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Lockdown exit plan: PM Modi holds conference with CMs, Lockdown might continue in hotspots after 3rd May

PM Narendra Modi held a video conference on Monday to discuss the highlights and conditions of Coronavirus with the Chief Min
PM Narendra Modi held a video conference on Monday to discuss the highlights and conditions of Coronavirus with the Chief Ministers of various states.

PM Narendra Modi is planning a safe exit strategy from the lockdown. It was imposed on March 25th and has been 40 days since the lockdown started, and many people are expecting it to end on May 3rd.

However, PM Modi urged states to continue the lockdown in the hotspot declared areas of the country. The lockdown is unlikely to be lifted on 3rd May, but with ease in restrictions according to a report. To this, the CM of Meghalaya stated that the lockdown would continue even after May 3rd in the state.

Ideas and situations discussed during the video conference

This was the fourth video conference held by the PM since March 22nd. The last one was on April 14th when he decided to extend the lockdown till May 3rd.

The video conference also included the Home Minister Amit Shah, Health Minister Harshavardhan, and many other top officials. The chief ministers of states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, etc. attended the virtual meeting.

A report stated that besides discussing the current Coronavirus situation, the PM also briefed about strategizing an exit plan from the lockdown.

During his monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat‘, the PM mentioned that the country is in the middle of a war, and he guaranteed that we would emerge victoriously.

The Centre and state governments granted temporary and gradual relaxations to improve economic conditions. Now, IT sectors, manufacturing, and construction sectors would restart their daily activities gradually in some states.

During the video conference, the chief ministers of Odisha and Meghalaya suggested extending the lockdown further. The consequences of relaxing the lockdown on May 3rd might be significant as more people would get affected by the virus.

According to a statement made by the PM, the chief ministers should also give importance to the economic condition of the country as well during this deadly time.

The virus may stick around for a few more months in India; hence, long term plans should be devised soon to prevent further damages on the economy.

Narendra Modi also mentioned that masks and face covers would be a permanent part of the people’s lifestyle for at least a couple of years.