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Suja Varunee has performed several songs in the South Indian cinema. Let us dig into her life as a dancer, actor, and celebrity.


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Dance numbers sometimes become more popular than the movie itself. Nora Fatehi, Katrina Kaif are excellent dancers who bring elegance and charm in their dance. One such elegant dancer is Suja Varunee, who has performed several songs in the South Indian cinema. Let us dig into her life as a dancer, actor, and celebrity. 


About Suja Varunee

Suja Varunee was born on 11 October 1984 in Tamil Nadu. Suja Varunee age is 35 years. She is an Indian actress who predominantly worked in South Indian Industry. Suja Varunee marriage was organized in 2018. Suja Varunee husband is actor Shivaji Dev, son of Ramkumar Ganesan. 

At the age of 14, she was offered the lead role in 2002 romantic drama Plus Two. Her neighbor Rajarajan recommended her to the director of the film Ramana. The movie performed mediocre on the box office, which leads to Varunee’s break from the industry. Suja got the opportunity to perform a dance number in Varnajalam, which made her a prominent dancer in the South Industry. She was offered dance numbers in numerous movies. She performed in films such as Maayavi, Pallikoodam, Kuselan, and Jayamkondaan. Along with dance numbers, she acted in supporting roles in movies such as Kasthuri Maan and Masala. She was branded as an item girl in the industry, which she did not like and blamed her initial decisions where she lacked guidance in the industry.

After appearing in Rajinikanth’s Kuselan, she actively took part in supporting roles. She wanted to change her glamorous image to a serious actress. The Kuselan director cast her in his next two movies in a supporting role. These roles got her more offers as an actress. She worked in blockbusters Milaga, Appuchi Gramam Kidaari. In 2017, she acted in Kuttram 23, Iravukku Aayiram Kangal, Aan Devathai, and Vaa Deal. She also appeared in reality TV show Kamal Haasan.


Suja Varunee Social Media Presence

Suja Varunee Instagram handler is itssujavarunee. She posts her traveling photos, baby pictures, and photos with her husband in her account. She has 278.5k followers. She is also on twitter. 

Check out her Instagram account here.

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