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The Story Behind Ravinder Pal’s Startup: Gokaddal – World’s First Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud Platform

Here in this article, we take you through the story of how Ravinder Pal Singh's startup is aiming at digital transformation.
The startup story behind Gokaddal

The Founder

Ravinder Pal SIngh
Ravinder Pal Singh

Srinagar born, Ravinder Pal Singh is the brain behind Gokadda. Ravinder Pal is the Founder and CEO of Merkado RHA Technology which is the company behind Gokaddal. He has around 24 years of working experience and is a Senior Technology Business Leader, Consultant, and Evangelist in Digital Transformation, IoT, AI/ML, and Smart Connected economies.

Also, he is a regular speaker in several national and international forums around the Internet of Everything and Smart Communities. Some of his articles have been published in leading publications. He was also recognized as “Global 50 Impactful Smart City leaders” in 2016 & 17.

Merkado RHA – A Tech Company, aiming at Digital Transformation!

Team - Merkado RHA
Team – Merkado RHA

Merkado RHA Technology is a growing tech organization that helps customers in recognizing their Digital Transformation Vision. They do so by providing Right Insights using Right Technology solutions and with a clear Return over investment (ROI) & with a planned phased approach. The company entirely focusses on digital transformation.

Merkado’s key offering is Gokaddal, the World’s First Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud Platform.

Gokaddal aims to revolutionize the way Digital Solutions are sourced, delivered, and managed. It is a Cloud-based, Solutions Exchange Platform.

It revolves around four key areas of Digital Transformation solutions:

  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmentative

The company’s tagline- “Bridging Gaps, Digitally”, does full justice to its intention.

Check out Merkado RHA’s Company Page on

Check out the website for Merkado RHA here.

The Vision, Idea, and Inspiration behind the company!

Ravinder Pal Singh previously worked in Cisco and Dell, where he was looking for innovative Digital Solutions. Soon, he realized that the company had incredible solutions but was unable to scale to a global level. They didn’t have means to reach and find customers who are looking for such solutions in India, Mid East, Africa, and Asia. The proper mechanism was missing; the only available thing was Online search, which does yield results but did not help to qualify the right providers. Hence, there was a gap, and Ravinder felt that it needed to be filled.

He wanted to create a platform that can help startups to reach out quickly to consumers all across the globe. Subsequently, his intentions resulted in the creation of Gokaddal.

In simple terms, the company envisions Gokaddal to be the next “Amazon for Digital Solutions”. Their vision is to be the first preference of customers and providers.

Check out the website for GoKaddal here.

Challenges faced on the Outset!

When asked about the challenges that the company faced in its initial days, the officials said that they too faced many challenges like any other startup. The first and foremost challenge was to obtain the right resources, the right product plan, and the right GTM approach. In addition to this, they also faced financial issues. As of now, the company is already making small revenue, but for global scaling, they need more investments. Another problem faced by the company was to gain market acceptability, but this did not bother them for a long time as consumers were happy with their solution approach.

Collaborations and Partnerships!

During the interview with TimesNext, when asked about the company’s collaborations, Ravinder Pal Singh stated-

“We have some industry ecosystem partners who bring forth solutions that we help them GTM globally using our platform. Also, we closely worked with a large Mid-east based Technology setup, DTEC (Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus), where we hosted our Dubai office to take care of the Mid East and Africa region.”

He further added that the company had an incredible experience working with all its partners.

First Milestone and Current Success Growth!

Ravinder P Singh

The first milestone that the company achieved was to get its first revenue client within one month of its operations.

As of now, the company is operating from Bangalore and Dubai. Bangalore is its Global back-office, development, and Operations as well as Business in India and SAARC region, whereas, via Dubai, it focusses on Mid East and Africa. They intend to grow beyond these regions and expand to Latin, East Europe, and South East Asia by the end of 2021.