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How Neha Bhandari and Avisha Gopal are Glamorizing Homes with their startup – The Auri Collective

Let's uncover the story behind Neha Bhandari and Avisha Gopal's ecommerce startup - The Auri Collective providing Luxury Home
Let’s uncover the story behind Neha Bhandari and Avisha Gopal’s ecommerce startup – The Auri Collective providing Luxury Home Decor and Gifting accessories.

Neha and Avisha – The Women behind Auri

Neha Bhandari and Avisha Gopal - Auri
Neha Bhandari and Avisha Gopal

Neha Bhandari belongs to Bangalore and has a background in marketing as she graduated from the University of Exeter. She always had an eye for detail and an appreciation for art. Coming from a family of interior designers, Neha was able to launch herself into the world of design very quickly. Neha noticed the gap in the online home decor market, realizing that there is no real effort in styling products together that convey a mood.

Avisha Gopal always saw herself as a creative marketing and digital communications specialist. After a whirlwind at the University of Miami, Avisha moved to Hong Kong, where she got to do everything from driving social media strategy to working with the world’s leading influencers.

With a passion for creating, Avisha moved back to my hometown in Bangalore to team up with Neha and embark on their dream startup.

What is Auri all about?

Auri - Website Screenshot
Auri – Website Screenshot

Auri is an e-commerce platform that specializes in delivering pieces of glamorous home accessories, fabulous gifts, and limited edition pieces that improves the aesthetic quality of life. All lovingly sourced, The company believes in creating an inspired collection of must-have treasures.

Check out the platform here.

The idea behind Auri

Some products from Auri

The duo had a very similar mindset of establishing a luxury home decor and gifting label startup, which bloomed after Neha’s research on the current industry scenario and understanding the need for the change.


Auri’s uniqueness comes down to a brand-building, customer-centric approach first, which observed was certainly lacking since other big e-commerce companies dwell in service and branding on a purely surface-levy el approach.

Check out the platform here.

Challenges faced in the Outset

As two headstrong women, both were determined to launch the business in a short period. Due to the near-impossible timeline, they had in which they had to cover not only travel for sourcing, curating the products, allow for manufacturing, importing, building a brand, created a rush with roughness in the business.

Collaborations, and first milestone of the company

Auri recently collaborated with Branding Agencies, Web Development Agencies, Digital Agencies, with getting in work with By The Gram, Mumbai, a female-led branding agency. The first milestone of the company was the first big order from a client on the first day of launch.

Growth and Vision of the company

The Team

Company’s Vision is to become global tastemakers and act as the trusted source in recognizing cross-cultural luxury home products and bring them to the international platform.

Company is growing day by day, and company sales have picked up tremendously through digital campaigns and offline activations.