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Watch this husband-wife duo enhance the traditional sauce recipes with their unique blends

In 2017, Tanya and her husband came up with the idea of fresh and unique sauce and hence inaugurated their startup El Diablo Sauces.

From fall to summer to winter, sauces make up to be an indispensable part of every season’s dish. Tired of the basic sauces available in the market, Tanya Nambiar and her husband decided to make their blend of unique sauces for the Indian market and named their brand ‘El Diablo Sauces.’

Tanya, a DU alumni, was born in Dehradun and brought up in Delhi. She completed her degree in History Hons from Gargi College and started working as a full-time sales executive post-graduation. Despite rising up the corporate ladder, Tanya decided to quit her job and pursue her passion- music. Alongside pursuing her musical journey, she also started anchoring shows and modeling part-time.

Coming up with the idea

Tanya states,

“My husband and I couldn’t find good sauces in the market; hence, we decided to make our own. I’ve always wanted to have my own business, and this seemed like a great idea. I analyzed the market and realized that the Indian audience only knew about 2-3 international brands of hot sauces and the regular ketchup and mustard that is already available everywhere. We wanted to introduce the audience to unique flavors because everyone loves sauce. We wanted to bring unique flavors at pocket-friendly prices.”

In 2017, Tanya and her husband came up with the idea of fresh and unique sauce and hence, with her previous experience in sales and marketing, started El Diablo Sauces. Their unique blend is chemical-free & preservative-free with no added sugar and can be used as dips or marinades. The firm began with 3-4 flavors and now has 11 flavors ranging from sweet to super spicy. El Diablo has a pan India presence via online marketplaces.

Strives to be the sauce brand of India

As a startup, the biggest challenge faced by them was the funds required to expand into the retail segment.

Tanya quoted:

” We have a great audience in the online markets, but we want to expand into retail, and that requires a lot of funds. We also want to expand to the international market”

The firm is currently on a lookout for investors. El Diablo aims to be known as the sauce brand of the nation.

El Diablo has collaborated with brands like Artisan Meats, Comorin, Burgerama, and Captain Grub to make customized & exclusive sauces for their restaurants. The 2.5-year-old startup is currently in its expansion stage and has witnessed growth in its online customer base with vast volumes of products being shipped out.