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PM Modi and Sheik Hasina to talk about NRC today

Sheikh Hasina
PM Modi will meet Sheikh Hasina in Hyderabad today. Bangladesh PM is likely to discuss the issues regarding Rohingyas, NRC, and illegal migrants.

Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina will meet with PM Modi to sign various pacts between two countries regarding trade, economy connectivity, and many other things. Sheikh Hasina, who is on a four-day visit, is also likely to talk about the National Registration of Citizens of India (NRC) and illegal migrants.

The current list of NRC leaves out 1.9 million people in the eastern states of India, and their fate might be discussed today by the two leaders of the country. Bangladesh earlier had sheltered many Rohingyas who fled Myanmar. The official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, Raveesh Kumar, said that the issue of NRC and illegal immigrants is a matter of concern for Dhaka.

The two leaders will also inaugurate three projects, including a skill development institute in Bangladesh, which will benefit small and medium sector entrepreneurs. Leaders will also initiate a pipeline project that will enable India to transport liquified petroleum gas to Tripura through Bangladesh.

Earlier, the home minister of India Amit Shah, in his speech in West Bengal, said that Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist &Christian refugees, will not be forced to leave India, but other intruders will be shown the gate. He also announced to bring Citizenship Amendment Bill and NCR for the whole country. The home minister’s speech received a lot of criticism. Earlier PM Modi had promised Bangladesh that NRC would not impact Bangladesh

PM Modi and Sheikh Hasina meeting today, NRC and Rohingyas, might be a topic of discussion.

PM Modi and Bangladeshi Prime minister meet to sign agreements, NRC likely to be discussed.

PM Modi and Bangladeshi PM meeting will focus on Economy and NRC.