is one blunder you must try to avoid. The ruh from the pruh can be pronounced as the ru sound of the word crush.

–> nyow

How to pronounce entrepreneur

‘neur’ is pronounced as nyow where the r stands silent. However, while the correct way to pronounce the syllable is nyow, many prefer to the acceptable pronunciation of neur like your.

So, the question, how to pronounce entrepreneur can be answered in this way. Try combining the sounds of each syllable and speak it together. The word entrepreneur is therefore pronounced as awn+truh+pruh+nyow or awn+truh+pruh+neur.

Note: Refer to Orthoepy to gain a better understanding of the pronunciation of words.

How to pronounce Entrepreneur- Bonus Tips

Our experts have tried to sum down some pointers that will help you in pronouncing the word better in your how to pronounce entrepreneur journey, day by day:

  • Practice speaking the syllable turn by turn and then together repeatedly
  • Practice pronouncing in front of the mirror to check if you’re using the right mouth formations
  • Listen to how you speak, carefully
  • Listen to the audio of the correct pronunciation & imitate
  • Watch videos and try to imitate how they speak
  • Pay clear attention to intonation
  • Check if you’re stressing on the right syllables


We hope we were able to guide you well on your guide on how to pronounce entrepreneur correctly. The pronunciation, however, can vary according to your tone and dialect and is also acceptable in different forms across different regions. Nonetheless, the universally acceptable pronunciation of the word entrepreneur remains the one we’ve mentioned and elaborated upon above. Enjoy reading latest entrepreneur & startup stories on TimesNext.