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KillerLaunch vs Internshala: Why I Switched to KillerLaunch & Made it My Life Long Partner

Set your sail and let your career journey begin with KillerLaunch, India's leading job and internship search platform - inter
Set your sail and let your career journey begin with KillerLaunch, India’s leading job and internship search platform – internshala alternative.

Internshala has served for long as an internship search platform for students, but is that enough? Once a student graduates, he needs to shift to another platform to fulfill his/her job needs.

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What if I told you that there’s an employment search platform catering to the job needs of both students and freshers. Meet KillerLaunch, India’s leading job and internship search platform exclusively made to fulfill to the employment needs of all – students, graduates, and young professionals.

Internshala played its role in shaping careers of the one’s still in college, but now it’s time to switch to a platform that will stay with you forever, through every phase in your life.

KillerLaunch vs Internshala: What Made Me Switch to KillerLaunch From Internshala

KillerLaunch serves as the perfect recruitment platform to find everything you need to advance in your career as a professional. Now let’s diver deeper into our KillerLaunch vs. Internshala game as we mention all the facts and pointers that made me switch from Internshala to KillerLaunch.

#1 Simple User-Friendly Interface


The one thing that makes KillerLaunch my go-to option for jobs and internships search is it’s an uncomplicated and easy-to-use user-friendly interface.

The recruitment platform has ZERO distractive elements on the site, which allows me to browse through my desired job/internship openings relentlessly.

Some KillerLaunch elements that make it shine are:

  • Plain white layout
  • Simple text format
  • Absence of distractive elements like ads

On the other hand, Internshala provides a somewhat user-friendly interface as well but can be a bit distractive due to the constant carousel of banner ads on the platform.

#2 Easier Search Tools


KillerLaunch has been exclusively designed to make job and internship search experience a piece of cake. The platform offers one-click popular job and internship searches that deliver instant results.

While Internshala offers one-click internship search shortcuts as well, it’s limited to either the location or industry, whereas at KillerLaunch, you get the perfect mix of both!

  • Work From Home
  • Data Entry
  • Summer
  • Paid
  • Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

Another great thing that I would continue talking about because of my sheer love for it is that at KillerLaunch, you get prompt search results for both internships & jobs.

#3 Refine Results According to Stipend, etc

killerlaunch (7)

Internshala offers multiple filter options for its users to refine their internship results. Sadly, it misses out on some of the essential filter options that every candidate is continually looking for.

At KillerLaunch, you are provided with multiple filter options, including salary type, salary estimate, location, company, etc. to better refine your search results, thereby giving you precisely what you’re looking for.

Not only that, but you can also sort your job or internship results according to:

  • Date
  • Or Relevance

#4 Build Resume in under 5 min


We all struggle when it comes to creating the perfect resume. What design should I choose? What experience should I include? These are some of the questions that pop in our heads, making the process longer & longer.

With KillerLaunch, you get to build your resume under 5 minutes by answering a few simple questions, and that’s all!

Internshala offers similar resume building techniques, but to be honest, KillerLaunch is my personal favorite.

Some of the crucial elements of a good resume are:

  • It’s simple
  • It’s easy to comprehend
  • It’s organized
  • It mentions the exact information you needed to review your application for job/internship

#5 Check Company Reviews

killerlaunch reviews

Every company has a different work culture and ways of functioning. With KillerLaunch, you get the option to check the reviews of the company that has posted about job/internship openings.

This allows you to know which company will be the best fir for you as a professional.

Sadly, there’s no such feature on Internshala, which makes it quite a hassle to know about the best-suited company for you.

#6 Quick Apply Option

internshala alternative

This is, hands down, the most convenient feature that KillerLaunch offers to its users. It comes in handy, especially for the ones that are applying for multiple job/internship postings on the platform as you get to apply for 5 jobs within 5 minutes. Awesome right?

This was quite a hassle back when I was using Internshala. In my personal experience, it took me over 2 hours to draft the application while applying for one internship.

#7 Free Job Alerts


Now staying on a website, 24×7, checking for updates on new jobs and internships is impossible. And that’s where KillerLaunch comes in to rescue you.

Just switch on the Job Alerts on KillerLaunch and receive all updates on the latest internship and job openings right in the inbox of your mail.

This is another feature that’s absent in Internshala. You cannot subscribe for internship alerts on Internshala and always need to manually view the internships yourself.

#8 In-Built Messenger

killerlaunch chat

KillerLaunch has its own in-built messenger that allows companies to communicate with you directly on the platform. The main aim towards introducing this feature on their platform was to enable users to effectively communicate with their potential employer, without compromising on their personal details.

The recruitment platform ensures that the privacy of the user is maintained in KillerLaunch’s safe place.

Learn more about how to use KillerLaunch to find jobs and internships in details in the video below:

#9 Earn Rewards – KillerLaunch Partner Program

killerlaunch partner program

KillerLaunch launched its Partner Program that allows you to win exclusive redeemable rewards on fulfilling the assigned tasks, and yes, it works. This one’s for all the inspiring influencers out there- do you want to use the power of influence vested you in winning exclusive rewards? Join KillerLaunch’s transformational journey now!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up on KillerLaunch using email, Google, or Facebook account
  • Join KillerLaunch’s Partner Program and pick tasks according to your choice
  • Earn points on task completion
  • Claim points in the form of gifts and vouchers!

Find more details on KillerLaunch’s Partner Program in the video below:

Wrapping it up – KillerLaunch wins!

Our in-depth comparison between Killerlaunch and Internshala elaborated on all the features that I switch to KillerLaunch. And why wouldn’t I? It’s easy to use, hassle-free, and a long term partner for my professional journey.

Here’s my take on KillerLaunch:

  • It’s for both students & graduates
  • Find both internships & jobs
  • Better filter options
  • Multiple features that make jobs search a piece of cake!

Why go for limited options when you can get unlimited employment search options on KillerLaunch. Join the leading job and internship search platform today and build your career in your desired field at your preferred location. Come join; it’s your time to fly.