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You’ll be amazed to see this positive side of Lockdown in India

The lockdown, due to the coronavirus, has affected the nation in various ways. Here are some of the positive sides of the nat
The lockdown, due to the coronavirus, has affected the nation in various ways. Here are some of the positive sides of the nation-wide containment.

It has been a month since India is under a nation-wide lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown has temporarily closed all the companies, marketplaces, temples, and public transport. However, the halting of the entire nation is also providing a temporary remedy for various other issues. Here are some of the positive sides of the lockdown in India we have covered for you.

The positive sides of the lockdown in India – Environment

Spotting of Endangered Species After Years Amid Lockdown

We are getting sight of some of the rarest and endangered animal species for decades. It includes the below-mentioned animals, which humankind can consider as a miracle.

  • Gangetic Dolphins – Reappearance in Kolkata ghats after 30 years:
lockdown india
  • Olive Ridley Turtles -Reappearance in Odisha Beach after 07 years:
Olive Ridley Turtles lockdown
  • Snow Leopard – Found at Nanda Devi National Park, Uttrakhand:
Nanda Devi National Park

Furthermore, just a few days ago, Navi Mumbai got painted in pink, with thousands of pink flamingos at the water bodies of the city. The flocks were significantly higher in number compared to previous years, according to the chief of the protected areas.

The wildlife is indeed enjoying the quiet and their freedom around the world brought by COVID-19 quarantine.

Drastic Drop in the Air Pollution Due to Nation Wide Curfew

The air pollution of India is reducing at a drastic pace amid coronavirus curfew and weakened human movements. We all could feel the fresh air and clear sky; however, the data from satellite has proved that there is indeed an improvement in the air quality of the country.

For instance, in Delhi alone, there is a 71% decrease in the average concentration of PM 2.5 after the quarantine. There is also a reduction in the toxic gases like nitrogen and sulfur dioxide in some parts of Delhi if we compare it to previous data.

air pollution of India

Further, due to the less air pollution and brighter sky, you could now see the peaks of Himachal Pradesh – Himalayas from Chandigarh and Jalandhar.

Amid lockdown, there is no longer any lines of automobiles on the highways, factories blowing out smokes along with those dusty construction going on. All these human activities have made our soil, air, and water poisonous, and we all know it. We cannot ignore the causes of pollution after seeing such improvements due to declining human movements.

Rejuvenation of the Ganga River

Clean Ganga

The lockdown achieved what no government projects could ever; a clean and breathing Ganga River. After so many decades, we are seeing the marine life returning to the Ganga river. Along with that, we could now also classify the water of the river as drinkable.

Due to the lockdown, all the industrial discharges in the river are closed along with humans polluting the river. It is resulting in the correction of the water by nature itself — something no government project could achieve after investing multiple decades and massive funds.

We are getting visuals of clean water in the Ganga river as well as many other rivers nation-wide due to the shutdown of most companies. The officials are now conducting various assays to determine the percent quality improvement.

Above are fascinating positive influences of the pandemic on our enviroment. Now let’s talk about how it is affecting our personal lives.

The positive sides of the lockdown in India – Personal Lives

We have become more hygiene

lockdown india

The COVID-19 pandemic has now made us more aware regarding personal hygiene and helping others. Due to the fear of infection spread, we are frequently washing our hands and sanitizing our surroundings. This practice will not only limit the spread of various other infections along with coronavirus, but it will also help us keep our surroundings tidy.

Development of Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Children and Millennials are waving junk food and restaurant foods amid the outbreak and preferring home-cooked meals. It is a healthier option and alternative compared to the junk food we were consuming on a regular bases before the lockdown.


Further, due to the non to less availability of various drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products, many individuals are now going under rehabilitation in their own houses. It will encourage more people to reduce such intakes without any doubts.

More Family Time

Family Time lockdown

With all the family members confined in the house, we are getting quality time with each other. It is safe to say that it is an opportunity for us to stay connected with our families. And we honestly think that you will find that the relationship with your family is more substantial as you spend more quality time with them.

It is a Growth Opportunity!


The confinement is challenging for many of us, especially the extroverts. But many of us are believing that if we have the power to bring positivity and self-motivation, then it is indeed a growth opportunity. How many of us were trying to do something we were passionate about but couldn’t do it because of the lack of time? Well, we are getting all-time in the world. Many of us are using the lockdown as an opportunity to bring out the best cook, artist, stylist, writer in us.

Don’t Forget About Mental and Spiritual Growth

Mental and Spiritual Growth

Just like monks, many are using this time to retreat from the outer world and embracing the solitude and silence. Some of us are finding inner stability along with the hope of authenticity during the period of confinement. There is nothing wrong with using this time to put our ambitions and future goals on hold and pay real attention to our surroundings and finding inner happiness and the best way is obviously spirituality.

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Are you surprised by the positive effects of the pandemic on us and our surroundings? Well, according to our scientists and researchers, these data could again spike negatively once the worlds go back to the way they were. Now it is up to us to seriously reconsider the way we are doing things and their impact on our environment and lives. However, we have to wait to see what is lying for us in the future. We certainly hope that these positive sides have given you some sense of positivity and satisfaction in these perilous times.