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Embibe Founder - Aditi Avasthi
Embibe Founder – Aditi Avasthi

Over the years, the Internet has slowly seeped into our lives and became an inevitable part of it. Smartphones, apps, and WiFi were concepts that we probably had not even heard of a few decades back, but today we use it without a doubt. The influence of technology can also be sharply observed in the field of education. Though education has remained broadly the same for hundreds of years, technology is quickly changing that. Edtech or education technology encompasses the simple use of a computer to teach and guide students.

By making a fruitful application of the social reach of the Internet, education technology can customize automatically to an individual’s learning competence. Edtech can transform the future of education, both for students and society as a whole. Embibe (1) is one such education technology platform that operates on artificial intelligence technology. Founded by Aditi Avasthi in 2012, Embibe has grown to be the largest of its kind in India. The platform was established with an intention to assist Indian students in cracking competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main, JEE advanced, etc.

Embibe works to evolve the traditional model of the education system in India. They strive to provide a personalized guidance procedure to the students. The advantage of using this online coaching platform is that students usually learn more in less time when receiving computer-based instructions. They can independently solve problems and go at their own pace. Such a method of learning reduces the achievement gap between struggling and average students. The artificial intelligence system makes it easier for the students to become aware of their weak points, making more room for improvement. The platform also regularly analyses the test-taking abilities and behavioral traits of the students.

The Founder

Embibe Founder - Aditi Avasthi
Embibe Founder – Aditi Avasthi

The founder of Embibe, Aditi Avasthi, is an MBA graduate from Chicago Booth. She has worked with enterprises like Bain & Company and Barclays across the US and Africa. After gaining extensive experience in the mobile marketing field, Aditi returned to Mumbai, India with the idea of Embibe. She wanted a platform that could provide the best and most accurate information and study material for the students.

Even though there are more than enough coaching centers and exam preparation classes all around the country, Aditi anticipated that online exam preparation could gain a demand of its own. A significant reason is that learning online is much less expensive than paying for offline coaching centers. Moreover, the student spends most of their time at home, and online coaching platforms such as Embibe are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Aditi Avasthi was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential Women In The World by BBC in 2017 for her contributions in the field education technology. She was also acknowledged among the “40 under 40” list by Fortune magazine. Aditi Avasthi later achieved the Digital Women Award in the Disruptor Category for Maximum Business Impact. In 2018, she was chosen as the Women of the year by vogue.  She was also recognized as the Accenture Vaahini Innovator of The Year in 2019.

Embibe: The Vision


Education is a sector that requires adequate attention, especially in developing countries. Moreover, the cost of schooling takes a significant toll on the small income of most Indian families. You can’t even be assured that the child is getting enough attention at the coaching center that you have paid thousands of rupees for. Cramming hundreds of students into a classroom, insufficient teaching material and other factors make education a mess in our country. Embibe hopes to solve this problem by making education easily accessible to all students.

Embibe also hopes to give special care to each student through their artificial intelligence-powered personalized schemes. Using this strategy, students can improve their skills while learning at their own comfortable pace. Students can analyze their strengths and excellence as well as improve their performance through Embibe. Through the AI system, Embibe analyses each student’s academic and behavioral traits. The data science team continuously monitors information such as search patterns, time remaining for the exam, trending contents for the exam, and more than 20 other aspects. This data is then used for the performance evaluation and improvement suggestions.

Embibe’s Backbone

Team Embibe
Team Embibe

The teamwork behind Embibe is the ultimate backbone of the company. They are all considered to be in charge of their departments and are free to make their choices. The employees can even contact the top management, and no hierarchy is forced on them. Such a system makes them more responsible for their work, and the administration does not have to impose it upon them.

Embibe gives value to the perspective of each individual. So each member has the right to come up with ideas and strategies for the platform. The employees work in a flexible environment, and they are free to express their opinions and suggestions. The final decision is taken as a team, welcoming views from the other members. Another major strength of Embibe is loyal customers. Embibe has been connecting students and teachers for the past eight years, thus earning their trust and confidence.

Funding and partnerships

Two years after the business was initiated, Embibe received funding of four million dollars from Kalaari Capital and Lightbox. The company used this fund to improve marketing and thus acquire more customers. This helped them to include more exams in the e-learning site and strengthen the connections between guides and students.

embibe investment

The technology team was able to carry out more research on artificial intelligence strategies So that the students could be given the best services. In 2018, Embibe received an investment of 180 million dollars from Reliance. Almost 73 percent of the stake was also sold to Reliance in the same year.

The services offered by Embibe

Embibe has come up with both free and paid subscriptions for students to let them access the various tests, tutorials, etc. available on the platform. Their ‘freemium’ plan has free-content to persuade students to join. The students can access all the study materials, mock test series, and practice questions that are available for free. There is also a paid subscription that gives the students full access to numerous packages for score improvement as well as personalized guidance powered by artificial intelligence.

The score improvement plans offered by Embibe focus on the student’s academic knowledge and skills in test-taking that play a significant role in cracking exams. Based on studies and research conducted by their team, Embibe was able to observe that the academic knowledge of a student helps to form 63 percent of the score. At the same time, the remaining 39 percent depends upon their test-taking abilities. Embibe helps the students to develop such skills by giving training in time management, question selection, etc.