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Online Work from Home Jobs: What are they and how to find?

In this article, we've discussed all work from home jobs that have assisted individuals in earning while they are working for
In this article, we’ve discussed all work from home jobs that have assisted individuals in earning while they are working for online jobs from their homes.

Having the freedom to choose what work to do, when to do it, and where to do it is the dream of many and occupation of some in India. Freelancers are self-employed ‘selfpreneurs‘ that complete projects and assignments for firms and individual while dealing with their client as an individual entity.

According to a survey conducted by the Global Gig-Economy Index 2019, India stands amongst the top 10 countries for freelancers in the world with a 29% year-on-year growth. (1) Working from allows people to be their boss while managing their clients, finances, and projects on their own.

What are Work from Home Online Jobs?

Work from home jobs are online jobs that allow a person to work on projects and assignments from the comfort of their homes. Three elements to ensure a smooth working experience for online jobs include a laptop or computer system, a stable internet connection, and a stable electricity connection.

Work from home jobs can work as a part time jobs for some and full-time for others. Other than freelancers, individuals like students and women willing to restart their careers often choose work from home online jobs that allow them to get the online job at the comfort of their home.

Some of the best work from home online jobs are:

  • Data Entry jobs
  • Writer jobs
  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Web developer jobs
  • Teaching online jobs
  • Travel agent jobs, and more

How to Get Work From Home Jobs

You can make use of online job search portals to find work from home jobs or create an account on bidding freelance websites that pay you per task, instead of paying you per month.

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Here are some of the websites you can rely on to gain work from home jobs:

1. (2) is one of the oldest Indian job search portals that has over a million job seekers and providers registered on its platform. It is regarded as a reliable job search platform, especially in India and the Middle East.

To apply for work from home jobs at Naukri:

  • Create Your Naukri Profile
  • Upload your CV or Resume
  • Type ‘Work from Home jobs’ in the Search Jobs box
  • Filter your job preferences from the drop-down menu, i.e., data entry jobs, writing jobs, etc.
  • Click search
  • Apply for the desired online jobs

Visit by clicking here.

2. Internshala

Internshala (3) is regarded as the most trustworthy platform for students to get internships. However, Internshala has grown to become more than just that.

It has a special section dedicated to ‘women willing to restart their career’ wherein they offer jobs or part time jobs to women who left their jobs earlier but want to work again. Internshala also provides with legit work from home jobs & internships to students and other individuals.

To apply for work from home jobs at Internshala:

  • Visit the Internshala website
  • Under the ‘Internship in popular cities’ head, select ‘Work from home.’
  • Add filters according to the duration of the internship, industry, etc.
  • Browse work from home jobs
  • Apply for the desired online jobs

Visit Internshala by clicking here.

3. Indeed

Indeed (4) is an American worldwide job search engine that was launched back in 2004. It provides its users with jobs in various categories like IT, Customer service, data entry jobs, part time jobs, and more.

Once you search for the kind of job you need on the search engine, select the work from home filter preference, and all the work from home jobs related to your industry will be displayed on the screen.

Visit Indeed here.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer (5) allows its users to create their freelancing account while bidding their skills and talents for the desired price to lure customers. Once you start getting clients, it won’t stop. You can accept or reject projects from the clients.

Once your client base increases and your rating increases, you can start raising your per hour or per project rate on the website, ensuring quality content from an experienced freelancer.

You can visit the Freelancer website here.

Some of the other notable websites that provide you with fabulous projects as a freelancer or work from home individual are:

  • (6)
  • (7)
  • (8)

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Overall, once you commence your journey of working from home in any of your desired industry, you’ll start building your job portfolio, which will help you create a more extensive client base in a longer-term. Be it data entry jobs or freelancing work. These websites will help you find the right match, supporting your journey to becoming independent.