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WorkIndia – A Recruitment Platform Changing Lives In India

WorkIndia is the creator of an online recruiting site for linking businesses with employees. In this article, we will talk mo
WorkIndia is the creator of an online recruiting site for linking businesses with employees. In this article, we will talk more about this five-year-old startup.

As the number of Indian-built recruiting and job-finding sites is emerging faster than ever, we would like to introduce another great platform for finding jobs and internships – KillerLaunch.

KillerLaunch serves as a bridge between employers and job seekers, helping freshers find their best suitable job/internship match according to their preferences. At KillerLaunch, you can find jobs or internships easily without any hassle as it provides you the following features:

– Search job hassle-free with a user-friendly interface:

KillerLaunch has a uniquely designed website taking care of its users’ concerns. You can navigate easily through one page to another without any problem. Another great thing that makes it a perfect platform for finding jobs than its competitive sites is that at KillerLaunch, there are no distractions, which means no ads! So no more ads, only jobs guaranteed!

When compared to WorkIndia, we found that: KillerLaunch’s job finding page is easy to navigate with clear and crisp fonts. All the necessary details are highlighted, and filters are given side by side so you can apply it easily according to your preferences.

– Customized searching tools.

KillerLaunch has a special candidate-friendly search tool catering to all the needs of them. With this search bar, you can fix the stipend/salary according to your requirement, add location, type, and even search jobs or internships by keywords!

When compared to WorkIndia, we found that: WorkIndia provides only 3 options in their filter, i.e., jobs by industry, qualifications, and experience. Whereas, KillerLaunch offers numerous options like location, salary type, estimate, title, and company. It makes it easier for candidates to search for jobs according to their needs.

– Build resume

KillerLaunch caters to all the needs of its candidates. If you’re a fresher and have no idea about building a resume, don’t worry! You can create your resume in 5 mins. Just fill in all the necessary details, and here you go!

When compared to WorkIndia, we found that: WorkIndia doesn’t provide any resume building option, making it a little bit inconvenient for freshers. But at KillerLaunch, you can find a resume building option.

Inbuilt messenger- Killerbot

With all these advanced features, KillerLaunch provides you with an inbuilt messenger- Killerbot. If you have any queries or problems regarding this platform, just send it to killerbot and get the relevant answers in seconds!

When compared to WorkIndia, we found that: WorkIndia has no in-built messenger, so it is quite difficult to ask queries.

Find more than just jobs at KillerLaunch.

At KillerLaunch, you can find jobs from MNCs and big firms and thousands of startup jobs near you. Why work with a startup?

More exposure: startups are like a fresh start. There is something else you can learn that there is a waste of working on the startup. You know the commitment concept because each member will look to you for your role in this factory.

Surrounded by supervisors: The startups were also nothing but a lot of dust, but their idea sets them apart from other companies. The work environment is full of such people who can see beyond what meets the eye. And as they say, it becomes what you believe.

A good working environment: starting work can be the best thing that ever happened to you. The work environment for students is more than that of a solid workplace. Everyone works together as if it were their own and learns from all the mistakes they make.

More exposure to opportunities: They say they seize opportunities as you go along, but this becomes more difficult for contestants. Starting to embrace new ideas and make you laugh at your weaknesses and give you endless opportunities to work with your colleagues. In addition to the office, the startups work closely as a family.

So join today and find startup jobs and internships near you!

WorkIndia is the rising Blue Collar player in India. Within a short period of fewer than five years, the company has achieved a commanding market position in India. Today, the organization runs on a vast and unparalleled scale receiving 2.1 crores of unique app sessions every month, 1.5 crores of registered job seekers, and having a presence in 763 cities across India. Work India owes its incredible growth to its team members and the deep-rooted tradition of making a positive influence on its staff.


WorkIndia was established in 2015 by four co-founders with previous investment banking/M&A background in the top MNCs in New York and India. The Bangalore-based startup aims to provide sustainable livelihoods for 23.7 lakh blue-collar individuals in India. And now there are 120 lakh blue-collar people on this planet.

Note: Work India has developed a special geo-positioning dynamic algorithm-based software that uses significant network effects such as compensation predictive scores to improve customer experience.

What is WorkIndia?

The job candidate ratio is still unpredictable and unbalanced in India. India is the biggest job for the blue-gray collar and partly because smartphones and internet access are increasingly being used. The driving forces behind this wave are Work India, a technology platform fully automated that uses deep technology, geo-tagging, and dynamic algorithm-based recruitment to make human interaction between candidates and recruiters zero.

WorkIndia has been in the business for five years. This started with a semi-automated system in 2015 in which telephone callers monitored the candidates every day. They quickly discovered that if they were to fulfill their dream of supplying 120 Cr blue-collar jobs to people with sustainable livelihoods on the planet, Work India would have to shift to something beyond manual phone calls.

As a result, WorkIndia has developed an app to enhance its capabilities by using deep technologies, geo-tagging, and sophisticated algorithms. Work India reportedly has more than 15 million candidates on its platform and more than 3.5 million daily monthly users.

Factsheet of Work India

WorkIndia’s single-point solution is to use state-of-the-art technologies to eliminate the substantial information asymmetry between employers and workers in the blue/gray collar sector, a large segment of roughly 230 million out of India’s 250 million non-agricultural workforces.

  • Founded year: 2015
  • Founders: Kunal Patil, Nilesh Dungarwal, Moiz Arsiwala, Jatin Jakharia, Lokesh Tiwari, Soumil Rao, and Kshitij Nagvekar.
  • Category: Enterprise tech
  • Key Investors: BEENEXT, Xiaomi
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru

Fact: Work India’s primary industry is Human Capital Services, and its principal investor is Xiaomi.

WorkIndia’s Aid to Employers

Work India has two product lines, one for employers and the other for job-seekers. To employers, WorkIndia offers a work placement space, and only applicants relevant to the job placement will be eligible. Also, the client must get a call from the appropriate employee within 24 hours.

Smart hiring tools offered by Work India:

Of course, no company has sufficient time and resources to recruit. Most don’t have the patience and resources to learn how to hire best by trial and error. Work India allows businesses to make fast progress through this trial and error.

Some of the smart hiring tools offered by WorkIndia are:

  • Applicant Tracking System: Track and monitor the recruiting process of all the candidates.
  • Customer Support: Dedicated customer service to clear away all recruiters’ questions and help them find their hires fast.
  • Job Boosting: Helps in getting more appropriate candidates for employers quickly.
  • Hiring Analytics: See just how your company’s work is going on the website and get comprehensive insights into the job post.

Note: Work India offers customized plans to the organizations. Organizations can contact WorkIndia for further details.

Posting jobs in the newspaper classified section is not a successful choice at this time. To be consistently competitive in the market for top talent, nearly all companies need to invest in Career Ads in Work India. Of course, budgets can vary significantly from business to business, so it’s not always easy to find online pricing details. So if you’re curious to know how much it costs to post jobs on WorkIndia, we ‘re happy to help.

No one’s interested in sifting through hundreds or thousands of applications if none of them merits a phone frame. Suitable applicants are what you’re looking for, and you must advertise in the right place like WorkIndia. Ensure sure you determine the profiles of job-seekers on Work India.

Some of the paid plans of Work India are:

WorkIndia is a non-profit company, also at below rates. Their mission is to ensure jobs at the lowest possible expense. You can contribute to their project by taking on their paid executive plans. The paid plans are listed below:

1. Trial Plan

Post a job with a free ₹ 1000 wallet balance on WorkIndia.

More details of this plan are:
  • Free Trial
  • Valid for five days
  • Suitable for hiring one candidate.
  • INR 5/unlock for unlocking a candidate’s database
  • Unlimited Live Jobs at a time
  • Number of jobs boosting -2
  • Applicant tracking system available

2. Wallet Plan

Use it as many times for occasional hiring needs on Work India.

More details of this plan are:
  • INR 2000 plus GST
  • Valid for Lifetime
  • Best for hiring up to 1-2 candidates
  • INR 5/unlock for unlocking a candidate’s database
  • Unlimited Live Jobs at a time
  • Number of jobs boosting -4
  • Applicant tracking system available
  • Priority Customer Support available
  • Hiring Analytics available

3. Fixed Plan

Choose from unlimited responses for your accelerated hiring on WorkIndia.

More details about this plan are:
  • INR 3000 plus GST
  • Valid for 14 days
  • Best for hiring up to 2 candidates
  • 200 unlocks for a candidate’s database
  • 1 Live Jobs at a time
  • Number of jobs boosting -7
  • Applicant tracking system available
  • Priority Customer Support available
  • Hiring Analytics available

4. Corporate Plans

Hire more with unlimited responses, and extra database unlocks on Work India.

More details of this plan are:
  • INR 5000 plus GST
  • Valid for 28 plus 14 extra days
  • Best for hiring multiple candidates
  • 1000 unlocks for a candidate’s database
  • 2 Live Jobs at a time
  • Number of jobs boosting -7
  • Applicant tracking system available
  • Priority Customer Support available
  • Hiring Analytics available

Fact: Work India offers employers with guaranteed refund policies on its portal.

Work India’s aid to Candidates

In recent years, unemployment in India has increased dramatically, as the demand for jobs far exceeds the supply of new posts. New data has shown that the unemployment rate in India rose to 8.50 percent in October from 7.20 percent in September 2019. According to the CMIE study, the unemployment rate among graduates was 60 percent in 2019.

The blue-collar employment sector includes workers such as drivers, security guards, on-demand providers, and more, which currently comprises more than 450 million people from the country. Kunal Patil, a graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business, decided to start his own company and realized it was going to be a blue-collar part.

Types of jobs offered by WorkIndia to candidates:

  • Call Center Executive
  • Voice Artist
  • Laborer
  • Senior Accountant
  • Education Counsellor
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Baby Sitter etc.

Jobs for candidates on WorkIndia

For applicants, the company provides a streamlined solution to obtaining a position, removing third parties and connections so that the applicant may call the boss directly. The candidate can call the employer within a window of 24 hours. Some of the jobs offered by WorkIndia to candidates are:

1. Telecaller/BPO

WorkIndia provides candidates with BPO/Telecaller jobs on its platform with a variety of companies. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company is responsible for carrying out a procedure or part of a process in another business enterprise; outsourcing is performed to reduce money or improve efficiency. The contact center conducts the aspect of the customer’s business that includes the processing of phone calls.

Companies offering Telecaller/BPO jobs on Work India are:

  • Biomarg Healthcare Private Limited
  • Easy Personal Loan Services

2. Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy shall check the supply of vehicles and ensure the health and protection of the loading and unloading process. Work India provides Delivery boy jobs that contact consumers to check the specifics of the distribution. Determines the location of products, implements security and lifting procedures during transfers and performs health checks.

Companies offering Delivery boy jobs on WorkIndia are:

  • Asprin Management
  • Leela Logistics
  • Swiggy
  • Shadowfax

3. Field sales

The role of a field sales agent includes working in the workplace setting is to meet new buyers and to increase the sales of the company’s goods or services. Work India provides cold calling jobs that often achieve the company’s objectives.

Companies offering Field Sales jobs on WorkIndia are:

  • SFS Solutions
  • Medforge Technologies
  • SCS Industries

4. Receptionist/Front Office

The Front Desk Clerk job on Work India is the first contact with business, hotel, or doctor’s clients. They conduct essential logistical duties on the front desk, including answering phone calls, welcoming customers, and monitoring the office budget. Sometimes classified as a receptionist at the front desk.

Companies offering Front office jobs on WorkIndia are:

  • Midas Networks
  • Designo Architects
  • Ferns n Petal Franchise

5. Finance/Accounts

Opportunities to work in Finance/Accounts are available on Work India. Finance can be loosely categorized into accounting, wealth management, finance, insurance, and actuarial services. Still, there is a wide variety of jobs for school leavers and students in each of these fields.

Companies offering Finance/Accounts jobs on WorkIndia are:

  • Bajaj Housing Finance Limited
  • Chanakya Finance and Consultancy
  • Nirmal’s Finance

FAQs on WorkIndia:

1. What is the Work India app?

WorkIndia career hunt is the best app for your place to find a dream job. Work India is the first of its kind and the only app that allows you to plan jobs without the internet. Through the phone, you can use the entire software to arrange interviews through any third-party intervention.

2. How do I post a job on WorkIndia?

  • Check out
  • Select the Post Job tab.
  • Enter the simple job requirements. Name of the company. Vacancies Number on Work India.
  • Click Enter.
  • Select Next to continue, check your job info on WorkIndia.
  • Choose the payment form and apply the package Of your choice.
  • Pay at the Payment Gateway
  • Done

3. Which city is better for a job in India through Work India?

Bangalore, followed by Pune and Hyderabad, is the best city to step towards development through WorkIndia. According to Work India, in terms of employment growth, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad beat Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.

4. Which city pays the highest salary in India according to WorkIndia?

According to Work India, the IT industry’s professionals receive the highest salaries, while Bengaluru maintained its reputation as the country’s highest-paid city.

5. What is Work India’s Refund Policy

Once WorkIndia receives the claim, they will notify you immediately about the status of your refund after checking the reply provided. If your reimbursement is approved, Work India will initiate a return to your credit/debit card (or original payment method). Depending on your card issuer’s policies, you will receive the credit within 5-7 business/working days.

6. I’m not getting good quality candidates, what is the issue with WorkIndia?

Since selecting work-seekers is a very subjective concept, Work India would like to recommend that you state the exact criteria on the job post and set a pay range according to the skill level. You would undoubtedly receive calls from the correct applicants through the WorkIndia platform.

7. How to get registered in Work India?

All your requirements for the job position, i.e., ‘Minimum Qualification,’ ‘Experience Needed,’ ‘Gender Preference,’ ‘English Required,’ and ‘Must have skill sets’ you need to select from existing options. WorkIndia suggests you match your requirements with the offered salary to get relevant candidates’ responses.

8. What is a Live Job on the WorkIndia platform?

When your job meets all the requirements, your job will be allowed on WorkIndia’s website. On WorkIndia App and the Website, they publish your post to candidates who suit your profile. For an interview, successful work-seekers interested in your work can call you on your assigned telephone number.

9. Can I edit my job post on Work India?

You can adjust ‘Salary Offered’ under Specific work info, ‘No. of Openings and ‘Place of Job.’ You can not delete a ‘Work Description,’ so you need to add a new job to change it WorkIndia. You may also incorporate or modify ‘Job Requirements’ in this umbrella, and ‘Must have skill sets.’

10. My Job post got rejected on WorkIndia. Why?

Some of the reasons for the above on Work India are:

  • You have Low Wallet Balance
  • Blacklisted Consultancy
  • Blacklisted Candidate
  • Vulgar Keywords
  • Work From home keywords
  • Free paid industry mismatch
  • Invalid Address
  • Invalid Email-ID
  • Invalid Phone Number
  • Invalid Location
  • Duplicate Job post

11. How to use the Work India app?

  • A simple way to find a career
  • Enter just your name and number
  • Enter the necessary preferences
  • Get jobs based on your interests right away
  • All the Job Details Available in one place
  • Contact the Employer directly to fix the interview
  • Go via similar job descriptions, too
  • Use the filters that better suit your profile

12. What does the job title mean according to WorkIndia?

A job title is a term that defines the work held by an employee in a few words or less. A title can identify the role or duties of the individual keeping the job according to work. The job title is very accurate on the Work India platform.

13. What job title should I put on Work India?

A work description can define the positions’ duties, job level, or the two. Typical positions are used in the fields of employment names on WorkIndia like “Executive,” “Director,” “Owner,” “Manager,” “Supervisor,” etc.

14. What are the jobs available on WorkIndia?

  • Sales Assistant
  • Digital marketing and sales
  • Technician
  • Sales Executive
  • Personal secretary
  • Marketing executive
  • Electrical engineer

15. Is Work India a good app?

WorkIndia is an authentic application. This app has a Google Play Store ranking of 4.3  and + 1 million downloads. Work India app explicitly gives the company’s telephone number to deter fraud, and the application is accurate enough.

16. What is the vision of WorkIndia?

Work India’s vision is to provide sustainable livelihoods for the 23.7 Cr blue-collar individuals of India and now the 120 Cr blue-collar individuals in this world.

17. How to delete the WorkIndia account?

Follow these steps:

Login> settings> user settings> close my account.

18. How to log out from the WorkIndia app?

You directly signout from the WorkIndia app from the “sign out” option given at the upper right corner.

19. How to change location in the WorkIndia app?

Follow these steps:

Profile> my cities> choose your city.

20. How to delete profile the WorkIndia app?

Follow these steps:

Login> settings> user settings> close my account.

21. How is the WorkIndia app?

WorkIndia is an amazing platform to find jobs in India.

22. Is WorkIndia app fraud?

No. WorkIndia is a 100% genuine website to find Indian jobs near you for free!

23. How to post a job on WorkIndia?

Follow these steps:> post job> enter details> confirm details> select payment method> make payment> done.


WorkIndia has seen a regular rise in the number of job-seeker base users, which is about 50000 a day. To have more liquidity in those markets, they want to keep expanding and planning to make their services for tier 2 and tier 3 markets.