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Startup Story: Mindbound Creatives – A startup that provides innovation for brand content creation

Mindbound Creatives is a digital creative agency that helps enterprises get their brand noticed. Let's uncover the story behi
Mindbound Creatives is a digital creative agency that helps enterprises get their brand noticed. Let’s uncover the story behind Mindbound Creatives.

Know the Founders of Mindbound Creatives

Two young minds, Smaranika Jena and Shushrut Mohanty started Mindbound Creatives.

Smaranika Jena - Mindbound Creatives: CEO and co-founder
Smaranika Jena – Mindbound Creatives: CEO and co-founder

Smaranika Jena is the CEO and co-founder of Mindbound Creatives. She is motivated to redefine the creative world and facilitate the brand with better insight and creatives. She is awarded as the top 30 women entrepreneurs by WEE Fellowship, IIT Delhi.

Shushrut Mohanty - Mindbound Creatives: Co-founder and Global Business Head
Shushrut Mohanty – Mindbound Creatives: Co-founder and Global Business Head

Shushrut Mohanty is the co-founder and Global Business Head of Mindbound Creatives. He is a freelance filmmaker with 8+ years of experience. He is associated with many reputed filmmakers in the Indian Cinema Industry, including Tamil filmmaker Mysskin.

Mindbound Creatives – In details

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Mindbound Creatives is a digital creative agency that helps enterprises, SMEs, and startups to get their brand noticed. They plan to achieve it through digital marketing, premium video production, and media buying opportunities. The company encourages exceptional storytelling and innovation in its brand content creation. It also utilizes a visual medium to boost a brand’s community to ensure that it reaches the right set of audiences to get maximum results.

Mindbound Creatives started in 2018, and they have already completed 78+ projects and have served over 32 brands globally. It includes Fortune 500 companies like BMW India, Paytm, Indian Oil, Hypperconnect from South Korea, and Odisha Mining Corporation, to name a few.

Check out the MindBound Creatives platform here.

Inspiration Behind Mindbound Creatives

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The company’s initial goal was to capture inspiring stories in every arena of the world. In the journey, they interacted with many entrepreneurs. The founders discovered a gap in marketing and advertising with content that can cater to all the SMEs and enterprises. India is turning a startup capital of the world because of the beginning of numerous startups and businesses. With the help of the internet, the company can furnish to all clients all across the globe remotely.

Challenges Faced by the Mindbound Creatives

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Mindbound Creatives has faced a lot of challenges in its initial days. Even though the founders had all the technical knowledge, they were still under the learning phase during their venture into the business world. They worked very hard to figure out how things like accounting, taxation, sales, marketing, hiring, and the art of dealing with people. However, after choosing to work with the right clients and gaining insights from the right sources helped the company to solve various issues up to a great extent.

Now, the Mindbound Creatives that the challenges of their clients as theirs. The team of Mindbound Creatives loves solving complex business problems using their creative work. The company works hard to maintain the equilibrium between the art and business aspects of its operation.

Partnership and Collaborations

The company has partnered with many individuals and agencies to fuel its growth. They have made collaborations with over 300 creatives all over the world. They made such collaborations to serve clients from every region of the world.

Further, they made a partnership with many online influences and media agencies as well, including Hotstar, Star, Zee, CNBX, MTV, NDTV, The Times of India, The Hindu. These partnerships were made for smooth media planning and to purchase services to get their clients the exposure they deserve.

MindBound Creatives – The First Milestone

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The first milestone, the founders, achieved when they won the “Young Innovator Award” by the Chief Minister of Odisha. Later, Smaranika received the reward of “Emerging Women Entrepreneur of the State” by Startup India and Startup Odish collaboratively. The milestones of Mindbound Creatives proceeded as the company helps its clients while obtaining a consolidated revenue of $100 million.

The Vision of Mindbound Creatives

Mindbound Creatives and their team are working in a way that their audience watches and loves their content.

MindBound Creatives: “Our vision is incomplete without our Clients, Creatives, and Audience.”

Mindbound Creatives - The Team
Mindbound Creatives – The Team

The company is creating bold and creative content, along with building aggressive marketing strategies and digital campaigns for its clients. Mindbound Creatives are also integrating technology with video analytics, social media content, and the campaign management platform that it is currently building. It aims to give a better atmosphere to the creatives, along with a goal, to pay the team higher than the industry standard. The company is also looking forward to producing more films, podcasts, talks to inspire the community, and to build its audience.