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MyVerduraCare: Meet the Indian Award-Winning Online Platform Providing Appealing Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Products Worldwide

MyVerduraCare Founder- Atreyi Basu
MyVerduraCare Founder- Atreyi Basu

We live in a fast-paced world with rapidly changing global fashion trends. There’s nothing wrong with having a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories that you love, but what if I told you that the next time you add something to your cart, you could take a step towards sustainability.

Meet MyVerduraCare, the multi-award-winning online platform for curated premium eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade, and artisanal products. is the only award-winning Indian company with a global presence that has a curated collection of earth-friendly products made by the local manufacturers. They are focused on fulfilling their responsibility to cultivate a greener

environment for every inhabitant of the Mother Earth through their eco-friendly products and sustainable habits.

What’s MyVerduraCare?

MyVerduraCare Website Screenshot
MyVerduraCare Website Screenshot

MyVerduraCare is your one-stop-solution to your conscious effort of buying the products you love while making an effort to build on your sustainable habits. With headquarters in India, the company operates globally and caters to the needs of a strong customer base in India, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, the USA, and the UK. MyVerduraCare values their customers and continuously strive to provide them with the best quality, chemical-free, and environment-friendly products while empowering the local community.

MyVerduraCare Website Screenshot
MyVerduraCare Website Screenshot (2)

The quality-driven sustainable brand provides you with a wide variety of products ranging from fashion fabrics & accessories to eco-friendly home decor items that adds life to your room. The online platform also provides you with organic personal care products, including bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo cotton swabs, telescopic reusable straws, etc.

MyVerduraCare team told TimesNext,

“We believe in quality over quantity. Hence, all sellers on our platform are onboarded after evaluating them on the product, process of manufacturing, packaging, brand reputation, credibility. This is to make sure that our customers get exactly what is committed to them on our site, and the product quality and packaging are of high standards.”
MyVerduraCare Website Screenshot
MyVerduraCare Website Screenshot (3)

Looking for a one-stop-platform for all your sustainable needs? MyVerduraCare will take care of it all, starting from non-violent silk to bamboo-based personal care items, organic cotton interlock rompers to wood-based toys, and even sustainable designer wear and accessories for all the fashionistas.

Did you know: One plastic toothbrush can take up to 400 years to decompose. So basically, the toothbrush your ancestors threw away still exists, and the one you’ll throw away will exist for four generations.

It’s high time to make sustainable choices.

The Heart & Soul Behind MyVerduraCare

Atreyi Basu, Founder & Business Head

MyVerduraCare Founder- Atreyi Basu
MyVerduraCare Founder- Atreyi Basu

Atreyi Basu is the Founder & Business Head at MyVerduraCare, which is the digital arm of Verdura Care Private Limited. She spent over 15 years working as a professional for reputed brands worldwide while managing multiple aspects of marketing and communications. She completed her Sociology major with an MBA in marketing and an MCIM with Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

The journey of building MyVerduraCare started back when Atreyi, a member of the American Marketing Association, got tired of searching for a trustworthy platform to easily find the products she loved and adored while being consciously made and holding a deeper value behind it.

Atreyi told WOI (1), a site about women entrepreneurs in India,

“Never let others convince you that your idea is not good enough. If your gut is telling you can do it, then just go with it.”

Pulak Majumdar, Director & Head of Operations

Pulak Majumdar - Director and Head of Operations
Pulak Majumdar – Director and Head of Operations

Pulak Majumdar, Director & Head of Operations at MyVerduraCare, holds a rich experience of working in the corporate world, including his 22 years tenure of working with Unilever to manage the production of some of the most prestigious brands in our country. Pulak, who graduated as a mechanical engineer, today handles all the on-ground operations to ensure smooth functioning for MyVerduraCare.

Beginnings for MyVerduraCare

MyVerduraCare has been awarded by MSME Chamber of Industry and Commerce of India Greentech Asia Awards as the most socially responsible company of the year for its unique efforts in building the platform for globally promoting local environment-friendly products, empowering local artisans and micro brands and contributing towards the welfare and education of underprivileged children in India. Its founder, Atreyi spent more than a decade abroad, traveling and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds. During this time, she realized that every culture she came closer with was unique, and similarly humanity was linked with the same aspirations and goals.

This inspired Basu to take a step towards bringing the world closer through mutual goals and aspirations, and MyVerduraCare was born. MyVerduraCare brings forth a wonderful array of environment friendly, handmade, and premium products with an underlying human value attached to it, supporting the movement of Made in India.

MyVerduraCare- growth at every step

Along with their partner and associates, the platform holds a strong customer base in Qatar in the Middle East region. In the last six months, the platform also witnessed a massive rise in per month unique visits from India, growing up to 8 times.

MyVerduraCare’s team is looking forward to expanding to UAE and KSA in the Middle East and bring the world closer by bridging the gap between Indian products and global consumers in the coming months. The team also plans on taking steps to increase its growth rate in the Indian market manifold.

Some values of MyVerduraCare that makes it a unique e-commerce platform include:

  • Empowering our community
  • Generating awareness on the importance of protecting the environment
  • Unifying small businesses
  • Making product quality & customer satisfaction a priority
  • Taking steps for being socially responsible as a company
  • Taking Indian products globally.

MyVerduraCare- Thriving in the Startup Space

Atreyi Basu at the MADcon Global Awards
Atreyi Basu at the MADcon Global Awards

MyVerduraCare has been able to garner the reputation of being the most socially responsible e-commerce platform in India and has won several awards for the multiple initiatives it is taking care of. Here are some of the awards & recognitions that have been given to the green online platform by far,

  • Recognition by the MSME Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India Greentech Asia for Verdura’s consistent efforts in shaping a greener environment for the world
  • Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2020
  • Green India Clean India Initiative of the Year
  • Top Start-Up Companies 2019 winner
  • MADcon Top 100 Companies Globally winner

On Empowering & Unifying Communities

MyVerduraCare Founder- Atreyi Basu
MyVerduraCare Founder- Atreyi Basu

MyVerduraCare holds strong faith and believes in protecting the Mother earth we live in and empowering our community, local and small businesses. Verdura itself is headed by a ‘Womenprenuer,’ which is why the company aims at supporting women in achieving their goals while encouraging them to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. MyVerduraCare, as its effort to empower and unify communities, ensures that it collaborates with different ‘Womenpreneurs,’ local micro brands from India and around the world, sharing their expertise in entrepreneurship with all. The platform is a staunch supporter of Made in India and has 95% of its sellers based in India.

“Almost 90% of the products by MyVerduraCare are the crafts of women’s ideas”

their team told TimesNext

The e-commerce platform plays an integral role by helping micro brands and small businesses by providing them the platform to showcase their unique creations through their website without having to crack their heads on the multiple marketing aspects of online business, including tech, logistics, marketing, etc. With more local businesses joining hands with MyVerduraCare, it will be able to amplify each small business’s power within the umbrella of MyVerduraCare.

MyVerduraCare has some exciting surprises in store for its global customer base in the coming months with its global growth plan on hand.

Understanding the importance of Social Responsibility

MyVerduraCare is amongst the few companies that give social responsibility towards society, the utmost importance.

“The ability to give is stronger than the ability to receive.”

MyVerduraCare has collaborated with Society for Indian Children’s Welfare (SICW), India, to help underprivileged children to complete their higher education. The company believes that children are the most valuable asset of a nation, and each child deserves an equal chance to fulfill his/her dreams. For every purchase made on MyVerduraCare, a part of it goes to the movement involved in contributing towards educating a child.

MyVerduraCare is truly the epitome of everything a company must be in today’s world. Not only are they focused on providing their customers with the best quality products but also leaning towards making the world a better place.