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PACL India limited -How to file refund claim application?

Is there any PACL refund filling details that are scaring you or are leaving you confused? Here are the details regarding PAC
Is there any PACL refund filling details that are scaring you or are leaving you confused? Here are the details regarding PACL India limited refund claim.


  1. Introduction
  2. SEBI PACL refund helpline
  3. SEBI PACL Refund Online
  4. Step by step guide to filling the PACL India limited Refund Online form
  5. PACL refund status
  6. SEBI PACL refund online – FAQs
  7. Conclusion

PACL India limited

The justice R.M. Lodha Committee was formed by SEBI to look into Subrata Bhattacharya VS Securities and Exchange Board of India matter along with other subsequent issues upon the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The committee had announced to dispose of all the properties of PACL India Limited to initiate the refund process. SEBI India has been able to refund 3 lakh or more investors with claims of Rs. 2500 and now applicants with whose claiming amount is more than Rs. 2500. SEBI has released all necessary information and details regarding the seized PACL properties. Twenty-nine thousand properties were taken, and additional 13,863 properties were seized later on. The committee has also initiated refunds for investors having claim up to Rs. 5000. Applicants can check the status of claim applications until 31 st July 2020.

SEBI PACL Helpline

A. SEBI PACL Website-

B. SEBI Helpline Number

022 61216966

C. SEBI Support Email

SEBI PACL Refund Online

Investors looking to file their refund applications must send in their applications to the official SEBI PACL refund site-

All the scanned copies of PACL policies need to be uploaded, and other details have to be filled.

Make sure your PACL refund online application reaches the panel before the last date of closing all applications.

In case of any confusion, applicants may head to the official SEBI website (1) to watch a demo video on how to file PACL India’s limited refund applications online.

Documents Required for SEBI PACL refund online application

A. Name of the investor as mentioned in the PACL certificate

B. Amount claimed

C. PACL scheme payment registration number

D. Claimant’s mobile number

E. Copy of PACL certificate

F. Aadhar/pancard number and scanned copies of either of the two

G. Bank account details and statement with the last three transactions

H. Details on land allotment

Step by step guide to filling the PACL India limited Refund Online form

1. You must have the following document ready- the PACL certificate, PAN or Aadhar card, bank verification letter, and a photograph.

2. You will have to visit the homepage of SEBI and will have to register yourself.

3. After your PACL registration is successful, you will be able to use the SEBI PACL login to submit your claim.

4. SEBI PACL refund login page will appear where you will have to mention your PACL registration number, password, and captcha code. Click on login again.

5. You will have to fill in your personal details, bank details, and other details regarding the documents. The documents can be uploaded only in pdf, jpg, or jpeg formats. In step one of the PACL India limited login page, you will have to fill in your personal details and click on save and next option. Step 2 requires you to write your bank account details. For the next step, mention all your document details and upload all the necessary scanned documents. The documents you will have to upload are- a scanned photograph, a PAN card copy, a canceled cheque, or a banker’s verification letter. In the last step of the login page, you will have to enter the PACL certificate and receipt details.

6. After submitting and uploading all details, click on preview and submit—your PACL claim application form.

7. Click on the “I agree” box, and the final submit button after rechecking your details.

8. You will receive confirmation messages on your registered mobile number. You will also receive an acknowledgment number.

9. To get any doubts cleared, go through the FAQ section on the official SEBI website.

PACL refund status

SEBI has already completed the first two phases of PACL online refunds and claims, with the refund amount being up to Rs. 5000. The dates for filing applications for a refund above Rs. 5000 will be announced soon. In case you have already filed your PACL refund online application, and want to make any corrections in the form, the last date to do so is 31st July 2020. SEBI has been working on the process of returning money to all those who have submitted their claims. The process might take some time, as several steps have to be adhered to before making the final payment. This is done to prevent any further inconveniences to any party. Investors have to be put into several categories, for example, investors with an amount up to Rs. 5000.

SEBI PACL refund online – FAQs

In case the applicant faces any problem in the SEBI PACL refund login process, he/she should immediately contact- and mention their problems.

If you have forgotten your PACL refund login password, you may click on the forgot password option on the official website. An OTP will be generated, and which you can use to enter the create password screen an make your new password.


Getting your PACL refund registration completed is very important for the entire refund claiming process. You must keep the fact in mind that the PACL home page or the website might hang or even crash at times. This is mainly due to the excessive traffic on the PACL India limited home page. Applicants should not panic and wait for some time before the website starts functioning again.