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Learn about Productiv: the US-based SaaS Management Platform

Productiv: SaaS Management was never this easy

SaaS has made the use of software a lot more manageable than before. Using a simple subscription process, you will be able to access the software online without installing it on your device. It has democratised a company’s approach to using applications and simplified its activities. It enables many businesses to utilise various applications at the same time. However, when repetition is high, and efficiency is low, the team will have to check multiple apps to check one file. This issue makes it pointless and expensive for companies to use SaaS. Productiv is a US based SaaS Management platform that allows the companies to make the most out of their applications.

Productiv (1) was initiated by Jody Shapiro, Munish Gandhi and Ashish Aggarwal in 2018. The headquarters of the company is in Palo Alto, California, and it has offices in San Francisco and Bellevue, Washington. The trio began the company with an aim to assist enterprises in organising and managing their SaaS. The founders brought together the most talented professionals in their team. Coming from the best innovation organisations around the world, they have constructed a SaaS Management Platform that empowers all enterprises.

Productiv’s goal is to give these companies the guidance they need to drive the greatest productivity from their SaaS applications. The recent fundings that they received as well as a huge list of loyal clients are a solid indication of their success. With the use of Productiv, the companies are able to make thoughtful restoration choices and more keen permit allocations. They can also enjoy a more robust application usage through the profound analytics provided by Productiv. The company has the support of some of the biggest tycoons in the IT field.  For two years, they have been helping companies to amplify their application productivity.

Planting the idea

The co-founders of Productiv, Jody Shapiro, Munish Gandhi and Ashish Aggarwal had a wonderful career in the field of Information Technology. The Chief Executive Officer, Jody Shapiro, has worked with some of the most brilliant groups taking care of truly difficult issues. He had taken a shot at speech innovation at Microsoft, video conferencing at PictureTel and Silicon Graphics. Jody was also a part of the data-driven technology team at Google. These jobs all included creating elite, high-end innovation to meet the client’s needs.

Jody Shapiro, the co-founder and CEO of Productiv

Before Productiv, he had been leading the Google Analytics venture business. Google Analytics is one of those products that are worldwide in scale but have an industry-level effect. Seventy per cent of all websites use it, and it is currently the norm for marketing insights. Jody Shapiro came up with the idea of Productiv at a time when all organisations were becoming completely dependent on technology. The quick selection of SaaS applications had smoothed out numerous ordinary business norms. Notwithstanding, the convenience and wide-scale availability of SaaS applications also led to various difficulties.

Each company started to use more than a hundred SaaS applications. As a result, the companies found it difficult to keep track of the applications that the workers are utilising and how well they are using them. The outcome was that enterprises couldn’t settle on viable application portfolio choices. When they could not decide the value of each application, it degraded their general business efficiency. This issue is what Jody Shapiro had in mind when he discussed the idea of Productiv with Ashish Aggarwal and Munish Gandhi. As they got together to begin Productiv, their key belief was that technology would have the power to solve the very problem that it created.

The relevance of Productiv

Information Technology is amidst other tremendous advancements of science that depends on data. The operational side of IT embraced the usage of data quite a while ago in the past. We have also witnessed many new developments when it comes to log preparing, application execution observing, and information pipelines. However, the aspect of IT that meets the user has not yet embraced information as a driver for better dynamic. There lies a considerable gap between the quantity of provisioned clients and the number of connected clients across applications.

A large number of applications that individuals and companies use at work each day contains this issue. The quick development of the SaaS applications boosts this problem while also opening doors for more application analytics platforms. An ideal SaaS deployment technique requires a coordinated effort across speciality units like IT, Finance, Procurement, HR etc. All the functional departments like Sales, Engineering, Marketing, Operations, will.have to work together to guarantee the ideal worker experience. This cooperation frequently implied sharing the data through spreadsheets and Excel records, which can hold back the procedures.

Productiv offers a platform where these units can team up to see how SaaS is being utilised over the enterprise. The profundity and broadness of the application use and activity information that Productiv offers are unparalleled. As more enterprises are using an increased number of applications for their daily procedures, Productiv will be able to make their jobs easier. It offers ground-breaking insights to assist companies with seeing how their workers use applications.  The companies will be able to filter out the best applications and take out the redundant ones.

Funding and partnerships

The major investors in Productiv are Okta Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners, among many others. Accel and Steve Loughlin led the series A round of funding which raised 8 million dollars. In Oct 2019, the company conducted its series B round of funding. This round which raised 20 million dollars included a strategic partnership with Okta. It was Northwest Venture Partners who led this latest round.

According to Productiv, Okta Ventures is not only a vital financial investor in their Series B funding. The company works intimately with Okta to furnish their joint clients with ongoing exhaustive perceivability into their whole SaaS portfolio. They also help Okta in seeking chances to extend the number of software that they use. Productiv assists the individuals with settling on information-driven choices about their Okta deployment methodology. They provide profound customer insights for each SaaS application and with full portfolio perceivability. The company is likewise working with the Okta Product group to create a further collaboration of their services for their joint clients.