Top 5 Job Sites in India (Best Job Portals in India) (2020 Update)

Here we'll be talking about the 5 best job sites in India that have simplified the recruitment process, both for employees and the employers.

The employment rate in India has already witnessed a downfall in the year 2020. Not only have the youth been denied with equal job opportunities, but some of the upcoming job trends have also failed the modern age individuals.

Today, job sites are the most widely used portals used by individuals across the globe to find the right job that meets the qualification requirements. Every job is one search away. But what are the features of these job sites in India that has truly transformed the recruitment process forever? Let’s find out.


Features of Job Sites that Make them Shine:

  • Keyword search: The keyword search function available on job search sites allows users t look for his/her preferred jobs in a single-click just by typing in the job keyword like retail jobs, media, pharmacy job, etc. on the keyword search bar. 
  • User-friendly interface: The ob sites are developed for the key purpose of making job searches easier for its users. A user-friendly interface allows users to browse through job opportunities in his/her preferred areas of life without losing his/her focus in doing the same.
  • Options to filter preferences: The filters available on the job sites allow users to filter out their job preferences exactly according to their needs and requirements. You can filter out your job search with your location, salary, job type, and other preferences.
  • Interactive career-building tools: There are many job sites that offer services that help in advancing the career of their users through in-built tools like certificate programs and resume-building software to help a user advance in their career with the help of their services. 
  • Easy application process: If a job site has a complicated application option for jobs, it would automatically receive backlash for its services. Job sites usually offer an easy application option to users, allowing them to apply for jobs within minutes. 

Here we’ll be talking about the 5 best job sites in India that have simplified the recruitment process, both for employees and the employers. 


Top 5 Best Job Sites in India:

These are some of the best job search sites in India that have been continuously bridging the gap between the employer & the employee via their platform. The 5 best job search sites in India are:

  2. Indeed
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Monster India


1. KillerLaunch

top job sites in india

KillerLaunch is one of the best job sites in India that acts as a bridge between recruiters and job seekers. The platform has uniquely been curated to serve as a comprehensive for both students and young professionals looking for employment opportunities in their preferred location. 

As one of the best job portals in India, Hiredd allows its users to search for either internship or job opportunities within a few clicks. The company review section enables the users to go through the reviews from the companies registered on the Hiredd platform to get a glimpse of the work-life at the firm behind the curtain. 

Here’s why KillerLaunch is one of the top job portals in India:

  • Search both internships & jobs
  • Create your resume through Hiredd’s in-built free resume maker
  • Glance through the company reviews
  • Filter out your job/internship preferences easily

Visit Hiredd by clicking here


2. Indeed

The 15-year-old US-based site, considered as one of the best job portals in India, has expanded its reach to more than 60 countries worldwide. It has been employing citizens across the world and is considered as one of the most trustworthy job portals.

It is the Amazon of job service providers. Indeed is amongst the job sites in India that comes with a minimalistic web interface that allows its users to search jobs according to their residing area. 

Note: Indeed also provides you with company reviews and salary insights for your country’s job position.

Indeed: Job search India

Amongst the leading job portals in India, that is used to search for jobs from across the country. Indeed is also playing its role in provided jobs during this pandemic through its Coronavirus Job Resources. You can search for millions of jobs through the online job portal India Indeed, and upscale your career. 

Here’s why Indeed is one of the top job portals in India:

  • Quick search options
  • An established job search platform
  • Easy to use interface
  • Find jobs in India & abroad.

Visit Indeed by clicking here.


3. is one of the leading Naukri job sites in India that acquires over 60% share in the Indian job hunt market space. It is one of the first Indian Naukri job sites in India that was initiated in our country and grown to become one of the top job portals in India.

You can start your search on job sites in India within seconds after making a registration that has a database of over 49.5 million registered job seekers with an average of 15,000 resumes added daily. 

Note: has started its new venture (2), a job search portal exclusively designed for freshers right out of college or still in their college years. 

Here’s why Naukri is amongst the best job sites in India:

  • Search for jobs company-wise
  • Pan India presence
  • Filter out job preferences easily
  • Search for jobs according to location.

Visit by clicking here


4. LinkedIn

The social media of the professionals has served as a platform to network with your colleagues and expand your professional network with mutual networks.

 Additionally, it has also served as a reliable platform for as another best job sites in India that provides its users with jobs matching their skill requirements via LinkedIn. LinkedIn serves as the extended version of your resume, where your connection endorses your skills and recommend you for job postings. 

Note: LinkedIn has expanded its platform via LinkedIn Learning (2) that allows users to learn skills and expand their opportunities to grow in their careers.

Here’s why LinkedIn is a great job sites in India:

  • Search for jobs while building connections
  •  Find opportunities through networks
  • Apply for jobs with LinkedIn Easy Apply
  • Set job alerts.

Visit LinkedIn for job openings by clicking here.


5. Monster India

Monster is a global employment web search portal that was created back in 1999 and expanded its roots all over the world, including India. Monster India, headquartered in Hyderabad, is amongst the top job portals in India offers a great variety of jobs, even with international companies, on its job portal

Monster India login is also considered as a trustworthy portal for Indians looking for jobs overseas, especially in the Middle East & Southeast Asia. Monster is amongst the job portals in India that allows you to stay updated on the latest job alerts via email. 

Note: Monster is amongst the job portals in India that allows you to search for jobs under different categories like Government jobs, Contract jobs, Walk-in jobs & fresher jobs.

Monster India- Portals Jobs

Amongst the leading job sites in India, Monster India has been providing amazing job opportunities to students and freshers from across the country. You can find amazing work opportunities in your field on Moster India, the best job sites in India, in just a few clicks.

Here’s why Monster’s amongst the top job portals in India:

  • Create free job alerts
  • Search for fresher jobs, contract jobs, and walk-ins
  • Get resume building services
  • Find jobs according to skill, industry, and location.

Visit the Monster India site by clicking here


Free job portals in India

The sites mentioned above are amongst the best job sites in India. In addition to them, here are some of the top free job portals in India that you can use to find a job anytime, anywhere.

  • Shine: Shine is a popular job portal India that is owned by the Hindustan Times group. The website focuses on providing job opportunities to freshers—multiple MNCs post about their job openings on Shine.
  • Freshersworld: This is another great job portals in India that aim at providing awesome job opportunities to the freshers and recent graduates. You can find jobs from different fields on Freshersworld.
  • Freelancemyway is an innovative job portals for individuals trying to get their hands on independent projects online. Through freelancing, you can work for a company or multiple companies at the same time and at your own flexible hours. 
  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor is essentially a website that provides information about companies on its site, including reviews, interviews, salary insights, etc. It is also amongst the best job sites in India that job seekers use to find jobs according to their dream companies.
  • Upwork is another freelance website where employers post about the upcoming projects and individuals having the right skill set to approach the employer. It doesn’t require you to work 9-5, and you can work according to your wishes.


Quora’s best job sites in India

Quora is amongst the largest forum and community wherein individuals share their answers on questions through their experiences. An individual can lay out a question for the community, and the members respond accordingly. According to Quora, the best job sites India include Naukri, Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Job Sites in India

1. Which are the best job sites in India?

As mentioned in the article above, Hiredd, Indeed, Naukri, LinkedIn, and Monster are some of the best job sites in India that offer exciting employment opportunities for its users all across India, and sometimes even abroad.

Note: Hiredd is one of the few platforms that offer both jobs and internships for its users. 


2. Which website is best for finding jobs?

Hiredd is one of the top job portals in India that can be used for finding exciting employment opportunities hailing from fields like media, IT, software, etc. from across the country. Scroll through the preferred jobs and apply easily through the job search platform. 


3. How can I apply for job in India?

There are three methods that you can use while applying for jobs in India, or in any other part of the world:

  1. Apply online: Be on a constant look-out for job openings in companies through job portals in India or via company websites, forums, and social media pages like LinkedIn.
  2. Walk-In: Another method used by many is that of approaching companies for any potential job-openings while submitting your CV in the reception. 
  3. Referrals: If you have any acquaintances in a company you are interested in, you can ask them to refer you whenever a job opening comes up. 


4. How do I find a job vacancy?

You can easily find job vacancies in a company of your choice through online job portals, company websites, forums, career websites, referrals, networking, job fairs, HR agencies, and social media handles of companies. 


5. Is it easy to get a job in India?

The ease of getting a job in India depends from situation to situation. While it is comparatively easy to get a job in sectors like Sales, Marketing, and BPO, there is high competition when it comes to government jobs with millions of candidates applying for a couple of hundred positions. 


6. Which job is the best job in India?

Some jobs offering security, high pay, and benefits, making them the best jobs in India are of Management professionals, doctors, civil servants, management consultants, CA, Merchant Navy, Company Secretary, Lawyer, and more. 


7. How can I get a job as a fresher?

Foraying int the corporate world as a fresher a challenging task in itself. Some of the things to take care of to get a job as a fresher are:

  • Flawless resume & Cover letter
  • Great volunteering & internship experience
  • Building networks
  • Asking for referrals


8. How do Job Portals make money?

This is one question that arises in the mind of a lot of people that how do Job Portals make money. So, let’s get to know how the Job Portals make money:


A. Advertisement

If a new vacancy is open in a company, such companies must contact the job portals. Some job portals announce the position listing on their homepage, where a large number of users are seen. They are categorized into specific groups – varying from the number of days to the number of workers available at such places in the area. In this way, the job portals make a massive amount of money from the client, based on each aspect.


B. Selling of database

The Job Portal has details on the background of work applicants, qualifications, and connections that they can quickly market to businesses to raise money. It can also offer job-seekers information regarding the vacancies in the company and charge them. It’s the most that and easy way to earn money.


C. Email newsletters

Job portals provide an email directory to all career-seeking applicants. Thus, if an organization wishes to fill a work vacancy, it can approach these job portals and ask them for an email address in return for resources. However, this method is not necessarily advantageous for the client, as it is very complicated to locate the right nominee in the middle of a large crowd.


D. Premium Membership

Job portals may raise revenue by paying a simple sum of fees from both the applicant and the recruiter who recruits on the platform. Portal facilities are typically not safe. Such platforms also bill the employer based on an applicant they meet. However, often it occurs that work portals charge applicants an additional fee for respectable and significant businesses.


9. How do I start a website for a job?

A. Discover your market

Often, the job portals go with their comfort zone and stick to the area they’re comfortable with or where they’ve got some experience. Besides, it has been reported that job portals targeting particular sectors such as hotels, casinos, etc. have proven to be effective. Yeah, it’s an excellent way to go to a specific place.


B. Choose the software wisely

Go to the career site creation program. It is because the creation of a job portal platform is very complicated and needs a lot of features. So, the marketing department for the Job Portal platform is a must that will fix this problem. Custom website production company can instruct you on how to create a feature powered and professional-looking job portal website.


C. Study the market trends

Even if you’re earning money by pursuing a particular market, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest developments and consumer demands. Second, it is necessary to keep an eye on events and emerging market demands. So, it’s nice to go to different niches, but be able to take the chance when it comes to your path. 


D. Develop a good marketing strategy

It’s not that complicated to start an online job portal; the only challenging thing is how you do the ads.

Here are a few steps that should be taken in designing the communication strategy:


10. What skills are in high demand?


11. What jobs make the most money?

The top ten highest paying jobs include business managers, doctors, chartered accountants, commercial pilots, aeronautical engineers, company secretary, lawyers, and civil servants. There also many other fields that provide high paid jobs like the fashion industry, entertainment industry, and the healthcare industry.


12. What is the perfect job?

A perfect job is a job that encourages you to put in your full potential and brings out the best in you. It’s a profession that you love to do, and that helps you recognize the importance of every element that makes life better, making good work and personal life balance. To be honest, the definition of a perfect job is subjective and depends from person to person.


13. What is the best career for future?

Depending on the fields and industries, here are some of the best and high-demanding career fields that can work great for your future:


14. Which job is highest paid India?

job sites in india

Currently, Data Scientists are regarded to be one of the highest paid jobs in India. A data scientist is responsible for managing and organizing massive amounts of data that is collected by an organization that helps in improving profits and customer relationships.

There is a 40% rise in demand for data scientists since January 2019 and over 300% rise since 2013. Data scientists with five years+ experience of working in the field can get over INR 60-70 LPA.


15. Is 30 lakhs a good salary in India?

job portals in india

Having a salary of 30 lakhs in India is an excellent salary. It will not only allow you to live life comfortably but can serve as a very great source of enjoying a luxurious life, even in metropolitan cities like Bangalore. 


16. Is 50k a good salary in India?

It depends on which area you are working in. In metropolitan areas, with a 50k salary, you can easily lease a 2bhk apartment with your flatmates and live a comfortable life altogether. However, if you’re earning 50k in a Tier II city, a 50k salary can provide you with more comforts because of the city’s lower cost of living. Overall, 50k is an excellent salary, especially for individuals in their early career stages.


17. Which job pays 2 lakhs monthly?

There are companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, E&Y, and more that offer a starting salary of over Rs 2 lakh per month. However, these jobs are usually reserved for IIT, NIT, and IIM graduates in the market. However, after accumulating over 10 years of experience in the IT field can fetch you a salary of 2 lakh per month. 


18. What jobs will disappear by 2030?

There are multiple jobs that have been predicted to completely disappear until the year 2030 due to the technological advancement replacing manual labor with Artificial Intelligence and robots. Some of these jobs include,

  • Travel agents
  • Cashiers
  • Postal couriers
  • Librarians
  • Textile workers
  • Print Industry
  • Telemarketers


19. What job is most in demand?

According to a report published by LinkedIn, Artificial Intelligence specialist is the most demanded jobs currently. It is seen to have a 74% annual growth in demand in the past 5 years. Some of the skills unique to the job include Machine learning, deep learning, TensorFlow, Python, and natural language processing.


20. What jobs will never go away?

No matter how much we advance technologically, there are still some jobs that cannot be replaced by robots, especially the ones requiring an individual’s creative and analytical approach. Some of the jobs that will never fade away include,

  • social workers
  • choreographers
  • teachers
  • frontline police and detective supervisors
  • clergy
  • marketing, communications, and design professionals
  • HR managers
  • psychiatrists
  • data scientist


21. What are the happiest careers?

Researches displayed happiest careers according to surveys conducted. Most of these jobs were the ones where people followed their true passion. The happiest careers include,

  • social workers
  • physical therapist
  • authors
  • artists
  • veterinary jobs
  • music directors or composers


22. What are fun jobs that pay well?

What’s better than having a fun job that even pays you well? Here some of the potential careers that you can pursue if you’re looking to have a well-paying fun job,

  • voice actor
  • professional video gamer
  • food critic
  • interior designer
  • personal shopper
  • marine biologist
  • ethical computer hacking
  • toy creator


23. What is the easiest career?

Firstly, there is no career field that is easy. Every field requires you to put in your hard work in one way or another to excel. However, here are some of the jobs that are comparatively not that stressful that can offer you an easy and smooth career,

  • editorial analyst
  • power plant operator
  • voice actors
  • telephone interviewer
  • food critic
  • product tester


24. What is the best age to start looking for jobs on job sites in India? 

Generally speaking, 22 to 23 is considered as an ideal age to start looking for jobs on job sites in India. In India, most of the individuals go looking for jobs after completion of either their bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degree. However, there are some individuals that start working from a young age after passing high school as well.


25. How to get jobs quickly through job sites in India?

You can get jobs quickly in India by planning out your job seeking journey beforehand, giving you a chance to prepare for reaching your job goals prior to anyone else.

To get a job quickly through job sites in India:

  • Set your job intentions straight
  • Create a professional job seeker id using a professional email
  • Create a proficient resume
  • Set up job alerts
  • Customize your cover letter
  • Track your job applications
  • Practice interview sessions
  • Research about the company before appearing for the job


26. How can I get a job from job sites in India without experience?

You can easily get an entry-level job in companies by applying through job sites in India if you have no previous work experience or are shifting your career midway. Additionally, try your hand at getting internships to accumulate that experience to get a permanent position in a company. There are multiple internships available on job sites in India, which helps provides exposure to inexperienced individuals, giving them a kick start to begin their careers.


27. Which is the best job sites in India for a free job posting?

KillerLaunch is one of the leading job and internship sites in India that has been providing exciting employment opportunities to its users. It is also one of the best platforms if you’re looking to post free job postings to hire ideal candidates for your team. The KillerLaunch platform is available for free use for all the companies to build their dream team through its job search portal.


28. Where I can find jobs online through job portals in India?

Job listings are made available for job-seekers from across the country through job search portals in India like KillerLaunch, Indeed, Monster, etc. The platforms allow you to search through the job openings available in the preferred field and location of your choice, to which you can apply for based on your interest.


29. How can I get job abroad via job sites in India?

Naukri is considered to be one of the best job sites in India for applying for legit jobs abroad in places like Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, etc. You can head over to Naukri job portals in India to gain access to reliable job openings abroad to upscale your career internationally.

Some of the locations where the Naukri job sites in India offer job placements include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Bahrain
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Kuwait
  • United Kingdom


30. How do I find a job vacancy using job sites in India?

You can find job vacancies using job sites in India by keeping track of the job openings in your desired company by visiting their company page regularly on job sites in India. Additionally, there are also some other ways by which you can gain knowledge about the latest job opening in a firm like through,

  • networking
  • referrals
  • company sites
  • social media
  • recruitment agencies


31. How can I find my perfect job?

Finding your perfect job might take you through highs and lows until you figure out what is the ideal job for you. Depending on your working style, you can either be a full-time entrepreneur or find job opportunities via job sites in India.

Some of the points that might help you in finding your perfect job are:

  • Researching about your top dream companies
  • Interning for different job roles in figuring out where your passion lies
  • Seeking for advice through mentors.


32. Is it hard to get a job in India?

Sadly, it is hard to get a job in India, owing to its multiple socio-economic factors like dense populations and lesser employment opportunities, especially in rural areas. Millions of people apply for jobs where only 100 candidates are required, leading to cut-throat competition. However, you can gain access to job opportunities through internships.


33. Is Monster a good website for jobs?

Monster is amongst the leading job sites in India and has provided employment to job seekers from around the country. It is a great site for building your career. Multiple multinational companies use Monster India as a recruitment site for employing eligible candidates in their firms. You can search and apply for jobs easily on the Monster site. 


34. What should I do if I’ve been fired from my previous job?

If, after being fired from your last job, you are in the unfortunate position of being in the job search on job portals, there are several ways to handle the situation to minimize the damage.

Start by contacting your previous employer’s human resources department to determine what job sites in India they will share if they are approached for a reference. In many instances, a former boss would typically share only the job dates and constructive reviews.


35. How can I stand out on job search sites when there are so many candidates out there?

Focus on your strengths and how to convey them best:

  • Build a personal brand- Being able to showcase an own robust brand provides a valuable edge, depending on the job posting sites you are applying for. This means framing the leading personal and technical qualities as regards career hunt.
  • Tailor your application materials to each position you use-  Recruiters are looking for qualification, suitability, and level of interest. You should customize your application on job portals to counter other applicants.
  • Keyword optimizes your application materials-  If you apply to a big organization through job sites in India, you can contend against hundreds of applicants with a standard experience profile.


36. What is the best way to land in an internship through job search sites?

Ee if you meet someone who has already completed an internship where you’re applied, get in touch with them, and chat about it. When you know them well, it may be able to give you some advice on what the system is looking for or make a call on your behalf to someone to know on the inside of job posting sites.

When the university has an alumni center, they will also place you in direct touch with someone at the company who can add up to a significant advantage when it comes to being heard.


37. How can I avoid discrimination during a job search on job portals?

There is no way to exclude the risk that, in deciding not to recruit you, your age, gender, race, disability (in places not crucial to the position), or religion can be a deciding factor. Though unconstitutional, prejudice during the recruiting process on job sites in India is incredibly challenging because all that an employer needs to do is mention other reasons that you have not been chosen for the job.


38. What are some crucial mistakes on job search sites I should avoid?

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Jumping into the search before figuring out what you want- Most people in the job hunt make the mistake of submitting their CV to just about every job vacancy on job posting sites in their field without even worrying about where they want to go for their career
  • Taking a passive approach- Many people are waiting to show up for a job posting and applying only to those. This “passive” strategy, though, ignores other incentives which could never be marketed.
  • Sending out the same resume and cover letter to multiple job openings- The need to tailor the submission materials to the particular positions on job portals you are applying for can not be emphasized enough.


39. How can I get back to the workforce through job sites in India after taking time off?

It is reasonably healthy to take time off the workforce. It can be daunting to restart your career through job search sites if you quit because of parental duties or to pursue additional education in your profession.

Begin by reviewing your curriculum or curriculum vitae that includes your duration of distance and any additional knowledge, qualifications or related experience you have learned along the way


40. What do employers look for when they hire someone through job posting sites?

The first thing employers will use to filter through applicants is on the resume when searching for their next team member – including your education, experience, and skills that meet the qualifications required for the job. A simple, competent, and well-designed CV will be customized to the post you apply for on job portals.


41. Should I quit my job and find a better one on job sites in India?

It’s easier to prepare for your next career while keeping up with your new work, even though it may be a tough place to be in. Firstly, having that all necessary income will be one less stressful during the new job on job search sites, definitely worth putting up for a few more weeks to months with a terrible coworker or a moody boss.

Second, when you’re looking for a new job while you’re currently in employment, it can make you look more attractive to potential employers who are likely to see you as ambitious and driven rather than desperate.


Overall, these were the five top job portals in India that can help you find your dream job if you fulfill the job requirements stated under the job description. We hope we were able to provide you with the best job search sites in India that will help you kickstart your career today!

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Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
A passionate writer with bachelor’s in the field of English & Journalism. Other than being a bibliophile, some of her hobbies are travelling, photography and poetry.

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