India to resume some Manufacturing during the nationwide Lockdown, Cases count crosses 9000

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India is no exception. It imposed a 21-day lockdown in the country to lower down the cases. But now, looking at the current statistics, the lockdown is most likely to extend. But further isolation will have some relaxation. 

A source near to the PM Modi has informed that he has asked the ministers to come up with a plan to resume essential industries while the other people remain in isolation. It is done to support the livelihoods of the poor who are facing the utmost difficulties now. 

When asked about this, KS Dhawalia, the government’s principal spokesperson, refused to comment.

Relaxations with Restrictions

Several industries have agreed on the idea of resuming the crucial sectors to avoid any more crisis in the country. Whereas, the authorities are yet to make a final announcement. PM Modi is expected to address the nation regarding further details this week.


Lockdown ravages economy

The Indian Economy has the slowest growth rate in the past six years before the introduction of COVID-19. So, as a matter of concern, it will most likely decline further amid the lockdown as people are losing their jobs and facing survival issues. 

The total number of Coronavirus Cases has reached 9000 in the country.


States-wise list (Latest):

  1. Andhra Pradesh – 427
  2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 11
  3. Arunachal Pradesh – 1
  4. Assam – 29
  5. Bihar – 64
  6. Chandigarh – 21
  7. Chhattisgarh – 31
  8. Delhi – 1154
  9. Goa -7
  10. Gujarat – 516
  11. Haryana – 185
  12. Himachal Pradesh – 32
  13. Jammu and Kashmir – 245
  14. Jharkhand -19
  15. Karnataka – 232
  16. Kerala -376
  17. Ladakh – 15
  18. Madhya Pradesh – 564
  19. Maharashtra – 1985
  20. Manipur – 2
  21. Mizoram – 1
  22. Odisha – 54
  23. Puducherry – 7
  24. Punjab – 151
  25. Rajasthan – 772
  26. Tamil Nadu – 1075
  27. Telangana – 504
  28. Tripura – 2
  29. Uttarakhand – 35
  30. Uttar Pradesh – 483
  31. West Bengal – 152

To find the latest developments in the situation, visit the official website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

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