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Top 10 Instant Loan Apps in India (2020 Update)

Index Introduction Top 10 instant loan apps in India (2020 update)   Introduction We all know that traditional banks have a lengthy processing time for loan applications....

Market update: Sensex rises 1300 points, Nifty up 4%, How will Bitcoin react?

The past few days saw a massive sell-off in the stock markets around the world as fear loomed among investors. The announcement of a...

Tech Updates Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Facebook plans to acquire 10% stakes in Jio As per reports, the tech giant Facebook is likely to make a "multi-billion dollar" investment in...
startup india new startups in india
Dreams come alive as soon as you get out of your bed, sip your espresso and start hustling to achieve those goals. These best startups in India mentioned in this publication chose to put in their 110% to transform those lucid entrepreneurial dreams and ideas into reality under the...

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Top 10 Best Dating App in India (2020 Update)

Index: Introduction Best Dating App in India   Introduction Dating apps have been introduced to make the dating culture possible through online means to make it easier...

Top 10 Instant Loan Apps in India (2020 Update)

Index Introduction Top 10 instant loan apps in India (2020 update)   Introduction We all know that traditional banks have a lengthy processing time for loan applications....

Sharma ji ke ladke ki "Kahaani" - Startup Stories India

When you're thinking to start up your startup, the cultural mindset, risks involved, and uncertainties restrain your inventiveness. Stimulate and share your entrepreneurial skills with the world in this section. Let success stories drive your enthusiasm to victory.

Get Inspired from startup stories at TimesNext

Business tycoon and founder of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, once said, “Today is cruel. Tomorrow is crueler, and the day after tomorrow is beautiful.” At TimesNext, we provide you with the freshest inspirational startup stories from around the world, randing from the startup stories of young businesses to stories about the startup journey of entrepreneurs. 


Startup Stories India

TimesNext, being the leading startup news and stories platform, has investigated its way into the roots of the startup culture of India to extract the most unique and never before heard startup stories of individuals. We strive to be the voice of the unspoken, the ears to the unheard & the vision for the unseen. Note: Stay updated with the latest startup stories across the nation at TimesNext- one platform uniting startup stories India.


Inspiring Startup Stories

At least 90% of the startups fail, but what are the factors that make the rest 10% succeed. Learn valuable lessons from the first-hand account of unique startup entrepreneurs and remodel your business techniques to form a successful long-term business.

The are the elements that make TimesNext the best startup stories platform for readers across the nation are:

  • Unique: The team at TimesNext uses its research skills to gather unique startup stories of ventures ranging from robotics, AI, tech to fashion & handloom industry.
  • Thought-Provoking: All the startup stories have been curated with genuine care and thoughts. The stories often display the hardships faced by the entrepreneur and how he/she overcame it with full enthusiasm. 
  • Inspiring: You need to break down to breakthrough. Indulge in startup stories from TimesNext that are swollen with emotions and inspiration. 


Startup Stories

TimesNext team works tirelessly to provide you with the inspiring stories of startups all over India. Startup stories are an essential part of our startup culture that is developing at lightning speed in our country. You are only a thought away from coming up with a startup that could change the lives of millions. 


Inspiring startup stories

We are here to help you tell the world what prompted you to come up with your startup and execute your idea in real life. Tell us what inspired you to come up with your startup and idea, and we will help you reach millions of new eyes. 


Playing a part in startup culture

As important as new revolutionary startups are for a country, it is equally important to tell their stories to people and help aspiring entrepreneurs to reach masses. 


We strive to achieve 100% inspirational startup stories content for our readers that assists in creating a halo of revelation on our reader’s minds. Our team of skilled professionals aims to give their personal best to create quality content for its audience across India. So, are you looking for a startup stories India platform for high-quality, reliable & inspirational stories? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. Read more about the startup culture in India, various disruptive innovations, etc.  

Walkify is one such startup app that focuses on health trends and ways to make them permanent plus interesting. Let's uncover the story behind the startup.

The startup story behind Walkify – An app turning health into habit

About the Founder Mehul Nahar, the founder of Walkify belongs to Indore and is an Alumni of Olemiss. He has worked in NASA to develop...
Anukrama is a startup that emerged from a novel idea to provide better and more wholesome lives to deaf and dumb individuals across India.

Startup Story: Anukrama – A startup helping to improve the lives of of the...

About the founder Anukrama founder, Geeta Bhatia was born in a Punjabi family in the national capital, moved to Chandigarh to pursue her Bachelor's in...
Many initiatives look forward to assisting the environment, but only a few have efficient plans. This is the story of one such startup - Clean-Water.

The story behind Clean-Water – An initiative to manage our most precious resource: water

About the Founder Priyanshu Kumath, the founder of Clean-Water belongs to Indore and is an alumnus of IIT Bombay with a B.Tech in Civil Engineering....
Working hard is the key to Success. Company success is almost unlikely without the desire to work hard and bring everything into a venture. Check out 10 Quotes meant for every startup founder.

10 Hard Working Quotes for every Entrepreneur and Startup Founder

Working hard is the key to Success. Company success is almost unlikely without the desire to work hard and bring everything into a venture. Whatever...
Let's uncover how Mr. Geet Vaishnav, from Indore, who got himself an OSCP certificate in early 2014, founded his startup - Securitybulls.

The story behind Securitybulls – A startup providing security to growing businesses

All about Securitybulls Securitybulls is all about testing the digital assets from a hacker's point of view to avoid any data breaches. They aim to...
JALODBUST is used for pumping out sewage away into a pit dug in the ground for receiving sewage, thus eliminating manual scavenging.

The story behind JALODBUST – An initiative to make manual scavenging accessible

About the Founders Rakesh Kasba, the founder of Jalodbust has over 20 years of experience in hydropower projects and flood control systems. Erika Kasba, the co-founder...
You want to launch an enterprise. You've got an idea. And an enterprise strategy. You do need investors, though. You need a pitch deck.

What is a Startup Pitch Deck? Pitch meaning & 12 Pro Tips for 2020

You need some customers. You have to pitch: your Idea, your organization — or even yourself. A pitch deck usually is a 10-20 slide presentation designed to...
The Lifestyle Portal by Tanya Munshi aims to empower entrepreneurs to expand their business, alongside motivating aspiring writers to hone their skills.

The Lifestyle Portal – A startup empowering entrepreneurs and aspiring writers

The Founder Tanya Munshi, the sole founder of The Lifestyle Portal was born and raised in Asansol, West Bengal, and completed her schooling from Mumbai....

Startup Success Stories

Stories make us who we are. We read about fictional stories as kids that play a crucial role in forming our core values. Similarly, as an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, reading startup success stories and stories about some of the best Indian startups assists in creating a dynamic grey space.

Learn about the startup stories India hailing from different entrepreneurial sectors ranging from food and fintech to fashion and lifestyle at one of the leading startup news India and startup stories platform, TimesNext. 


Breathe Startup Stories India

Every business person who commences on his startup journey does not witness a calm sea. There are ups & downs, but that’s what makes startup a success. 

Inhale startup stories India and exhale the spur and energy into your business ideas.

Times Next is one of the leading startup news and startup stories India platform that provides its users with high-quality and thought-provoking content.

The platform offers a variety of startup success stories to its users via:

  • Startup success stories about established businesses
  • Stories of new startups
  • Reports on the startup journey of founders
  • Stories about failed startups in India


We ensure that we provide unbiased content to our users that help them form their own opinion about stories without getting influenced. We’re here to help you take lessons from the wrong turn taken by startups that failed them miserably whilst taking inspiration from the right risks taken by entrepreneurs. 


Startup Success Stories – FAQs

1. What kind of startup stories India to read?

While the market holds a bunch of startup stories on multiple platforms, TimesNext helps you in finding unique startup stories extracted from the corners of the nation.


2. How do startup stories help you as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, startup stories at TimesNext helps you gain access to thought-provoking stories of unheard voices of entrepreneurs from across the nation, which serve as a source of inspiration on your entrepreneurial journey. 

The Desi Blood is achieving heights - Startup News India

India's commerce climate encourages startup culture, and the ingenuity of the desi brain is finally being realized. Startup India section provides a platform to our country's talented entrepreneurs to disseminate their ideas and reach the masses.
In-depth analysis of the economic conditions, financial developments are covered along with startup news.

Get the latest startup news at TimesNext

India stands as the third-largest startup hub worldwide, which has garnered its spot with the budding Startup India enthusiasm being disseminated into the Indian bloodstream. 

At TimesNext, we provide you with the top and the latest startup news from around the world, ranging from startups funding, acquisitions, valuations, government policies, investment funds, and much more.

Startup News India

TimesNext, one of the leading startup news India platform, gathers the top news and information about Startup India initiative, business news, and much more to cater to the reading needs of its audience. With the help of informative and profoundly researched articles, TimesNext is able to inform its audience about the latest happenings. 

Note: Inspirational startup news and stories can help you enhance your entrepreneurial spirit and gain knowledge on a multitude of levels via the end-to-end coverage provided by TimesNext.

Startup India, Business & More

Every second, a new event broadcasts information in the audience. Our responsibility is to produce the right information for our audience, at the right time and in the right way.

These are the elements that make TimesNext the ultimate startup news India platform for readers across the nation:

  • Inform: We provide you with the latest startup news and news about the latest technological advancements being adopted by the startup community. Moreover, we also cover an in-depth analysis of the economic conditions & financial developments. We aim to keep you informed, always.
  • Educate: Our team formulates deeply researched and carefully written articles on topics that would help the bussing entrepreneurs of India on topics like Startup India Scheme- how to apply, eligibility, benefits, etc.
  • Inspire: We strive to be the voice of the unspoken, the ears to the unheard & the vision for the unseen. We cover startup stories about inspirational entrepreneurs hailing from different backgrounds across the nation to spread their word and reach the masses.

Inform, educate & inspire- the three pillars that have been holding and keeping the spirit at TimesNext alive. Our team of proficient individuals strives to give their personal best to create quality content for its users pan India.

Are you looking for a startup news India platform for high-quality & reliable publications? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. Expand your horizons and foray into the world of startups at TimesNext – where every story matters.

This article is about the Smart India Hackathon. Here is all the information that you need to know concerning the Smart India Hackathon 2020.

Smart India Hackathon 2020 – Everything you need to know

Index Introduction Smart India Hackathon - What about it? Why should you join Smart India Hackathon 2020?  Want to Know More about Problem Statements? ...
This article is about the composition scheme in GST. This article has all the information that you need to know concerning the composition scheme under GST.

GST Composition Scheme – Everything you need to know about it

Index Introduction What is the Composition Scheme in GST? Who can opt for a GST composition scheme? Who can opt for a GST composition...
Output contractions in China are also being felt around the world, reflecting the key role of China in global supply chains, travel and commodity market.

Corona Virus- Is the Global Economy at stake?

INDEX: The primary impact on the Economies: Infinite stimulus Steps taken by leaders in Relation to Economic Risks   The primary impact on the Economies Subsequent outbreaks...
Read about the subscription charges, top movie offerings by Netflix India in this article. Also, read on to find out about latest trends on Netflix India

Netflix India – Latest Trends in 2020 and why Netflix is a market leader...

Introduction: Netflix & Netflix India The fact that 'Netflix and chill' - is a spontaneous reply to the informal 'What's up?' is hard to ignore....
Startups in India are also vulnerable to this worldwide pandemic with facing huge losses and cutting down the workforce.  Below listed are the ways in which Startups are being affected.

How CoronaVirus is hitting the startup community in India?

INDEX Introduction Ways in which the startup ecosystem is being affected: Steps that have been taken by the stakeholders in startups to provide stability   Introduction: As...
This article is about Spotify and how it entered the Indian market and the journey of Spotify India to keep in the race with the already established apps.

How Spotify India tapped into the Indian market and its one year journey

The emergence of Spotify as one of the world's best music streaming platform Spotify application was launched on 8 October 2007, and since then, it...
Amidst all the furor created by the novel coronavirus, d-street has also been affected. Here are the details on developments and falls in the share market.

Market crashes in the thick of Coronavirus – Live Update

1. Nifty slows down at 11 am today The shares of ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank were all down this morning. Axis Bank's shares...

Startup News India

Gain access to the latest and to startup news from across the nation at one of the leading startup news India and startup stories platform TimesNext. It’s your time to take a bite from the ripened fruit of knowledge and extend your arm towards a brighter and more informed future. 

A new startup India news pops up every now and then, blaming in on the thriving startup ecosystem, which makes India the third-largest startup hub worldwide. Stay aware of all the startup news India and beyond exclusively at TimesNext. 


How Reading Indian Startup News Helps You

Indian startup news from multiple fields and channels like that concerning the acquisition deals, startup funding, valuations, government policies passed, and much more are listed daily at TimesNext. Here’s how reading Indian startup news assists you:

1. Inform

Read the latest and top startup news India to stay informed about the latest happenings in the startup ecosystem and be a part of the developing startup ecosystem discussion amongst your peers and colleagues. 


2. Aware

It is necessary to be aware of all the startup and business-related news across the nation, especially for the individuals involved in the industry of finance and business. It helps keep you aware of the latest business trends and strategies.


3. Inspire

Reading about the rise and fall of a startup not only a glimpse of what goes behind making a successful startup but also serves as a source of inspiration for many who want to start a business of their own one day. 


Startup India News – FAQs

1. What category does startup India news belong to?

Startup news India is essentially a part of an entirely different category for Indian startup news. However, it can be linked with business news scoop. 


2. What kind of news comes under Indian startup news?

You can read about multiple types of startup news India which includes news and updates about,

  • Startup acquisitions
  • Startup fundings
  • Startups buyouts
  • Government schemes around startups
  • Rise & fall of startups

Top 10 Best Dating App in India (2020 Update)

Index: Introduction Best Dating App in India   Introduction Dating apps have been introduced to make the dating culture possible through online means to make it easier...

Top 10 Instant Loan Apps in India (2020 Update)

Index Introduction Top 10 instant loan apps in India (2020 update)   Introduction We all know that traditional banks have a lengthy processing time for loan applications....

More Stories

Corona Virus- Is the Global Economy at stake?

INDEX: The primary impact on the Economies: Infinite stimulus Steps taken by leaders in Relation to Economic Risks   The primary impact on the Economies Subsequent outbreaks...

TimesNext for Startup News India & Startup Stories

TimesNext is one of the leading startup news and startup stories platform in India that has marked its presence across the nation. Not only does it promote the entrepreneurial spirit in people, but it also encourages it through their exclusively curated inspiring articles about fresh businesses of India. 


Why Read Startup News India?

While many prefer reading startup news India, some ignore the importance it holds in our gig economy.

Here’s why one should read startup news India:

  • It informs you about the new technologies being adopted by startups
  • It serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • You get to know about emerging business trends
  • You learn lessons from the ones that fail, and motivation from the ones that succeed


Why Read Startup Stories?

It is via startup stories that you discover the real story behind a business. You might read big brand names all around, but at TimesNext, you get to how they became a big brand. 

  • Startup stories take you behind the stage. You get to know the insider story of doing a business
  • Many individuals have talked about that one story that changed their life. A startup story could be yours
  • Startup stories are biographies of individuals that refused to give up. Its time to stir up your thoughts with these thought-provoking stories


How to Submit your Startup Stories at TimesNext

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and aim to reach out to the masses with yourstory, TimesNext is an excellent platform to do the same.

2 Methods of Submitting Startup Stories at TimesNext are:

Method 1

  1. Head over to the TimesNext homepage
  2. You’ll see a Submit button on the top right corner of the page
  3. Click on Submit
  4. TimesNext Super2020 page will open
  5. Press Enter
  6. A specific set of question will be displayed, one-by-one
  7. Answer the questions, ensuring you give the right email address
  8. Next, wait patiently
  9. Our team will reach out to you in a couple of days with a set of questions
  10. Answer the questions with reference to your startup story
  11. Attach high-quality photos of you and your team
  12. That’s all! We’ll inform you as soon as we publish your story on our platform


Method 2

  1. Create a brief summary of what your startup does (around 60 words) 
  2. Send it in a mail along with your contact details at [email protected]
  3. Ensure the subject of the mail is- ‘Startup Story Request’
  4. Our team will reach you out in a couple of days with a set f questions
  5. Send in the answers concerning your startup as an attachment or directly in the mail
  6. Attach high-quality pictures of you & your team for the publication
  7. You’re done!


Why TimesNext is the Ultimate Startup News India & Startup Stories Platform

TimesNext serves as the ultimate startup news India and startup stories platform for individuals with a gist of entrepreneurial spirit within them. The platform also provides business and tech-related updates to its audience.

Here’s why TimesNext is the ultimate platform for startup news India, startup stories, and more:

1. Startup News

Read the latest startup news from around the world, including the latest investment fundings, startup acquisitions, alterations in government policies, and much more. Read about the emerging startup trends and patterns in India and across the globe and how it impacts our economy.


2. Startup Stories

The startup stories published at TimesNext talks about the brave souls of India that choose to take the untrodden path and their journey of overcoming obstacles and hurdles to establish their startups. Read exclusive inspirational stories about Indian entrepreneurs and their startups at TimesNext.


3. Blockchain News

Read about the emerging and trending blockchain trends in India and everything else about the companies adopting blockchain, blockchain startups, latest blockchain news, crypto news, etc. only at TimesNext.


4. Bitcoin Latest News India

Despite not being considered a legal tender in India, many crypto enthusiasts choose to stay updated with the bitcoin latest news India. Find the latest crypto and crypto-related news, including all the conversion rates of BTC INR or INR to BTC.


5. Business News

Browse through some of the latest business news from around the world about the top company acquisitions, buyouts, Initial Public Offerings, breaking news, finance-related news, news about fluctuating stock market prices, and more.


6. TimesWomen

TimesNext holds strong faith in empowering women hailing from business backgrounds across the nation by writing that have been working round the clock in marking their place as an entrepreneur. 

Under TimesWomen section, you can find inspirational stories about the top women entrepreneurs across India, and how they’re redefining entrepreneurship with their unique techniques and methods. 


Get Bitcoin Latest News India at TimesNext

Stay aware of all the crypto happening around the country and the world and find the bitcoin latest news India at TimesNext, be it about comments of Indian government and its representatives on the use of bitcoins to the fluctuation in the price of BTC INR & INR to BTC along with the synopsis. 


TimesNext on its Purpose

TimesNext, as emerging startup news and startup stories platform, intends to fulfill three main purposes for its audience, which are:

1. Inform

TimesNext aims at informing its reader-base with all the latest startup news from around the world, be it about funding, acquisitions, buyouts, IPO, etc. A reader must be informed about the latest news just by glancing through the news headlines.


2. Educate

Being a startup-related platform, TimesNext intends to provide its reader-base with all the educational data required to start a startup, starting from startup registration, Startup India Scheme, benefits of Startup India, and much more.


3. Inspire

The content on our platform has been exclusively created and carefully curated with our in-house team holding expertise in the art of storytelling. We at TimesNext focus on covering the startup stories for fresh entrepreneurs and startups who want to spread their word amongst the masses. 

We hope many aspiring entrepreneurs get up and start working towards their dreams by extracting inspiration from our page. 


The Unheard Indian Startups Stories

The Indian startup ecosystem has its veins swollen with the startup spirit, which has investigated its way into our entrepreneurial bloodstream. However, not all the voices telling the stories about its journey have been heard.

At TimesNext, we aim at giving strength to the voice of the stories of the unheard Indian startups and giving them the support to rise up amongst the top Indian startups list with time. Ensure that you stay updated about the latest Indian startup stories at TimesNext, startup platform uniting multiple brands and firms across the nation.


Updates From the Top Indian Startups

India has established itself as the third-largest startup unicorn across the nation. It is home to the best Indian startups that have been able to establish their place in the international market successfully. 


Some of the best Indian startups list whose stories have been covered by TimesNext include:

  • Oyo
  • Ola
  • Paytm
  • Swiggy
  • Flipkart
  • Byju’s

The highly skilled team at TimesNext works tirelessly towards creating the top Indian startups lists that help curate the best Indian startups from their respective field along with their progress and fallbacks in their recent journey. By being an avid reader at TimesNext, you become a part of an infinite storyboard, telling a new tale each day.