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On Wednesday, Jio launched its new application 'JioPages,' Which is a web browser. This browser can be a massive boost in the

It’s just the beginning of India’s festive season, and India has already started getting gifts from Reliance Jio. Jio’s partnership with Qualcomm for 5G services in India was yet to be digested by many competitors, and Jio has already come with a new plan. On Wednesday, Jio launched its new application ‘JioPages,’ Which is a web browser. This browser can be a massive boost in the Make-in-India project launched by honorable PM Modi. Reliance has added many new features and details, making this browser better and co-operative than other browsers available on the Play store.

Features of JioPages

  • Multiple languages available

Reliance’s JioPages consist of multiple languages. It supports Eight different languages of India, which include Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. This option gives privilege to users, and they can select any language they are comfortable using. Regional preferences can also come into play with the help of the language option. The feed can be customized according to the preferred state, and once the state is selected top and most used websites of the state will appear at the top.

  • Personalized Home Screen

JioPages offers you numerous options while choosing a home screen. Users can select search engines according to their preference and comfort. Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go are different options available for users. Users can select any one of these as their default search engine, and they can also change it whenever required. Moreover, Users can also save bookmarks of their favorite website and access it easily.

  • Themes

Apart from the home screen, JioPages also offer different themes. Users can choose other colorful pieces, which can enhance their browsing experience. For a better viewing experience, users can switch to “Dark-mode,” which is eye-friendly. New themes at regular intervals will keep customers attracted to the application.

  • Incognito Mode

As we know, Incognito mode enables users to access the browser without keeping records or history. Still, JioPages offer more security to the customers as the four-digit security pin or fingerprint is available on the browser. This fingerprint will provide more protection to the users, and the data will be kept private.

  • Content

As discussed earlier, JioPages offers you options related to customization, and one of the essential customizations available is regarding the content. Individuals on JioPages can modify the content they want to see, and they can select the notifications that they want to receive according to their interests.

  • Ad Blocker

Ads are nothing but a headache whenever we use different apps and surf other websites. JioPages offers an in-built Ad blocker for users, which helps users surf freely without worrying over ads. Additionally, we have seen that these ads contain viruses and different frauds, which can affect your device, so this ad blocker will help you to reduce the risk of uncertainty. It will also help you protect your device.

  • Download manager

JioPages consist of an internal build download manager. This manager automatically identifies the format of the file, and it manages different files in different folders. This whole process makes it easier for the individual to find the data and re-arrange when needed.

  • Content Cards

JioPages will provide customers with content cards on the home screen. A lot of information will be conveyed to customers with the help of these cards. Information such as – Stock market trends, cricket score, festive sales and commodity prices will be given to the users quickly.

  • Chromium Blink

As per the announcement, the browser is based on Chromium Blink. This will provide customers with a better browsing experience, in-class webpage rendering, faster page loads, and efficient media streaming: an encrypted connection and Emoji domain support.

How is JioPages an Indian browser?

On Wednesday, Reliance Jio mentioned that the process is wholly made in India as JioPages was conceptualized and designed entirely in India. However, the underlying engine was built with contributions given by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Opera Software, and others.

Amid the current situation with China, JioPages can be a new substitute in the absence of UC browser in India. Jio has already gained the trust of 500 million users, and in the last five years, Jio has dominated the network operating circle in India.

How to avail JioPages?

For now, JioPages is only available on Android smartphones. JioPages can be downloaded from Google Playstore for free.

JioPages is an application of 101 MB, and it has already crossed one crore downloads in a few days. Moreover, JioPages was updated last on 21st October, and it requires 7.0 and Up android to process.

Till now, customers have given a very positive review of the application, and it has a rating of 4.0 stars on Google Playstore.

Furthermore, to roll up 5G connection in India, Jio and Qualcomm Technologies with Radisys Corporation announced that efforts are enhanced compared to the past. Moreover, Jio has announced that it has achieved over a 1GBPS speed during the fifth-generation technology trial. With the help of 5G, a browser like JioPages can be the solution to all problems an individual face during surfing on the internet. The combination is expected to be launched soon as Jio has already raised more than a trillion from investors.

To conclude, JioPages has all the feature like a regular browser, but security and trust of years give it an upper hand over other competitors available in the market. Moreover, after banning Chinese apps by the Indian Government, people are looking for different alternatives to cope with various issues. Jio has always delivered what is most needed, making Jio one of the best network operators in the country. Personalized home screen and theme are other aspects of JioPages that will attract youth in a short time.