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KillerLaunch: Launching killer career opportunities for you

At KillerLaunch, you can find plenty of jobs, internships to choose from, browse startups, and even create a valued resume fo is the place for your aspirations, your dreams, and more. We are now heading to the country’s biggest unemployment rates for ages in the age of uncertain times. Jobs aren’t easy to get, keeping in mind the qualifications that one must need to get even the simplest of jobs that might pay you well. You would never be disappointed with KillerLaunch, the option of choosing your jobs, and the option to build a startup; KillerLaunch has everything you need!

Advantages and features that KillerLaunch presents you for a career ahead-

Find Jobs

The Market is very saturated, and at this point, where we face a pandemic hurled at us, we don’t want to be sucked into a whirlpool of financial restrains and unemployment rates. Killerlaunch eliminates this fear. Say How? KillerLaunch’s amazing deep search shows you a huge list of random job postings that match your skills and potential, so say Bye-bye to those jobs that suck the life out of you.

Now, get paid for your talents, never be undermined by the collapsing workload on you, KillerLaunch. So, if you’re a writer, graphic designer, tech developer, coder, teacher, web developer, etc. get on to now and find your dream job!

Find Internships

Who says that you can’t find work as a student? The Indian workforce’s problem is the lack of youth that has new aspects to a business. KillerLaunch brings in a wide range of internships to you, the talented force. You can now express your potential talents and aspirations in your dream field. If you are a student with the knowledge and determination, plus a hefty value of dedication, say no more. Killerlaunch will take your dreams to height with the best offers. Now, balance studies, work, and make some pocket money too with KillerLaunch. Visit now to learn more!

Browse Startups

The Indian corporate Market is a very tough place to survive, considering India’s population’s huge workforce ratio makes zero sense. This led to the rise of startups. Startups are the life and blood to a surviving economy; it gives you jobs plus freedom to stretch your knowledge and options. Startups have been booming in India for a while now, and KillerLaunch gives you the option to browse startups and mark your career ahead.

Go through a wide catalog of startups that could value your potential and talents. Choose between Jobs and internships and get secured! Without Startups, the Indian workspace would be grey and dying. KillerLaunch is the place to choose your dream startup initiative. Get on to now!

Resume Builder

We all know what a resume is over time. We have seen one, made one, ready for a job approval but, that’s not the case every time. Times have changed, and so has the company ethics and values to a creative mind. Resumes are short for who you are, what you do, and your performance as a summary. Many of us have realized this and wanted someone to create a creative resume, but alas, everything comes at a price… but not with KillerLaunch.

KillerLaunch’s Resume Builder is algorithmically built to create a suitable resume for a suitable job. Your resume will now take 80% less time for the recruiter to understand you with options so simple. Get on to KillerLaunch’s Resume Builder and create yours today, for free!

Partner Programs

Now, you have a startup, a job, an internship that you’ve experienced; you would have a story to tell that could inspire many individuals who would like to start their career with KillerLaunch, and that is what the Partner Program is for. KillerLaunch’s Partner Program lets you express your experiences as a startup owner and help many enter the competitive, cut-throat field.

Funding just got even easier with KillerLaunch. Now, express your ideas into a simplified version, which are showcased to investors or any funders who visit KillerLaunch. You can hire freelancers who can provide their respective talents to you from the comfort of their home to the rise of your idea.

Premium Memberships

Even though we offer a wide range of opportunities, competitive nature also applies here. Companies are very quick in hiring their suitable employees, and to be ahead in the race, the early bird catches the worm! Premium sometimes could put you off, but not here. KillerLaunch’s Premium subscription offers you opportunities faster than the other so, get notified earlier than the others. Your resume and application will be on top of the recruiter’s list. So, be ahead of the curve. Build 12+ types of resumes and get hold of some corporate eyes!

KillerLaunch brings in special events and features for their premium subscribers, and it’s worth the surprise. Now, get ahead with all news and mails that could have some opportunities. All these features for the price of Rs.5000 for a year! If you can subscribe to Netflix every month, then you can subscribe to KillerLaunch’s killer offers! It’s worth it.

KillerLauch has been guiding and helping the workforce, and you can be a part of it too. Now, getting a job or starting an internship as a student can never get any better. Visit today, and learn more than what you see here. Opportunities don’t knock twice.