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InspektLabs Co Founder - Devesh Trivedi
InspektLabs Co Founder – Devesh Trivedi

Inspektlabs (1), which has its views and foundations based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence and has risen to get pre-series A fundings from Better Capital (2) and Titan Capital (3).

About Inspektlabs

Inspektlabs is a the US and New Delhi based startup founded by Devesh Trivedi and Sanchit in 2019, growing to build a computer vision products which can be used as physical asset inspections through photos and videos. Inspektlabs is a part of the 2020 London Barclays Accelerator and is currently automation car inspections for automotive players.

Inspecktlabs allow people and firms to perform damage assessment, claim values, calculate estimations, assets, and fraud detections. Firms can use their products for capturing a 360-degree video or picture of their assets just through their smartphones within seconds. This startup has been inspecting almost 100,000 cars of India, Japan, and the UK. With their ever-growing demands within firms, they have launched a new product that can check hygiene inside the vehicle and analyze it.

Funding through Better Capital & Titan Capital

Inspektlabs have successfully raised $600,000 as funds from renowned venture capitalists, Better Capital and Titan Capital, which was mainly executed by the investment office of Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal some other angel investors. This funding will eventually help Inspektlabs with its product developments, increase its production, and, thereby, offerings to different companies and automotive players worldwide.

Although this startup has data of almost five million damaged assets and has already filed international patents for damage categories and their ever-growing demands within different firms, they have signed deals with four pilots running large automotive and with insurance companies worldwide to help them with such damage works.