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Partial Lockdown post 20 April with certain conditions

A new set of guidelines is released by the Central Government of India which specifies some restrictions and relaxations.
A new set of guidelines is released by the Central Government of India which specifies some restrictions and relaxations.

Yesterday, PM Narendra Modi announced that nationwide lockdown is extended till 3 May, and after 20 April, there will be some relaxations.

Today, a set of guidelines is released by the central Government specifying the relaxations for the people in this COVID-19 Crisis. This list includes numerous public activities.

The set of rules says that these activities will resume after 20 April after strictly following the already existing quarantine guidelines. The Government has mentioned that all norms of Social distancing must be taken care of.

What are the relaxations?

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical facilities, including Ayush, health infrastructure, can resume.
  • Agriculture and Horticulture related activities, including mandis, are allowed.
  • Cargos by airways and railways.
  • The financial sector is relaxed, including RBI branches, ATMs, SEBI.
  • Industries in rural areas and production of essential goods to function normally
  • IT Companies with only 50% workforce
  • E-commerce companies
  • Vehicle movement with proper social distancing
  • Social Sectors such as Anganwadis
  • Public facilities such as waste management, sanitation works
  • Hotels and motels accomodating tourists that are stranded due to lockdown

What are the restrictions?

  • All domestic and international air travel and passenger trains are prohibited.
  • Bus, metro, and taxi services are suspended.
  • All industrial and commercial productions
  • All educational institutes including schools and colleges
  • Not more than 20 people in funerals
  • Religious places are strictly prohibited
  • All hospitality services except those with the exemption.
  • Interstate and inter-district movement except for the exemptions

With the full-swing harvesting of Rabi crops, all agricultural activities are fully functional.

The ministry also said that in case the number of cases continues to rise in a containment area, then all the relaxations will be suspended.

The number of COVID-19 cases has reached 11,500 in the country. Each passing day of 1000 new cases is registered.

The situation is pretty tense. Hence, it has become a need for time to take strict precautions. All of you out there are requested to take care of yourself and your loved ones.